May I Urinate Without Being Victimized by Yet Another CRIME?

Coach, welcome to my life. I'm trying to type-up exciting USPS mail to the District Attorney and Los Angeles County Sheriff. Ask what it is, and I'd tell you. Oh, no! They've got to SPY! And, you think no one knows what you're doing? How long ago did the real SS man visit and declare you all caught rodents? Don't know; and I'm not digging through my too-famous Ralph's cart! No "president thing" until 2016, grandpa mafia? May I make a movie and have sex with an actress? Grandpa Howard did--a lot!!!


$$$ PalPal? What's That?

"You put up a PayPal link and tell people, 'Dude, I'm fucked. Can you help me'?"

- Jesse LaGrece, Wall Street Occupier

Hey kids! I can do it, too! What is PFRD now? Not a third political party, because that's apparently a good way to get your tush killed--at least if you are named HUGHES. What have I told several Californians lately? "I think the problem is my last name." Certainly not my behavior. Who did I meet today? She knew him personally? She was the original what? He used to be on the what, and he is now on the what?

All politics are local, OWS. Want national? Read the Port Huron Statement, and admit your granddaddy or grandma did. I read it long ago, and at the moment--any moment, socialists--I'm busy. Very busy.


What HUGHES is Talking About?

Is it about MONEY you just gave me?
Is it about POLITICS (American preferred)
Is it about TRANSPORTATION out of VC Co. hell?

"Welcome to Thousand Oaks. We don't talk too much."


Marx Brothers Movie? No, you're headed to jail!

Today's Catholic Saint for 12.05.11. Better start praying, as I saw The Godfather, if you "T.O." stiffs get what I have nothing to do with, per usual. [It's been going on since September, 1973]


William Webster 2.0 is Here

It's a Loo .gov joke, son.

Let us define the word "fraud."

1a. DECEIT; esp. misrepresentaton intended to induce another to part with something of value or surrender a legal right.
b. an act of deceiving or misrepresenting.

What did I see now that the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER printer is functioning?

CAM-1 "St. Louis thing."

"What did they do?"

"They" did not knock the tail off of an Airbus A300, but some blood-drinking, baby killing, black magic, possibly National Socialist (Nazi) .mil kook did. Oh I can hear it: "Just a bunch of Dominicans." As always, I wonder who you were trying to murder with MY technology.

Time for little Billy to run for president, old creep! "They" only spotted that potential about 50 f---ing years ago. 1960's, 1970's and 1980's clue? "Too many suits in the room!"

Oh, I'm "nuts?" I guess Agoura Hills housewives are running past, doing what?

To the Q&A!

Q: "What does it mean when they start scanning the roof when they go by?"
A: "You're in deep doo-doo" [possibly in a good way].



How Bad Is It?

Looks like I've discovered another person who has been cloned. Keep it on the "Scooter" Libby Q.T. or start yelling about how "crazy" I am. Good thing "key" people in what I call the "real government" disagree--perhaps strongly.

It's so bad if I already ran the United States Department of State, I'd put out an advisory to not dare travel to California. Trust me, it's that bad.


"Spy Deaf?" Too Bad; Listen Up!!!!!

No government. No private company. No "non-profit." No person. No relative. No money!
Direct them to me on the road, as I run for president.
Who's driving?


They Hate the Writer, Shoot the Piano Player? No? The other way around? Help!

Who are "they?" What did I say after Norma said, "William, just put it in the box." "Alright girls, toss me an Uzi!"

10:33 a.m.
IT'S IN THE MAIL(BOX)! I am currently watching the mailbox. NORMA confirmed the USPS mailman comes in the building every day. "They" can't get in the box? Future reader, I feared that "they" already got in during the few minutes I had to fend-off the "moths to a flame" who ran to the Puzzle Table right after the envelope went in the mailbox. The Writers Digests have arrived. Always a mystery, as the tall, skinny, mailman came in, but I did not see him empty the box. He'd better, because none other than "Betsy" was jogging by and nodded when I said it would get there by Friday (11.11.11). She also was "checking out" the PAINTERS. I think they are O.K. if a bit robotic. TAIL SITTER'S card playing gang is here early - a sure sign it's in the mail."

