May I Urinate Without Being Victimized by Yet Another CRIME?

Coach, welcome to my life. I'm trying to type-up exciting USPS mail to the District Attorney and Los Angeles County Sheriff. Ask what it is, and I'd tell you. Oh, no! They've got to SPY! And, you think no one knows what you're doing? How long ago did the real SS man visit and declare you all caught rodents? Don't know; and I'm not digging through my too-famous Ralph's cart! No "president thing" until 2016, grandpa mafia? May I make a movie and have sex with an actress? Grandpa Howard did--a lot!!!


$$$ PalPal? What's That?

"You put up a PayPal link and tell people, 'Dude, I'm fucked. Can you help me'?"

- Jesse LaGrece, Wall Street Occupier

Hey kids! I can do it, too! What is PFRD now? Not a third political party, because that's apparently a good way to get your tush killed--at least if you are named HUGHES. What have I told several Californians lately? "I think the problem is my last name." Certainly not my behavior. Who did I meet today? She knew him personally? She was the original what? He used to be on the what, and he is now on the what?

All politics are local, OWS. Want national? Read the Port Huron Statement, and admit your granddaddy or grandma did. I read it long ago, and at the moment--any moment, socialists--I'm busy. Very busy.


What HUGHES is Talking About?

Is it about MONEY you just gave me?
Is it about POLITICS (American preferred)
Is it about TRANSPORTATION out of VC Co. hell?

"Welcome to Thousand Oaks. We don't talk too much."


Marx Brothers Movie? No, you're headed to jail!

Today's Catholic Saint for 12.05.11. Better start praying, as I saw The Godfather, if you "T.O." stiffs get what I have nothing to do with, per usual. [It's been going on since September, 1973]