Still Alive--Blog Suspended

Blog closed by order of the "Illuminati Secret Service." BARACK OBAMA has been invited to lunch with William V. No DNA tests will be consented to. Meantime, see:
My People For the Real Deal Federal Election Commission report was sent on time, with an all-time high figure to report of $124. That's a start, kooks, because I can't spend old HUGHES TOOL COMPANY money, or newer HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY money, or "black money."

My unalterable position:

How about that Department of Defense budget in the Hughes Adminiistration?
Zero. ($0.00)


Fire At What?

This is William Charles Hughes. Both of my blogs are suspended as of this date. Would you like to self-investigate whether someone is a "Secret Service Agent?" Welcome to Thousand Oaks, California, where I actually approached a man in a black Ford Crown Victoria who had a computer lit in the same spot as a real peace officer, a searchlight on the side, and a rubber "cattle catcher" on the front of the car. I asked, "Are you a police officer?" "No," he said. Next, as you might expect came, "Where did you get the car?" Matter of fact as can be, he replied, "An auction." I am not going to an auction for the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force.

First, it is worth noting my possibly fake agents came when I was blog-boasting about humbly going back to Missouri after figuring out why grandma Leonard told me the story of the Pharaoh who floated a baby down the river so the infant would not be killed. How about the Pied Piper? Yes, I counted 84 cars make a right into the Von's lot, and every driver stared at me, but nothing is going on, right? How about the Gulliver tale, as I am currently surrounded my mental midgets, and I am not claiming genius status by any means.

Genealogy is not my thing, but I now firmly believe I am nine (9) "greats" down from GEORGE III, and six (6) down from WILLIAM IV. Family legend held that mom fought hard for "William" over "Charles" as a first name. Understand, dummy? Howard Sr./Howard Jr. & Charles Sr./Charles Jr. Mom won that argument and gave me a big hint. My father's middle name is "Edward," and my sister carries "Mary," as with Queen Mary, and on "Elizabeth" I shall not comment. Don't believe me? Don't. As for the crazy secret war going on with "Star Wars" quality technology, I have another quiz.
Q: "Who was the last King to fire the Prime Minister?"
A: "William IV."
Q: "What does that have to do with the present situation?"
A: "Don't make me order a few aircraft carriers to Port Hueneme."

I'd rather not get in the USA's face too much, because I really was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and I'd like to see it again if you California thugboys, drugboys, and robo-stalkers don't mind.

As for running and winning the USA's president job, my true response is, "I can work two jobs," but that will be far more fun than Howard Johnson's (Cook), and DNS Janitorial (Custodian). Two Navies, two Air Forces, and buddy, I am perfectly sane. What's wrong with you? Envious? Jealous? No, you are nuts, not me.

Off to williamthefifthforpresident.wordpress.com, if it works. If not, I'll find a way to tell you I'm still alive, and by the way, accept no Mafia body-doubles, as I am right here at 1385 E. Janss Road in beeeeeuuuuutiful 1000 Oaks, California. Get out of line, boys, and I can "Call the cops" too.


Me? Yeah, Me. Got Any Money? Charlie Hughes Was Always Poor. Really. Honest.

Same microphones, same windscreens. Hey, I'm paying for this park!
(moron tweakers, do you get the joke? Did you graduate from high school?)

Once more, real or not real does not matter. If they are Secret Service, my latest body-double is not too smart, or shall we say well briefed. If they are not real, what was that FBI number, and by the way, unlike the CIA, they are very picky about the badge thing. Don't put it on your nutty anarchist and/or ant-iChrist website. And, don't say I failed to warn you.

Technical trouble over at Word Press? Who's goin' to jail?

Not me.

William Makes Happyface With U.S. Secret Service/No film at 11

Let's start it up:
--Nixon was not a few feet away from William.
--He did not talk to Eugene McCarthy.
--Jimmy Carter did not want to know if William was really out of money in the Netherlands.
--He did not talk to George McGovern a long time.
--He did not almost get hit by Clinton's Air Force One.
--He did not stand by John Kerry's bus before a boring speech.
--He did not quit the St. Louis Kerry campaign office because someone made gun violence threats (the threats were not on Hughes, but he offered to help if the gunman came--those are the facts).
--He did not stand on the I-64 overpass before George W. Bush went by (kooks, they do not allow just anybody to do that).