More later. "Sleepy" approaches. It could really happen? "General, what have you procured that does not work? Don't lie, or out comes the sword."


Addendum to My 100% Legally Valid WILL

"No intellectual property of mine shall be sold by any blood relative or interloper after my death. I have been denied legal representation to simply file a will in VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA, so this post must be considered valid, with the force of law in any Probate Court. THIS IS NOT JIMI HENDRIX. THIS IS NOT JIM MORRISON. THIS IS NOT JOHN LENNON.
This is William Charles Hughes, Howard Robard Sr.'s great-grandson. He struck O-I-L long ago. Baker Hughes is my property. I have filed a lawsuit to recover the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). This is a matter of record in Rockville, MD. I also filed in Rockville to recover Hughes Network Systems, LLC. These lawsuits did not "disappear," nor have I, so I could sure use a lawyer, and not for criminal defense. Are you perhaps delusional? I've never been in that clinical state. Never. The California attorneys who declined to assist will be named on one of my "other" blogs. I WANT THEM DISBARRED. I WANT THEM PROSECUTED, BECAUSE IT IS MY ALLEGATION THEY WERE ALL AWARE OF MY ANCESTORS."

Have I mentioned I am the most capable Democrat candidate for president?
President Obama?
ONE WORD: "Incompetent."


SS Fakers? Wednesday the 19th? I can't stand the suspense.

"Who's that? I went to high school in California." [and it cost a lot] BACK IN "T.O. TIME" WE GO: "Who was Lady Bird?" Duh. "Who was LBJ?" Duh. "Who was JFK?" "He got shot." Mr. Bruce, we shall find a rifle like it. How much does she want? Out with it! THE LINE: "I don't think so, either." C'mon out to the Go Bell! We'll talk it over, or get our asses killed. Find Jackie's old rag bag! We won't snitch! ["Speak for yourself," said Moe Howard. A lot.]

I had to crop it, Jill! KFMB hosts? This must be California!

No more aircraft in my screenplays. Too dangerous! Someone might get zapped for putting a {----} in the li...help! help! I need a ride to NH, NV, SC, FL and Joe Biden said the f-word. A guy said "screw" at the Press Club. Yes, he did! Run! Run! It's Churchlady!!!
He already did! Must be "Brown clairvoyance!" Is my browser sick? I'm not. Bust-up Ma Bell? It worked! Bust-up Microsoft? It did not work! I know I'm right! What is Red Hat? Never mind, I have to get murdered later. Bust-up Google? Yes!!! Who wants to be Willie's AG? Don't all talk loud like spies at once!

Unsightly communist mess! Send in some goons! [Brown is not a liberal? (not) Fooled again!] Quick! Let's do "deregulation." Worked for airlines, right Alfred? [CU joke, son]. Not for trucking. Making much money, good or not so good trucker buddy? {This depends on how you be DRIVING sir} How many times did "they" chase my ex? Marine Girl went into the guardrail how many times? Not qualified, eh Governor? May I borrow the bat, Mr. Bruce?

Those are two nice news items, Fox.

I've long said, "There is a real government. It hums along regardless of what boob is president." [Ask Cy Vance III if you don't believe me, the Hughes] Are "we" still legal? Is the Internet off yet?


The Iraq War is Over! At Home, All Assembly is Hereby Prohibited! Negro's Troops Will Shoot You on Sight!

Blog, Blog, Blog...


We have a report of an assembly at the State Capitol buiding in Concord. The Guard is en route. I've told Google to nix that satellite while we engage in a little Tiananmen Square action, if 'ya get what I mean. Oh yeah, O-man has approved of it. Later. I got some fucking 'Occupy Wall Steet' punk to terminate.


