The next Minuteman 3 launch is scheduled for September.

And, what does this have to do with me? A birthday present! May I target it? Thanks! The one that blew up was defective from the get-go, right? Disinfo, you say? Shocking! In this here United States? Shocking!


Bye, Bye Mafia

Can we get out of this? My will is valid and posted on this site. No lawyers? I got the "King" joke on 07.01.2010. Which William did Kate marry?

May I exit Thousand Oaks?
May I depart Ventura County?
May I get the fuck out of California?
May I leave the United States of America?
If I return in the Typhoon/Eurofighter, your asses are grass.
The kids?
I'll Napalm your kids.
You mean my new colonies, don't you?



Who's on the phone?


Google? So mafia! So infiltrated!

Change the flag colors? Would I do that to you? One word? Maybe.

Soldiers & Spies, go home, because you've got it all wrong. Maybe, maybe not. What did I just say about Goo-gle? So crrrazy! Not me.


MY (William C. Hughes) WILL IS VALID: Big U.S. Government SHUTDOWN 08.02.2011---Be There!

Is Barack's chariot ready? So nuts he is! NOT ME.

I did not have much luck with my Advantage Card/CalFresh P.I.N. #. I followed all the rules. It did not work, Jerry. It did not work, Mister President. Food Stamps? A third year? What did I tell Jim? "I'll be found dead in the park."

Who said it?

"You ought to run like [Ross] Perot."

"Houston, you've got a big problem now."


Is My Will On This Site? Where?

The photo that caught her. Say you did not inhale, and I'll send you to the moon!

When did "Karla" come in the 1970's? A dancin' girl she was. Who else was in IRWIN HALL? Caught by the great one! In 2009? The same night I "hit the button" on my trusty HP-C300. For what? THE WILL IS VALID. THE WILL IS VALID. THE WILL IS VALID. Dummies, until an attorney at law assists with the he looked just like PRINCE HARRY April 14, 2011 knock on the Hughes-head, it's read it and weep, wherever it is!