Kids, here it is, and 'ya can't prove a negative! Dummies, the .gov's have to prove you are up to something. May I go to Iowa and get started? Please? Pretty please? Who is this Barack Obama fellow? I am no threat to him. (From a homeless shoping cart? Are you nuts? I am not, but I am trying to run for president next time, if you don't mind, and by the way, Who the hell are you?)

Koval, Jail Tonight, No Bail?

What The Hell Are They Thinking? (If they think at all/et al)

This is what the Thousand Oaks Mafia/Illuminati thought.

And this is what they got.

Hughes is tired of apologizing to kooks & creatures for being normal. What's that number? (310) 477-6565. There is a "good they" who knows I can't remember phone numbers at all? That's nice, but you were not in the car riding shotgun when the Secret Service Man was yelling at me. Again, not what you think, ass*ole, so we go to the ever-popular with real detectives Q&A:
Q: "What was the Secret Service man yelling at Hughes about?"
A: "That particular field office dropped the ball."
Q: "On what?"
A: "A few shot and killed U.S. Capitol Police."
Q: "Who was riding their bicycles behind Mr. Hughes at the U.S. Capital Building in 2008?"
A: "The Capitol Police, ding-dong."

Ken, Your Cell Is Reserved, NOT Computer #8

Trouble on the tarmac, boys? Gayle, may I have my toolbox back? Mafia! Mafia!

1. Why was Bill Clinton always late?
2. Why did Bill Clinton visit Saint Louis, Missouri, USA so much?

3. Why did he almost hit my Mazda 323 in August, 1999?

Professor's notes:
Bill Clinton would say, "Hughes, I did not almost hit your car, the Air Force pilot almost hit your car." He went to Harvard, while I attended Lindenwood College II. Oh man, "they" said it, not me. We sure do have a "humdinger" here in Thousand Thieves, California. Thousand Oaks? "Justice Roberts, what is a Rolling Oak?" I predict he will say, "Hughes, will you go to the U.K. and leave us alone."


Oops, Civil War

May I have some paper towels in a public building? May I pee in the Wild Cherry? Will the fat secret policelady at Crok '0 shit McDonald's call the policeman? Oh, it's the tubby girl in the cop car that says "Police" on it. I get really confused, because I am clearly mentally ill, but I've never seen this "Sheriff in a cop car" arrangement. Girls, girls, girls. What is the female deputy that has followed me around Ventura County since July, 2008 doing stuffing stuff into a black bag at a fake traffic accident? "Ice plant?" What the hell is that? What the hell is this?

Film at 11.

Maybe I'll put my real MLK piece up on the "other" blog tomorrow, because "day late and dollar short" has turned into "You are surely screwed, because the money be talkin'."--real loud.

Excuse me, Mike the coke dealer is here--maybe I'll call the .gov people.

I saw Enemy of the State, and didn't "Lenny" get killed-off? Why do spies get so excited when I kill-off a character? It's only a movie. Oh, I am "blacklisted." What for? I'll call Hilton. How about Lohan? Surely, she knows.Are they hiding under their desks at Disney yet? How about Sony? They set up the whole town? How did they do that? I'm new at whatever this is. Tinseltown Rebellion isn't really that good an album. Early digital? Horrid, eh Frank? Is he really dead? Man, I thought English was the air traffic language. What are those Columbian pilots saying? Is this legal? No crimes, no spying, lots of torture.

Who's going to jail?

Stay tuned. ("The Dude?" Get real, assholes).


Big Bucks Bingo

Mom said it before being tortured, drugged, brain mutilated, and murdered by the United States Government: "A picture is worth a thousand words."
Right Tony/Toni?
What's that line you narcissists, sociopaths, druggies, and garden-variety California criminal snakes/rats/mind-reading "creatures" don't want to hear?

"This ain't Star Trek, motherfucker! Fire!"