NEXT PUBLIC APPEARANCE: Out back of GSAC yellling.

It's spelled "S-P-E-E-C-H." Free? Are you nuts? I'm not.

In the words of the late R. Rayguns, "I'm paying for this microphone."

Do you "get it," Frank/Frankie/Brucie? 1. Get bus; 2. Get PA; 3. Trash Obama. It's easy! It's fun! Best of all, it's LEGAL! Note to USA .gov thugs: I truly do not understand spying. They will all just sit and stare at me until I die? What if Dave will lob some nukes for me? Good show! THIS IS NOT A MOVIE--WANNA BUY A SCREENPLAY? YOUR ROBOT "SNIFFER SPIES" CANNOT TELL FACT FROM FICTION? I SHALL FUCK WITH YOU ENDLESSLY. William, the Duke of Cambridge was how close to this one? Proximity...it means a lot to spies, doesn't it? May I get in your face? No? What did you say? Why, threats of violence require the policeman, do they not? Four time loser drunk drivers belong in jail, do they not? I'm new at the demagogue bit. I think they do. No room in your jails & prisons, Jerry? Poor planning. Balancing the budget on the back of Thousand Oaks/VC Co. "slush funds," right? I hate being right so often. Jerry, I'm a terrible Democrat. Would I incite local NC crackers to burn down the convention center if they won't let me in? Stay tuned, Kenny(s).


What's That Slogan, Mister President?



Mother*^%$er, when I get legal control of anything that is on the ground and burns fossil fuel, the slogan will be my, "FRESH OUT OF FREEDOM TOUR." I shall "roll-up" in North Carolina and ruin his day(s). Plenty of time! More killing in the Middle East! Boo! More spying, spying, spying in the USA! Way more than under Bush! Boo! Got no job? Boo! Lost your home? Boo! Bank sold it to some negro? Boo! In the street, sir? Boo! Psychotic in a new DSM-V manner? Boo! Not taking your psychotropic medication and policegirl tazed you? Boo! (Or maybe Yea!)

We shall see what we shall see regarding antisocial (bad) behavior.

What does NOT help Hughes? 1. Kicking your feet; 2; Pulling on your ear; 3. Telling me to "shut up" when I'm running for public office; 4. Turning off the Internet constantly; 4. Causing me to waste time telling the oh so fired FBI about your criminality; 5. Telling me you will not go to Ralph's, when the grocery store is only a bit over a half mile away; 6. Not giving me phone messages at the GOEBEL [guess what, "Koval," you are now my FEC official HQ on the cheap. As we said as youngsters in MIssourah, "Deal with it." BTW, policeman will not help you at all. My slogan to shout from CNN & Fox News, maybe MSNBC rooftops>>>"If you need a security clearance, you must be an idiot!"] 7. Providing absolutely no social services for this poor, crippled, middle-aged, homeless K---, save the darkie USA president's Food Stamps. I'll put his image on all of the nation's EBT cards. On the money? That guy? You gotta be kidding! I think USA's cash ought to be primarily green. What say ye? 8. Smacking sounds. Got any heroin?

Not yet, mafia pappas?

I'll take a nap now, like an old, no way mafia...fart.


What Did I Say?

What did I say I'd do to him? Only crpd rabbits & squirrels heard it, right? That's just not illegal! And, it's non-lethal, anyhow! I've still got the "Skeleton Key." What was that address? I forgot.

Woe to the U.S. politician who means what he/she says and says what he/she means. As for Cali_fornia, was a KFI host abducted by E.T.'s for complaining about the rock station's pot smoking upstairs? The hosts are not real. The signals hop around the dial. Like a bad movie, there was a loud Mexican AM carrier on top of the CBS News station out of Los Angeles. That USC classical station? Can't decide on a frequency, FCC. You can't do that! (But they do, right Jerry?) Me? Listen to a Santa Monica 89 point something station at 106FM? How do they do this crap, Mitt? They played a Lee Michaels song from 1970, and don't lay "ideas of reference" on me, or I might "Call the cops," who warned me to get my ass in gear and finish my damn ninth screenplay.

