(301) 428-5500

I don't seem to be out "in the field," learning how these "devices" operate. Instead, I am surrounded by clumsy operators like, "Dave the Drifter," "The Big, Crusty Rodent," "Towel On Head Boy," "Puzzle Boy," etc. etc. etc.

Restore sanity or fear? Let's get it LOU REED straight, baby! Hughes seeks to restore sanity. As for fear, since January of 2001, you'll have to ask the president.
According to D-Man, I suffer from "ideas of reference," I've been doing some coke snorting, and per local tradition, since I do not die for you when poisoned, I am an extra-terrestrial being. What is wrong with Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village? Nothing wrong with me, except per the CYA Gang News Wire (CYAGNW), I am gay, I've commenced dick sucking, instead of writing a book about Dick Nixon, I refer to myself in the third person, a la Bob Dole, and I refuse to launder my dirty soldier boy green sweat pants.
Innocent on all counts, save the Bob Dole rap, and I'm not explaining to dropouts how I am grabbing a young Senator Dole's hatchet and going after you lousy U.S. Navy flunkies & fellow GOP candidates, who seem to have access to suitcase nukes, which you regularly place around me. It is the regularity of this Homeland terror procedure that has me mighty pissed-off. Just get out of your BMW and ask the local gangsters, if you dare.


Block Auditory Nerves! Aye, Aye, Captain!

Was the file name for the above photo really "ilmatto" and then some stupid numbers?
Q: "What is the only store in the humble trillionaire's "Ralph Cart Range" to open after dozens have closed in Thousand Oaks, California? (Something about a recession).
A: "A matress store."

Getting a bit "mobby?"

Is President Negro blocking the claim on what is mine? Does Hughes prefer to watch the Lakers or Clippers? The correct answer is "Clippers," and spies, it does not mean anything, save the fact I like underdogs. Me? Underdog? Mafia(s) with butts bloodied on less than $1,000 in "spare change" over the past 18 months? What if I had the capital? I'm never getting what is rightfully mine? No judicial process whatsoever? Not even a lift to the corrupt policeman's station? "What do you want?" I ask all day long, and get no mafia! mafia! answer. Would you prefer I take the device pictured above and put it in the club up top? BOOM! My Civil War 2.0 was a screenplay, but you kooks want to make it real? UPS--spyin' on me since they got my Social Security Number in 1972.

Who suggested a "summer job" at the big brown turd? My vice president! No wonder Hillary girl is looking better to Darkie #1. May I run with the elepahants and kick their asses?


"Highly Mobby"

Is that my man checking it out? Let me guess. He quit our valiant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in late 2004, during the great purge. He drove around in his camper and someone else received his red, white, and blue envelope. He waited. He knows that eventually, if Hughes cannot get from Thousand Oaks, California to Saint Louis Missouri soon, all of the suspicious packages in Yemen cannot forestall the inevitable.

"Let's go live to the White House, where a man who was shouting obscenities has been detained after hopping the fence. Burt, what can you tell us?"

"Lance, it's a man in his 50's, with long hair and a black jacket, who went over the gate at about 6 a.m. this morning shouting about a "Bloom." We don't know if that's a reference to a flower, or not. The man was also hostile to the president, but a witness walking his dog said he screamed that he was not after president Obama, it was this "bloom," what ever that means."

"Kinda crazy, isn't it Burt?"

"Well, there's a long and storied history of White House gate jumpers, and typically some type of mental illness is involved."

"Thanks for the update. Later, we'll be talking to John Travolta and Miley Cyrus about statutory rape law in California."


Quick! Call 011 41 31 324 324 0

"Bring a script" to John, said URBAN DADDY, whoever they are. How about an AK-[er, I mean an Alaska postcard]. You know, the USPS state abbrreviation for Alaska, where Sarah is trying to cover up pings from "The Hideout," right? Right! Would John McCain, piss-poor Navy pilot and suck off Anheuser Busch bum [his wife owns what?] put [REDACTED BY ROBOTS FROM KETC, CHANNEL 9] in my attic? USPS? Not "private," goin' under Homeland, baby, and here's a quick HughesQuiz: Q: "What is the new name for the Department of Homeland Security? A: "The Department of Internal Security." Q: "Will this new federal department 'set-up' Muslim emergency room doctors?" A: "No." Q: "What does the FBI do regarding "national security?" A: "Set up Muslims." Q: "Do you think this fits the criteria for entrapment?" A: "Speaking as a layperson, not an attorney, every case I've read about screams entrapment to me. Don't they have anything better to do?" Q: "Did the FBI bother you?" A: "They spied on me, and stuck a gun in my face." Q: "Oh my! Mr. Hughes, what did you do...about the gun?" A: "I always have a plan, which that day was to kick his gun into the middle of Delmar, in U. City, hoping some gangster would come along and say, "Hey free gun!"