Did I almost get abducted from this joint? Yes. CLUES, PLEASE, SHERLOCK. a) I was "brain jacked" at Paul "I got two kids" Turner's house into forgetting my wallet. (No money, no donuts--spies, don't argue); b) The Developmentally Disabled people employed at my favorite donut shop had been replaced with witches & warlocks who had nose rings, tattoos, and so forth; c) The owner said, "I wasn't here today, right?"; d) Three thugs (T-H-U-G-S) were milling around a PENSKE TRUCK on the lot when I departed. (.gov's, did I mention I left because <ha, ha> I had no M-O-N-E-Y?); e) Some damn cars chased me west on I-270 and south on I-170, which is where Bill Clinton (remember that land swindler?) almost hit my Mazda 323 with Air Force One in August, 1999, and if you want the exact date, I'll look it up, because Ken, it is just not classified, nor will Chuck and the gang's arrest records be "secret"; f) The pursuers became the pursued, because as Ms. Thomas said, there is a difference between driving, and driving, and you NASCAR spygirls surely get what I mean. Where did the Russell/Premier Inn "code word" POTENTIAL abductors go? Sabreliner. What is Sabreliiner? A place where you lease corporate style jets. Who am I? "The Aviator's" grandson, and a candidate for president. The WILLIAM V issue, we shall take up in London, England. Meantime, mind your own business, as my new not secret slogan is, "If I f### you up, you don't get up" (ever again, kooks).
Where is Doug McCoy, M.D.? If he died of some "rare disease," I did not do it, but the HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE might have "got him." Did I file a lawsuit in Maryland over that joint? Yes, I did. Why no progress? Ask President Negro.

Living proof that MICHAEL KAUFMAN is a thief, but he will be at the Goebel Mafia Center teaching his little "Digital Photography Class" on 01.17.11 Why is the Goebel Mafia/Nazi Center open on MLK day? What was that irate black lady crabbing at "Andrea Koval" about yesterday? Question, questions, questions, and I can ask them, too. How about my first Kaufman? ("cough man" in the crowd? Free LUDENS Wild Cherry samples from the Hughes campaign! Lutheran SS, repeat after me: "He can't do that, he can't do that!") In Maryland Heights, Missouri? What did AL FRESSOLA have for lunch? Has LESLIE LEVIN seen her lawyer lately? A genius chemist, that Kaufman, but his old gray spy dad was driving him nuts, and I did not realize it, but per usual, Hughes made the right call in rounding up Missouri's nuts and kooks, a hopeless task in California. Now I'm "nuts," .mafia? Selling snow to Eskimos? Business can't be too good, perpetually lying about William Charles Hughes. Did I mention the missiles up your asses when I make president? How about that Soldier Boy's Internet! It's not just for usaf e-mail anymore. And, it even has naked ladies! [However,Hughes cannot look at mafia porno, or mafia says...whatever. We shall discuss the "Mothers Who Like to F^^^"/Brick Network business on CNN, even though this already got a KMOX anchorlady killed, then what? Palin will be out of the race? Most likely, dude. Oh, and what did Kathy Evans, a shapely 40-something year old woman with a red American pickup truck say about all of that?(In Granite City, Illinois) Seems her son's 17-18 year-old buddies would be so rude as to sexually proposition her divorced self, and Kathy said, at a Chestnut Health Services staff meeting, "They wouldn't know what hit them!" Then, when Kathy wisely and abruptly quit, Ms. Showalter asked repeatedly "Why did Kathy quit?" Don't know; possibly something connected with then Senator Obama. Get the scene with KSHE blasting out of the Ford Tempo and Showalter and I arguing like spouses out front of Mainstay right in the movie if we die. Why did her Marine boyfriend toss her cell phone in a pool? What's the name of that silly Marine camp in North Carolina? Gone! [Howard, they're trying to kill me from laughing too hard, and this, too, is not new].

Mister Donut is still around? In what nation? Japan? China? Speaking of China, they have to pay me back, or I'm pointing some missiles at them. Obama already did? Christ! At least that Negro has done one thing right. May I see a doctor for free? Not yet? I thought we turned socialist. Something went wrong? Girls, I don't get out much, and I refuse to fix the mighty HP C-300. Not when some twit at McDonalds will turn it off with a little black device, the nature of which is--another "inside joke?" I'm so important I can't stand it! May I run for president now?

1. You are not shot dead and later accused of trying to break-in the Iranian man's UPS Store [Corporate Colors: BROWN, and especially effective when you owe the man $3.00 U.S. for Verizon faxes that likely did not go the the Missouri Highway Patrol and other .gov type places. Oh, that Verizon! I've always wanted a phone company, Your Honor.]
2. The policeman, a rare clean cop in Cali-fornia, says "Get out there, it's alright." Where is "there?" Still under review by zebras in the booth.
3. Why, the very next night, a policeman, or sheriff's deputy in a cop car, pulls over a car <gasp!> where? At an intersection that has been very difficult for Candidate Hughes to cross. [BAD MI-6 JOKE? The street is named after a British general who was in a hurry. Hughes wonders, "What's the rush, kids?"] Reasons for the street crossing trouble we'll discuss at a federal courthouse when somebody is kind enough to transport me in their car (or flyin' triangle) out of this God-forsaken state I have alleged has broken off from the USA. [btw, is it six (6) "greats" in the grandpa department to get to WILLIAM IV? Nine (9) to get to...who? GEORGE III. Cosmic!]