Almost finished, and since the Space Shuttle has been retired (or so NASA says), all ca Kooks can rest assured that that scene is to be done on a computer. "What is he talking about? What does he mean?" Is it really $11.00 a pop these days at AMC & Wherenberg? No wonder my fan club is growing, right Rachel? Right!

I thought this was the more "political" site. Hmm...I'll get to those GOP pygmies soon. "Hermanator" makes sense, so get your cream pies out! No firearms, please!


More True Stories

May I? In Granite City, Illinois, after the crisis had passed, I saw the Sergeant GIVE THE CRACK PIPE BACK. I thought, "They must not care about resin." They did not care about much except the time of my death, and IT DID NOT HAPPEN, did it Showalter? Who was the Senator? OBAMA. Who is the president of the [United] States today? OBAMA. Do I have to threaten his life in an e-mail to Congress to get some H-E-L-P?

Circling back to my will, it said, in 2008, that after 03/2008, if the world/Earth/Industrialized nation-states grew their wealth and mine, the "surplus" on MY CAPITAL was to be given away. If the economies were to shrink, I, William Charles Hughes, the only heir who can get to the money LEGALLY, directed that up to one-half of the Hughes Empire is to be given away.

Read much?

How's that latest USA/EU/Euro Zone "Print currency and act like all is well" scam going?


And, I really am,
William V

What Did He Say? Who? "You talkin' to me?"

"The President's Crack Pipe"

My will is on this WebBlog. It is valid for all things HUGHES. Mr. HULTGREN, a local attorney, agreed to file a will for me in Ventura County, California. The note cancelling my appointment with this crook is in Ralph's Cart 729. What is stated in the will, rough drafted in the METHODIST CHURCH at JANSS & WINDSOR in Thousand Oaks, California on a Friday evening in March, 2008? First, why did I write it? I sensed, correctly, that my butt was about to be MURDERED. The will was uploaded to my website http://www.abolishthecia.org

at Panera Bread Co, Janss Mall, Thousand Oaks, California.

Later that same evening came "Karla." Drunk, and yet another MafiaSpyGurl for rent to the president (of the United States). Criminal. Disgraceful. Pitiful. Why did I follow her when she grabbed my arm and said, "Walk with me." Strangely familiar she was. Get a room? At 4 a.m. after such a "fun" evening? I said, "Why bother?" when I'd have to depart still homeless at check-out time.

Next day, at the "Temple of Doom" on Hillcrest, in Thousand Oaks, California, I said, to myself, "Aw fuck! That was P___ B___!" Ready for the TV cameras, girls? Ready for judicial process, President Obama? [And I don't mean Deputy Johnson's non-ticket for me, William Charles Hughes, trying to clear out the cart and leave this ridiculous town. You driving? I got trillions of dollars in "gas money."] By the way, do I fill-up the U.S. Strategic Reserve?" May I e-mail Mary Landrieu? May I defecate indoors? No deal on your September 28 CRPD farce.


Caroline, Kiss My Ass

But at the moment, mind-reading time wasters turned the word "but" into "nut," which I am not, but having read a bit about JOE KENNEDY and his, shall we say, "eccentricities," I'm starting to wonder about you. It might take until tomorow to take your sweet ass to my TX woodshed, because as I tell my stalkers, drugboys, thugboys, "hackers," and misc. hard-core sociopaths, "I'm busy." Has anything changed since the Culver City of old? I've been stripped down to rags and watch the last of my personal possessions all day long. As my fictional Admiral already not famously asked, "Any suggestions?"



Can You Believe This, Jerry?

