Top Twelve Signs It's Time To Depart Thousand Oaks

Hughes v. Google...later.

08. Even the "We don't have a church yet" church people like you.
09. Microsoft Word, Word Pad, and Notebook all hacked to prevent screenplay sale (@GSAC).
10. Hollywood actress spotted nearby. Last role? Crazy with a big gun.
11. Mr. Bruce is correct too often.
12. You've been given your not arrested free ride in a cop car.

more later.....


Nearly Over, Right K-MOX? I'll summon B. Hyland's ghost!

What is he talking about?

We don't try to HIT pedestrians in St. Louis. No, we don't. I'm from Missouri.

Are you?


Wowie zowie!

[actually, been there, done that, but.....]


Hughes Enemies? Start praying!

Who is MINTY GREEN MAN in the Zapruder film? CNN feed of CHALLENGER? Not real! COLUMBIA Space Shuttle? May I have some very public NASA names? Don't have to be elected to a damn thing!!!

U.S. Deaths in spaceflight? ZERO, and ca kook, I can prove it when get out of the CRPD's "Tessla Park." Meanwhile, LA worries about a Desperate Housewives civil suit. Unreal!!


Hot Dogs? Wait For the Wrath of William 5--Toasted!!!

"That's dangerous, man!"


Irwin Hall, Saint Charles, MO 1976

To WADE WILKIN, I said, regarding RALPH HEIM and PHIL IRONS, "What's wrong with those guys?" "They're tripping," Wade said. And I (William C. Hughes) said, "I didn't sell it to them."

Want verification of this? Ask CAROLINE KENNEDY. She was there, ca KOOK.

What's wrong with GOOGLE? Beyond repair!


Irish Sea Rowboat

Ms. Winslet in the same automobile as mine on U.S. 101? My not so funny joke on American politics? They've got psychics out here!