WHY DO COPS LIKE DONUTS? (A Public Service Announcement From Hughes Aerospace)
1. They require no preparation.
2. They are cheap.
3. They fill you up fast.
4. They may, under certain circumstances, provide a 100% legal "sugar buzz," and I am just not talkin' your go*damn "spy talk."

Q: "What is bad for business at Starbucks?"
A: "Hughes, and the Secret Service helicopter flying north on Moorpark.


It's Big

My pa pa is CHARLES EDWARD HUGHES. For several days, I've been trying to blog a sort of tribute to him and me mum, the former MARGARET LEONARD, but there's a bunch of c***sucking spies at the senior center, so it's like.....nuts. Got any 20 megaton jobs left, boys?
I'm really pissed-off now.


HHMI 2.0

Don't 'ya hate it when the Tzipi Livni quote you want to juxtapose against the USA's "Who killed Vice Foster?" Secretary of State in her latest trite Middle East blib-blab "disappears"? I found it, but I'd rather complain about stalkers. Hey thugboy, can I get elected on $124 per quarter? Do the math, stupid, and don't jack my ass for a $10 bag of soon to be totally eradicated by Hughes "weed."
To the journal you are not stealing, non-humanoid spying creature:
10:39 a.m.
IF ONE MORE STALKER BOTHERS ME, I WILL a) Crack his skull open; b) Scoop out his brains; c) Mix them with A-1 Steak Sauce purchased at Ralph's; d) Cook them in the Goebel Senior Center's Biliard Room microwave for 5 minutes; e) Eat them out on the patio. (With or without "Andrea Koval" smoking a cig).
Call Moody Court on me?
No, you CRPD terrorists & murderers had better call your lawyers.
King has come.
You be headed to jail. So in jail.


*Obama, Tossed By The Supremes, 2011

PILOT: "Where?"
TOWER: "Uh."
600 m.p.h.? Me? Go to New York? In the air?Nah, let's "Go to visual" as William V will be waving at thugs Fryday, January 14, 2011 at our local Starbucks, 605 Janss Road. Stop by and watch us smoke, curse, and stare at each other. Gettin' a little "mobby?" Don't they need a King in the U.K. who says stuff like, "Get outta here, or I'll fuck you up."

Don't Turn Off The Wi-Fi, Girls

My advice to all County Supervisors, Sheriff's, and Dog Catchers is, do not ever run for president. That said, the AMR ambulance stands ready to carry your dumb ass to the local hospital if you f*** with Admiral Willie at this point, and I don't have to share a damn thing more, you nosy piece of android excrement.

Mafias, I am a very patient Royal, but this is Rock Girl Megan with LASER 103.3 in Des Moines, Iowa, and given I have already discussed the fact that the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is the first election with the NH Secretary of State, nonetheless, I think "we" need to load up the HUGHES 2012 bus soon and head for Iowa, because I'm sure Megan would like to talk to a handsome, no longer homeless trillionarie who is stupid enought to run for president, and not go to London England to [CENSORED BY BBC/MI-6 FLYING TRIANGLES]. During the Iowa caucuses, you visit the citizens in their living rooms, and in the case of Megan, we can discuss how "Eliminator" was such a surprisingly good ZZ Top release of the pisspoor 1980's, and how Van Halen may have been spied upon, but no troubles, and as for Bon Jovi, well, when those guys say "Go away," you'd better comply, if 'ya get what I mean. Then, we'll chase the reporters away and.....
Okay, I'm going to the Truman Library, Nazis.

what does he mean? what does he mean?


Bad Grammar, Kudos To Kate

Now look, old time CIA, I've had enough of this crap. "Gou Bin?" Phonetically like "goo bin?" What does that mean? Col. Stahl? What the hell is this? Charlie, if I kill somebody, will I get in, uh, you know, some type of legal trouble? Yes or no, up or down--no "spy blather." Is it safe to ever dine Chinese again? Oh, only in Beijing. I get it (I think).