Did I just hear my favorite stalker, robo-spy, identified bottle tosser on Janss Road, and suspected meth dealer say, "New Hampshire." We've already discussed Columbia Missouri, and I am not in the mood for a Citizen's Arrest. You are not even worth the effort. "They" do that, Ding-Dong. [His GF just mentioned "options?" "More psychotropic medication" and a federal pen, thanks to Hughes]


Ron, I Gotta Go (Enough victorious rounds of "Victory Chicken," Nazis & Commies)

Need I say it's time to Exit Stage Left/Right/Sound off! when I got a pic for Mister "Show me a photo of them" Bruce. It's of who? Where? When? Uh, like, next to a world leader busy getting assassinated, he's now right here, and "A.K." won't lift a finger?

B: "Who is that guy?"
W: "You weren't on him? He's been there awhile."
B: "Hey buddy? What are you doin' here?"

AK: "Should we throw them out?"
W: "It's almost closing time. Why bother?"
Ahmurica, was it my dirty look or hers that sent them out the door? He was near what assassination? Huh? I did not hear you, as I can play "Honeybee" deaf s-p-y, too. BTW, whichever "homeland" TERRORIST puts "IN" on this here DELL 755, you are already in jail. Delusional? Me? Didn't you see the right next to our first negro POTUS SS guy come in here, and like a veritable Sparky Anderson, he stole my sign for, "You be in JAIL already, ma'am/sir."
As I often said to a humble LCSW with the same name as Joe Kennedy's chef, "What are we gonna do with them?"
How about that 'lil swatch of USA in Cuba?
see 'ya,


My States Don't Have Enough People (Those damn Americans and their Electoral College! Does anybody understand it? Tell the truth)

Cop killings? Economic collapse. Big drama. Only among the "Brain-Jacked." Rachel, may I make some popcorn now?

Martin Craighead Named to Baker Hughes Board of Directors

HOUSTON, Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE:BHI) President and Chief Operating Officer Martin Craighead has been appointed to the Baker Hughes Board of Directors, effective August 1, 2011.

On April 28, 2011, Baker Hughes announced that effective Jan. 1, 2012, Martin Craighead will succeed Chad Deaton as Chief Executive Officer, becoming CEO and President of Baker Hughes at that time.

"For over 25 years, Martin has been a highly effective contributor at Baker Hughes and I have full confidence that his leadership and strategic vision will continue to carry Baker Hughes forward as a leading oil and natural gas services company," said Chad Deaton, Chairman of the Board and CEO. "Naming Martin to our Board of Directors supports our transition process as he takes on the CEO role in January."

"On behalf of the entire Board, I welcome Martin joining the Baker Hughes Board of Directors," said H. John Riley, Lead Director. "For the past seven years Chad Deaton has grown the company and delivered excellent performance. We look forward to building on that legacy as Martin assumes leadership of the organization in 2012."

Biographical Information

Martin Craighead, 51, has been with the company since 1986 serving as President since 2010 and Chief Operating Officer since 2009, Senior Vice President from 2009 to 2010, Group Vice President of Drilling and Evaluation beginning in 2007, Vice President of the company from 2005 until 2009, and in various officer positions with numerous Baker Hughes subsidiaries as well as leadership roles in a wide variety of product lines both in the US and internationally.

Baker Hughes provides reservoir consulting, drilling, formation evaluation, completions, pressure pumping, and production products and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry.

Forward Looking Statements

This news release (and oral statements made regarding the subjects of this release), contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, (each a "forward—looking statement"). The words "will," and similar expressions are intended to identify forward—looking statements. Our expectations with regard to succession matters are subject to various factors and conditions. These forward-looking statements are also affected by the risk factors described in the company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2010 and those set forth from time to time in other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). The documents are available through the company's website at http://www.bakerhughes.com/investor or through the SEC's Electronic Data Gathering and Analysis Retrieval System (EDGAR) at http://www.sec.gov. We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward—looking statement.