Does anybody have an AK Forty [like North Forty Drive, where I worked at AAA...I really did, and LANCE was the 11-7 overnight dispatcher, whereas here in "T.O." Lance was.....never mind.

The state's snowplows shook the house. You know, Tony's house in New Hampshire, when I recovered my childhood memory of meeting Howard in a Chitown [Cubs suck!] hotel room. Looking out the window into the really, really bright plow lights, I said, "You guys trying to tell me something?" zzzitgrrrzuuuuscrrrrdit That's the sound of my trusty all St. Loo team of dial-up experts, who fooled Verizon into letting me actually use my own computer to participate in what I call "America's Blogging Sensation." Do you really hate the government? Want to see some big boobs? C'mon, Soldier Boy won't kill you, as the internet is Al Gore's dream, a place to express yourse...[BANG-BANG-WHUMP] Excuse me, I seem to be shot. Rachel! Call 911, please!

Now, this is more like it. London, England, a fallen princess, and no such thing as non-alcohol stout? Mafia! Mafia! May I have a pint [with alcohol] and marry Royal? No? You oily little greaseballs don't get a penny! Not one.


What the hell is all of that stuff that fell down in the desert?
I don't know. We'd better call Hughes.
Good! Good plan--Hughes will clean that crap up, then we'll say he's crazy!

Like "Karnac the Magnificent," eh girls? I've got a CA Lotto ticket too, and e-mail 'a comin' on the winning numbers. Don't you know I'd return from Missouri to find the lady who gave me the ticket if it won? Scoundrels! Sociopaths! Drunks! Cokeheads! Potheads! You talkin' about my political "base?" Palin, why don't you shut the f*** up!

During a break from the nearby Truman Presidential Library, could "we" locate the one on the left? It's just like the Spuds KcKenzie girl I investigated for civil commitment, then found on U-Tube. She indeed was the girl dancing with Spuds on the left.

I was told I'm "Hanging on by threads" by someone who must have studied psychology, then it appeared the KC mini L-berg mafia swung into action with an event called "Bingo for Boobies" to help with breast cancer I can cure, once the gates of the "HHMI" are breached by its rightful owner/bossman/writer guy/candidate for president. Unlike Hughes Network Systems, LLC where I freely roamed near the grounds, I figured Hughes Medical was good for its double-digit billion dollar endowment and a demolition team, so why bother "skulking" around there? Want the punch line? In Thousand Oaks, California, it's just "Bingo for Boobs," and there's nothing charitable about it.

I hear Roswell, New Mexico is becoming quite the tourist trap. JOHN MACK's passing was noted at 11019 #109, because I did wonder why the ex was tanned like a goddess and hiking in New Mexico, of all places. True! And, don't you know the nuns were at it again by rigging my 5th Grade almost the whole letter grade project on a state in the USA. Mine? Procrastinator like Howard I am, so the bottom of the barrel yielded <gasp> New Mexico. And, Mr. President Negro, who stole my hard work, even back then? Ring-up you know who on your Blackberry and find out, please.

Up all night were me & me mum, cutting & pasting. That, and a crinminal USAF guy sponsoring Scott AFB "pot luck(s)"are the reasons I don't like National Geographic too much. Upper middle classes had that mag on their shelves, and were given oil companies, whereas poor CEH was lucky to have the Globe Democrat and Post Dispatch delivered to the door. Did I really look at my parents' tax records? You bet I did! How about "bug" their bedroom? Yes sir, General Dickhead! And I'm not the real one? Try a job and a direct deposit instead of money laundering, duffel bags full of 100's, and extortion. Or, is that extort, then you get the bag of cash? Ask Mitt Romney, as I would not know.

Who sold us that house? A "Mr. Riggs?" On what streeet, "Puzzle Boy?" HINT: She was Hungarian, the big hit was "Lay Down," and in the EU, son, they do move the borders occasionally, such that grandma's home town used to be in Austria, but now it's Hungary, becasue I got A's in geography, so I can read a map. Odd it is, that Soldier Boy's Internet maps do not seem to feature my "heritage," but my atlas in the seized <skip, skip, skip> PENSKE truck does.