True Random Fortune Cookie Grab:
"Someone thinks you are wonderfully mysterious."

Leave it to my street-level advisers to say, "You can't be talkin' all ghetto" (and run for president). Thanks, I already know that. May I read The Economist? CFO? Hey, on Page 104 of the January, 2011 Wired, I've seen a control room, where in the future, "Dark Side" spygirls who have done their time in Club Fed can wear sunglasses indoors and say stuff like, "You turned out to be such an asshole! I shoulda killed your ass when I had a chance." To which I will say, "Girl, I was ready to duck, and and shut the f--- up, we're trying to launch a rocket here."

How about Page 105--mighty informative, in that the Astra satellite farm makes me wonder stuff that only the "Oh my God, the real one is out there! Lock the gates!" crowd off I-270 in Maryland would know. Such powerful dichotomies, as with my slogans, to wit:
a) "They show me everything."
b) "I don't know a damn thing."
puzzle clue: No, it's not a 60 year-old plan, try 244 years old or so. And my help was/is named "Victor..."what? Whew!
What a plan!
What a planet!

Hughes Is Still Alive! Spying Androids To Be Reprogrammed at 11

CHUCK WAGON'S SPECIAL FORCES are not looking so good, but the Olsen Road people are not much help, either. "Kill them all, or not kill them all," that is the question. "Call the cops, call the cops?" What if the hated T.O. cops actually like Hughes? Oh, big smarty pants spies did not think about that. Yes, we've begun the "It's not Iowa, it's the Go Bell smoking wall" lecture series. My fee? Two double-burgers from the McDonald's Dollar Menu. Talking to myself? Yes, that is true, if I fail to amass big money to run for president of your rinky-dink Republic.

Hey, it's the new Tower of Lundin/WILLIAM V restraint chair. No law, eh? No rules for vile murdering spies? Feeling good, cokeheads? Potheads? Nazis? You say you're sick as a dog? Not sorry at all; be happy your sorry ass is still alive.


Is It Drafted Yet?

The Supremes were talking about Hughes in their chambers today, were they not?" Why was he obsessing on Article II?" one asked. "God, we gave him enough three hints," said the other. "Why so long with Delores Williams as his professor," commented another. "Jesus! It's about time!" exclaimed Kagan.
THE 28TH AMENDMENT, Ratified September 15, 2011.
"The right of citizens of the United States to seek the office of president shall not include any Person with a valid claim to a Royal title. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."
Is it ready yet? Not yet? Isn't Congressman Boner on top of it? He's the new Speaker? May I move to Nicaragua, where I will be safe?


Just A Piece of Furniture

Something about furniture? Who are you, Lena? Who's the babe to your left on Page 62 of the totally decadent Malibu mag? Who is that on Page 66? Does the entire worldwide intel community know of my not-famous "Resolutions of 6/06?" That was in 2010. What year is it? Where are we, Deb Simcox? Who is the president, Commissar Blum?

Holy Toledo! Did I ever find my spy character "Rita" in that Volume 8, Issue 6 of Malibu! As always, Hughes must inquire, "Can she act?" Never mind, I'll teach her how, between sex acts in the trailer. Do I really have to send e-mail to the actors I want in my not even an offer on the script(s) James Bond really sucks, doesn't he, MGM? not a movie yet movie.

I have to "Line up and wait?" I know what it means when the Central Intelligence Agency won't release thousands of documents on the JFK assassination until 2017. Caroline and I might differ on this, you persistent murdering assholes! May I acquire my company on Germantown Road and fire missiles at my neighbors in Virginia, the CIA? They have a bad habit of firing theirs at unarmed A-rabs, don't they? Hey f###face, I read that in the neo-Nazi run Washington Post, so it must be true. What did the obvious .mil spook black lady say at that august newspaper when I dropped-off a little packet? "I take my job very seriously." I would too, if I knew what it was. Yoga pamphlet and a Columbian video crew? Was I about to pass out a la Charlie Hughes? Leaning on a D.C. lamp post really worked when U.S. Army virus attacked, and don't argue with me, or I might kill your ass tonight.

Hey .mafia, the button is in my seized Penske truck. Not that button, you creepy fool, the one from the Cornell Campus Store that said:

Have a nice weekend, and please, don't drive drunk or launch any ICBM's with nukes on top.

p.s. Are we getting this right yet? She knows a whole lot more than I do--this is a fact.