Media Relations: Teresa Wong, +1.713.439.8110, teresa.wong@bakerhughes.com
Investor Relations: Adam Anderson, +1.713.439.8039, adam.anderson@bakerhughes.com

SOURCE Baker Hughes Incorporated
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Baker Hughes Incorporated
2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 2100, Houston, TX 77019
Service provided by Shareholder.com

I already Mapquested the route. Just off off I-610, eh? It will only get ugly if I have to go to Houston. It will be a slogan if I make President, too. Ready? "Don't make me go there."

Not Real? Think Again!

Why did this, yet another preventable American tragedy occur?

Why do I recognize this police officer?

You'd better worry, not me.

Scotty, terrorists are hacking us out of the candlelight vigil photo, so to the other google blog, with more bells & whistles!

What is he talking about? What is he talking about?

OSIJ (i can make up acronyms, too!)


May I Sponsor a War?

I'd like to have one, too! Did I not dream of a U.K. jump jet crushing cars as it lands in front of the drug dealers @605 E. Janss Road? "Get in the back seat Hughes, quick!" Be careful what you wish for, smarty pants! It's called a "Tornado?" I'm from Missourah, and we have an occasional thunderstorm that produces a squall line, and.....


Ford Fusion Anal Icky Tics



The Delorian fellow?


What does mafia not get about NOT ONE CENT?


The basketball Lakers are named after my lake?
How long ago did some boob tell me things about JACK NICHOLSON'S personal life?
How do I hire a "hitman?"
Excuse me, I've been placated by Englishmen playing "Pictures of Home" by Deep Purple.
Fun & Prizes await, for the correct Secret Service man or woman who knows:
"Which Deep purple album is still on the front seat of my Penske truck in Los Angeles three years later?"
Ah, the bass line Don Zachritz played so well, until old shit spooks put him in St. Vincent's [mental] hospital.
"They" got Don.
"They" got Tayon.
"They" got Margherita more than once.
"They" couldn't get me. Want to talk politics? "Sorry, we are 'brain-jacked'." Is Rachel here yet? I'm hungry, because I am 100% human, and your next goddamn president.
My spycatching mum said, "Billy there's a boy in here [St. Vincent's] who reminds me of you."
Scared the crap out of me, whereas all of you California wackos cannot.
May I transit to Houston, Texas?
Check that, St. Louis Blues owner, "Dave."
Who needs oil wells?
Salem, Oregon?
Gina works the diner all day, nutcases.


The next Minuteman 3 launch is scheduled for September.

And, what does this have to do with me? A birthday present! May I target it? Thanks! The one that blew up was defective from the get-go, right? Disinfo, you say? Shocking! In this here United States? Shocking!


Bye, Bye Mafia

Can we get out of this? My will is valid and posted on this site. No lawyers? I got the "King" joke on 07.01.2010. Which William did Kate marry?

May I exit Thousand Oaks?
May I depart Ventura County?
May I get the fuck out of California?
May I leave the United States of America?
If I return in the Typhoon/Eurofighter, your asses are grass.
The kids?
I'll Napalm your kids.
You mean my new colonies, don't you?



Who's on the phone?


Google? So mafia! So infiltrated!

Change the flag colors? Would I do that to you? One word? Maybe.

Soldiers & Spies, go home, because you've got it all wrong. Maybe, maybe not. What did I just say about Goo-gle? So crrrazy! Not me.


MY (William C. Hughes) WILL IS VALID: Big U.S. Government SHUTDOWN 08.02.2011---Be There!

Is Barack's chariot ready? So nuts he is! NOT ME.

I did not have much luck with my Advantage Card/CalFresh P.I.N. #. I followed all the rules. It did not work, Jerry. It did not work, Mister President. Food Stamps? A third year? What did I tell Jim? "I'll be found dead in the park."

Who said it?

"You ought to run like [Ross] Perot."

"Houston, you've got a big problem now."


Is My Will On This Site? Where?