Big Cal Discipline

"We" of a certain age remember the song about "I think I'm turning Japanese," right? I confess I may be turning Russian, because why worry about what a damn overeducated idiot the Treasury Secretary of the USA might be, when you can peruse pics of girls, girls, girls. Don't lie Moscow, because I've looked at Pravda a time or two, and it is always the same deal. One headline says: "WORLD ENDING TOMORROW--BLAME A WESTERN NATION." The other? "GIRL WITH VERY BIG BOOBS HAS A NEW MOVIE."
And, there's suspiciously no data to back up the end of the world, but they've got the girlie photos. Oh, my USA! "They" heard it. They saw it. Yes, I joined many in forgetting the lyrics to our/your "Star Spangled Banner," and the embarrassing part was, the Goebel Mafia Center had one of Dub Crouch's "hot mikes" on for me to sing. I'm a "psycho-therapist" alright, but given I am so at risk of getting myself killed, we shall skip the details and go to the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, who are, not exactly very ethical, by their own report.
#1: "Leticia," from LA = Stalking her husband's new girlfriend? That's a no-no!
#2: "Roxanne," from Bakersfiield = Child abuse? No comment.
#3: "Julie," from Crestline = Thief!
#4: "Harold," from Yreka = Sex with a patient? True? Never "stuck" with me, right Nixon?
#5: "Jeannine," from Loma Linda = Stalker in search of romance. Not a good idea, girl.
#6: "Sevan," from Pasadena = Thief!
#7 "Aneea," from San Mateo = Thief! (Is there an echo in here?)
#8: "Edward," from Hacienda Heights = DUI. The lazy cocaine cartel protectin' coppers gave you one? I am shocked! So shocked! Hey, it's Friday night, RICH HALL, and "We're goin' to Newbury!" whatever that means.
"...carrying out illegal wiretapping and surveillance against judges, journalists, politicians, and human rights activists." Hey, don't say that about war criminal George W. Bush and crack dealer Barack Obama!
Excuse me, I am "bipolar." They were talking about Columbia, and Bush buddy Alvaro Uribe. Or were they?
You say BAY-ner, I say BONE-r.
"Free country?" Not when you are the "undercover king."


Let Us Fight Fair

Q: "When did they stop making Minuteman III's?"
A: "When I departed Missouri (1979)."
Q: "Do they still work?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Why does Hughes know the difference between the report of an M-16 and an AK-47?"
A: "He read the 9/11 Commission Report." (FBI footnotes? "Classified?" Are you nuts?)
Q: "Have you ever been in the military?"
A: "No, but if I'm the damn King, I am the military, in the U.K. at least, and I can work two jobs."
Q: "Would you use nuclear weapons?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "When?"
A: "Soon."

Has Obama Resigned Yet? How About Biden?

Hey Nazi skinhead, fixin' to kill the president? Wack some Jews? Did I mention this is WILLIAM V, and your ass is as good as dead?

Hey stalkers, I've got "lists," too! LET'S GO TO THE EAGLETON FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, SHALL WE? Why? I am never going to hear what I heard in Clayton, Missouri USA sometime in 2007, ever again. You will never hear it; I will never hear it again. Got it, nutcase I'm maybe killing later tonight (01/06/2011)? A woman was on her stoop, and I was poisoned--a lot. What did she say, Nazi Boy? Commie creep? Hey computer antichrist/anarchist! I am sick of your crap, and I will tell any peace officer I am about to "Do some killin", because the world is at war, and it's not very "secret" from my perspective.

The bitch was on her "cell" phone, and when I make president, we can take a "pod" of e-media to the exact Clayton spy den. What did she say, you big flunked-out of middle school, don't know dick ca ass?

"My dad said he's on the list, but he's still out here walking around."

Did I mention I am the rightful Chief of State in the United Kingdom, and I've declared war on the United States of America?

DSM-5-R nuts, I'd very much like to have a better website to announce such things, but 'ya have to make due when a political prisoner in 1000 Oaks, "Republic of California," maybe USA, maybe not, right Feinstein/Blum?

Let's go to the Q&A:

Q: "Do you think Martin Van Buren had William IV murdered?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Was you grandmother "Maggie" Leonard murdered?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Was your mother Margaret Hughes murdered?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "How many times do you know of murder attempts on your father, Charles Edward Hughes?"
A: "In March of 1987 the 'cover story' was a bad reaction to medication. It was a murder attempt, due to my visit to 420 W. Buffalo, Ithaca New York, USA. In, I believe, November of 1989, I rushed him to the hospital bleeding badly from his nose. I later learned this was from the dirty intelligence community's 'blood pressure spiking drug,' which they gave to me at work for the Missouri Department of Mental Health at Saint Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center. A woman named 'ANN RADEN' was behind that, I'm sure."
Q: "What was unusual about the 1989 attempt on your father's life?"
A: "First, he did not want to be treated medically. The Hughes attitude seems to be, unless we are near death, hospitals are to be avoided. I tried to go to sleep, but when he came to my door with a towel soaked in blood, I said, "Jesus dad, let's get going!" (to Christian Hospital Northeast). I could not believe how after losing a lot of blood, he hopped out of the car and walked into the ER, just like shot in the chest Ronald Reagan, and that is a fair comparison, because I am William V, like it or not, USA. I am sure that 'hardiness' is part of why Nazi nutcases and 'rule the world' types steal our DNA and play around in secret."
Q: "And your mother's murder?"
A: "All of the records are in the seized Penske truck, which I should not have to fight World War III over, but I will be happy to do so and emerge victorious in 25 minutes or less, as with pizza delivery. That's a joke, and a bad one."

Got satellites.
Got spies.
Got drones.
Got missiles.
Got nukes.
Therefore, I would highly recommend someone talk to me lawfully and on the record about this before I finalize plans to use WMD's in a just cause. My position is, the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution, and the United Nations works well. Got a "takeover plan?" It is not mine, and shall we all die? EAT PLUTONIUM! LET'S ROCK MOTHERFUCKER!

assassinate another politician? BAD IDEA.
dump a bureaucrat in a dumpster dead? BAD IDEA.
crash another airliner? VERY BAD IDEA.
pass viruses and make "targets" really ill? SICK-O. "CRAZY?" That word is inadequate.
smokey addendum:
Q: "Why did someone torch a Federal Records Center in 1973?"
A:"To destroy Bob Bland's U.S. Army file."
Q: "How long have you known intelligence matters were the problem in your life?"
A: "Since Bob nodded 'yes' to a question of mine about spying from his hospital bed in 1988."


Political Motion Sickness (left-right blues)

Looks like U.K. supergroup Pink Floyd's agent has "Got it going on," because those goddamn primadonnas went to court and won over downloads. Stealing them, like all Hughes property? Oh no, the judge said you have to buy the whole EMI album, not just a song. That is control over your intellectual property, alright. Me? He was going to kill me and steal the script? Aw, bullfeathers! Fevered imaginations, because the last thing "The Producer's Idiot Nephew" said to me was, "We've gotta get moving!" Amen!

All real .gov entities should know by now I am officially and truly issuing threats. What kind of threats? Every CRPD automaton wants to know. Perchance I will toss a "Farmer in the Dell" 755 in our conveniently located creek the next time I get a "doubling" of the "Your secret code is here" e-mail, which of course you must quickly activate, before Jesus comes down on the clouds.

"They" hate my web locations that maybe work and maybe don't, because one addresses the William V issue, and the other is a "I'm really a grownup running for president" site, so isn't it predictable my "secret code" for that web blog was an inside joke that isn't private, but I will pass on making it more public--at least tonight.That is because I have insufficient funds to purchase or lease the black or white Jaguars to make a "Hughes for President" commercial. What's that total for the last quarter? $124. Not bad for a homeless Royal, and I am not George Brett.

CFO, September, 2010. I am the mother*ucking King of [*] and furious. Paragraph one on U.S. health care reform says, "...end up costing more." Hold it right there! This is indeed the Royal policeman. Why more? Okay dimwit Democrats, in paragraph four it says adult kids mooching off mom & dad while selling pot & meth are eligible up to an astounding age 26. Riding a bicycle at age 40-something? Seems I bought a 1968 yellow Chrysler Newport at age 17 with 100% earned, taxable income. I got ripped-off bad, as the vehicle (ho, ho!) leaked every fluid except...gasoline.