The photo that caught her. Say you did not inhale, and I'll send you to the moon!

When did "Karla" come in the 1970's? A dancin' girl she was. Who else was in IRWIN HALL? Caught by the great one! In 2009? The same night I "hit the button" on my trusty HP-C300. For what? THE WILL IS VALID. THE WILL IS VALID. THE WILL IS VALID. Dummies, until an attorney at law assists with the he looked just like PRINCE HARRY April 14, 2011 knock on the Hughes-head, it's read it and weep, wherever it is!


The No Sex Between Directors and Writers Act of 2011

It's on Jerry's desk already, is it not? Budget? What budget?

That's grandpa to the right. Did I post my will on this site? I did, and I wish I knew where. What was that ca barrister's phone number? "0707?" Have they all gone nuts? Yes!


"Brain-Jacked" Persons With Schizophrenia? Thanks, now I'm not so worried, E. Fuller Brushman

A JEANE KIRKPATRICK look-alike? Good thing Howard Hughes gave a lot of money to some computer geeks. She's dead!

Not dead? She knows I "yelled," according to nutty-assed "RACHEL COWAN" words that are not in Nazi-kid history slates until I hang around Ms. Champagne territory and.....

"Seven shots! I heard seven shots!"


He's crazy! He's so crazy!

"Brain-Jacked" Persons With Schizophrenia? Thanks, now I'm not so worried, E. Fuller Brushman


Play, Play, Play on the Computer All Day

Ollie, why do I blog? It's an attachment to a court document someday, because I don't think many see it, but your ass is going to jail when I get out of 1000 Oaks, buddy. For anyone who may see this blog, North was not permitted to snoop on me at the Truman Presidential Library "under cover" of, I suppose, being the "not talented talent" for a TV special. His cocaine shipment tracking notebook is still "classified" under our incompetent police state Negro POTUS. Maybe I should sell the shit if drug dealing is "classified." Oh, that's right, I don't work for the government. Not yet.


a). It's the Captain; b). It's St.L HQ Big Mac Avionics; c). It's 1979 External e-Hijacking

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Let us instead ask why many of the airplanes depicted above sat on...e gads, Lovie! Airport Road? Very near the fence, as Hughes muttered to the inevitable "bugs" in his car, something like, "Jeez, if I were a terrorist, and knew how to fire one up, I'd....." Gosh, that was in Berkeley, Missouri--plus, I now believe when I woke-up in Clayton, Missouri thinking, "That's a cargo plane, would you be troubled by gaining some altitude, and I guess I'll take a pee while the windows shake, and..." Did I mention a relative of mine flies those? You did not know that? Too bad for you, killer spy! And, way out West here, it was like this. "Hey, there's a UPS full-timer. He's got a nice pickup truck. How's work going!?

The man yelled out his window ("T.O."tradition).

"It sucks!"

Rob Addendum:

We now move to the "other blog" where I can post my bad punchline of, "This does, too," as somehow, people with cameras at the ready were ready in San Diego & Chicago to snap photos of airliners going down, like your nutty asses when I get elcected or [ ] Obama. Oh, BTW, ca kooks & fruitcakes, today's title refers to the AA 191 crash, which I am studying carefully. Don't force me to "Call the cops," because I am quite sure they will arrest YOU, not me. Why would they bother me, freak?



Me? Catch the PAN AM 103 bomber in one hour or less? This ain't pizza delivery, son. Clues? Why want my opinion on high finance carrying the same last name as one of the suspects? NO MORE BLOGGING (solve acts of terrorism for free? I would be "nuts" if I continued with that). Instead, let us chat on Facebook & My Space. And, BTW, where is the crashed into Lockerbie Captain's son who flew for the Navy? His "Miller Time" T-shirt had a photo on it like the one above. (It's another clue, Ding-Dong).


War On Organized Religion (killing out of the church? CAUGHT!!!)

What was "Action Jackson" doing on a Google search page about Howard Hughes?

I have no idea, and I'm HH's grandson.

Why the constant need for Carmex or ChapStick in California, a place I have renamed, drumroll, please, CHINAFORNIA?

Is any story going to be short? I promise not to tell them over and over again, like Charlie. Jill will stomp on my right foot.

FUTURE POLITICAL CONSULTANTS: "Why did you put that on the old blog? We're trying to go magnum-viral here."


Don't think so...is RAYTHEON ready to take my call?

not yet?


Who Need Hughes Aircraft Company When You're Dead?

Pushing up Daisey's? Not yet. Is the will on this blog site valid? Sure is, and I know where daddys' "Mormon Job" is, too. You did not know that? Who the *uck are you?

Car Wash


GOOGLE, The Hughes Will On This Site Is VALID

Denmark, the will is VALID. Read it and weep, National Socialists who look like hippies.


Still Alive--Blog Suspended

Blog closed by order of the "Illuminati Secret Service." BARACK OBAMA has been invited to lunch with William V. No DNA tests will be consented to. Meantime, see:
My People For the Real Deal Federal Election Commission report was sent on time, with an all-time high figure to report of $124. That's a start, kooks, because I can't spend old HUGHES TOOL COMPANY money, or newer HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY money, or "black money."

My unalterable position:

How about that Department of Defense budget in the Hughes Adminiistration?
Zero. ($0.00)


Fire At What?

This is William Charles Hughes. Both of my blogs are suspended as of this date. Would you like to self-investigate whether someone is a "Secret Service Agent?" Welcome to Thousand Oaks, California, where I actually approached a man in a black Ford Crown Victoria who had a computer lit in the same spot as a real peace officer, a searchlight on the side, and a rubber "cattle catcher" on the front of the car. I asked, "Are you a police officer?" "No," he said. Next, as you might expect came, "Where did you get the car?" Matter of fact as can be, he replied, "An auction." I am not going to an auction for the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force.

First, it is worth noting my possibly fake agents came when I was blog-boasting about humbly going back to Missouri after figuring out why grandma Leonard told me the story of the Pharaoh who floated a baby down the river so the infant would not be killed. How about the Pied Piper? Yes, I counted 84 cars make a right into the Von's lot, and every driver stared at me, but nothing is going on, right? How about the Gulliver tale, as I am currently surrounded my mental midgets, and I am not claiming genius status by any means.

Genealogy is not my thing, but I now firmly believe I am nine (9) "greats" down from GEORGE III, and six (6) down from WILLIAM IV. Family legend held that mom fought hard for "William" over "Charles" as a first name. Understand, dummy? Howard Sr./Howard Jr. & Charles Sr./Charles Jr. Mom won that argument and gave me a big hint. My father's middle name is "Edward," and my sister carries "Mary," as with Queen Mary, and on "Elizabeth" I shall not comment. Don't believe me? Don't. As for the crazy secret war going on with "Star Wars" quality technology, I have another quiz.
Q: "Who was the last King to fire the Prime Minister?"
A: "William IV."
Q: "What does that have to do with the present situation?"
A: "Don't make me order a few aircraft carriers to Port Hueneme."

I'd rather not get in the USA's face too much, because I really was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and I'd like to see it again if you California thugboys, drugboys, and robo-stalkers don't mind.

As for running and winning the USA's president job, my true response is, "I can work two jobs," but that will be far more fun than Howard Johnson's (Cook), and DNS Janitorial (Custodian). Two Navies, two Air Forces, and buddy, I am perfectly sane. What's wrong with you? Envious? Jealous? No, you are nuts, not me.

Off to williamthefifthforpresident.wordpress.com, if it works. If not, I'll find a way to tell you I'm still alive, and by the way, accept no Mafia body-doubles, as I am right here at 1385 E. Janss Road in beeeeeuuuuutiful 1000 Oaks, California. Get out of line, boys, and I can "Call the cops" too.