Get the joke, Baker Hughes? Policeman is coming for you. And yes, the Newport was the same color as you-know-who's Caddy. As for the house the same color where Howard Hughes, not dead in 76, lived until...maybe 1988, you do indeed make a left at the White Castle. What did Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have for lunch? Don't know, don't care.Here at the Mafia Center, it was "HEARTY BEEF STEW/BROCCOLI/SALAD BAR." Son, which president hated broccoli?

Who the hell is driving to Missouri?



"Hey Bud! Did you hear Hughes is hollering about the King thing, and fixin' to go to nukin'?" "Yeah, Seth, I did, so who the hell did this?"

Killers, Killers, and More Killers (yawn)

All I know about "The Mafia" is from Coppola's first Godfather movie, however, I fear putting a Bush 41 man dead in a dumpster is going to lead to more BOOM-BOOM. Already, a Pakistani leader is dead? Can't keep up with it from the Thousand Oaks "Dementia Center," but as I told a local wanderer today, it is the safest place to be, though the bum-fodder concrete is truly cold. Is it warmer in Florida? May I move back to Wisconsin? May I put a you-know-what atop my Araine rocket? They already thought of that? Bravo!

The United States Army really does not like me, and the feeling is mutual. So nice to have my own Navy and Air Force. Is that f***ing Army JAG on St. Rita Avenue in jail yet? Not yet? Guess you twits want WWIII. I will return to my Lindenwood College story on http://www.hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com/ in a minute, but first, let's settle this duel, shall we? Soldiers, you have boinked the wrong sluts, and are going to prison. Questions & comments will be handled by my future press secretary. Let's hear this in court...oh, "we" won't? No, we will not, because YOU do not want to be ridiculed, as have I, for way too long. Got nukes? Legal ones? Might use them--period.
Don't call the cops, as even they were surprised by the "V" Thing, and a big help they are not. Did you know I have a right to go to the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri and plan nuclear wars, because that is part of the job description of a position I have applied for? Open your history books, please. Seems WILLIAM IV was the last King to fire the Prime Minister, and buddy, I can do it, too. Wanna eat plutonium?
Have a shitty day,


Got No Health Care, but "We" Got An X-47B

Hey Northrup Grumman, I don't like this thing. Do you really want a 24 year-old CIA girl shooting this thing at A-rabs? Call me "sexist," if you wish, but I'd rather have a guy in a real airplane up there. Must be my DNA.

Oh, how "they" hate the journal, so let's go there! Maybe I should post something before they turn the Internet off at the Goebel Senior Adult Center, because I am here. Jesus is coming back on May 21, 2011? I won't dare miss it, as I am really a Catholic. I thought someone stole my Ralph's Turkey sandwich, but I found it. Is that good for you, spies? I can't seem to see. Got any eye drops? Hey, don't fly when you can't see. I stole an atc line for my new screenplay. Here it is:
PILOT: "We're stuck."
TOWER: "Roger."
PASSING CAPTAIN: "We'll take a look as we go by."
What does it mean? What does it mean?

10:19 a.m.
Who is driving to the courthouse? THE 8TH DISTRICT COURTHOUSE. At 11:43 a.m. we still don't know, although T[ ] came in with an update, M[ ] is wondering where the pool shooters are, G[ ] is moving on the 15th, the "PUZZLE BOY" departed shaking his meth-powered legs, and "Crazy" W[ ] opened the door b/c the floor sealant stinks--a lot. So for 4 days, we'll have a choice between FREEZING OR CANCER, b/c Cali-fornia, as I've alleged, is not part of the USA, so despite the EPA in D.C., that crap, as Jim put it, "some Mexicans" are putting on the floor will probably kill us. No? Where is Koval? We have a lunch date--when?the stacks of chairs, having been removed from "The Great Hall of Bingo," recalled the "Bill, where'd the chairs go?" story from 5300 Arsenal Street. My office. H-07. Big, institutional chair-stacking dolly. Short convo in the co-worker's office, and the squeaky, noisy, chair-rattling dolly device was "gone."
I'm deaf? No. Alternate explanations to disappearing beams? I'm listening, but I'm also talking about how it's just not E.T. That's a movie, you're all nuts, and I'm not. Who am I? What am I? I think you all know, so shut the f***up, or go to jail.
(Names omitted to protect the guilty. Last eight sentences bolded for emphasis on Soldier Boy's Internet).
Repealing the Obammycare bill before he even gets to give a State of The Union Address? I may be descended from George III, and not like the guy either, but I've got one word for that: RUDE. F***ing rude.