Papa had me looking up what? Ellis Island data, and now I'm supposed to think an "Ellis" employed by a retiring U.S. Senator is going to come to my aid? Look out! Hit the deck! Flyin' saucer! Flyin' triangle! What's her first name? Same as the do-nothing case manager at BJC Behavioral Health who sat between my cubicle and the photocopier. No, I was not copying my book manuscript they should have been proud of, Shame of the Sane, on company toner. "Bill," was a better community mental health worker than sliced Wonder Bread, but what was that new bosses' name? Same as a county prosecutor?

Oh Lord! Then I went "downtown," and was not the boss, again? Who was? A dick "Tracey?" She did not know what she was doing, but don't we all love the boss who freely admits it? I helped as best I could, and was never put in the "Gilbert Detention Center," a very small room where the workers were sent if they were too busy spying to provide much documentation on our mentally ill clients. Did they really put a ledge-jumper out there, and what did I say? "I'm too busy for that shit," and I stand by my statement. The St.L firemen dutifully came up the steps when it got worse, and I recall saying, "What the f*** is wrong with that case manager to where she can't get the damn client off our ledge? I'm getting the f*** out of here."

Then, as I departed, what did it look like on the outer stairwell?

A lot like the NYC Firemen going up the steps of the WTC, as featured on BBC News.

Firemen? What firemen?


A Jet Fighter In Every Driveway, Chicken In Every Pot

We've got our own United Nations our here in Arnoldland, Hillary, so this is Hughes reporting in. Yesterday a Chinese man ran up my back, as they tend to do in Thousand Oaks, and since I am not going to prison for anything, including threatening to overtoss the you know what, here is what took place.

I just got back from China!

Peoples Repbublic of, or Taiwan?

Republic of.

What's the big problem with Taiwan?

We want it back.

They don't want that. You can't do that.
The Chinese Guy shrugged his soulders and went behind the "information counter" of the senior center, perhaps to get some more information, or share tales of his spyin' in China. I guess that is why everyone in Taiwan has a warplane in the driveway. It's kind of like the ongoing HUGHES TOOL COMPANY v. MELLON BANK feud, now d.b.a. Bank of New York.


Free Screenplays! No Fees Will Be Charged! Are Yous Nuts? I'm Not.

"They" want to know everything, so LC Lions, let's give 'em some more hell, and worthless, very public information. Such as the fact grandma moved to MINNESOTA STREET after, as my late step-grandfather put it, "Some [n-word] broke in the house." Now, major airline pilots cannot find Minneapolis (something about working on their laptops), and the FAA has blamed trouble in the tower for a recent Minnesota near-miss. If I get my turn to be POTUS, when the .gov's all scream, "He can't do that!" what is the one term reply? PATCO, PATCO, PATCO. Oh my, I wrote it three times, but seriously, don't waste money on expensive D.C. attorneys, when a "potential" President Hughes hollers, "You're fired!"

As Disney, News Corp., Cablevision, and my own DirecTV squabble as "content providers" and way too expensive digital mind controllers, good guy Mr. Hughes is about to give up more intellectual property for free, because I'm (not) a secret society communist. I'm aware of the deal. Howard had to buy his own casino, so I have to buy my own studio. May I depart California now? (I'll be back). May I run for president now?
May I use a bathroom/restroom regularly as I work on hughes screenplay #9? Oh my God! The White House has been abandoned, like On The Beach! Can you see the old newspapers & hot dog wrappers blowing near Mafia Man's big Panavision camera? A tumbleweed perhaps, in honor of Bush 43? Where's bad girl First Lady WINONA? She's in Ecuador with the president's ex-Marine National Security Advisor, "Bob." The president? Nothing much going on, as he's been locked in "The Hole," an imaginary place that was very real during that darn Cold War, where...oops!...don't 'ya hate it when the air above is poisoned, FEMA forgot to pack enough food, and the Secret Service is looking at fat aides thinking about cannibalism. RITA? She did her cameo in #8, and now she's (don't we all hate spies?) got to save the world against her better DNI/CTC judgement.
Excuse me, I know you'd all rather see a big-screen version of Gilligan's Island.
From Pg. 88
Uh, like two shuttles full of em.
Tack jumps, frightened.
Washington is a high crime area, isn't it?
Tack regains his composure as the siren WAILS.
You're an asshole. Bottom-line it, please.
Dead astronauts. That's your first clue. Dead astronauts.
Stanley Kubrick I am not, but 12,000 films in production and.....


Nazi Nation! I Can Say "No," Too! (c) 2010

Me? A "monster," Ralph? Put the whole family in prison; it's a Royal thing.

Let's get it LOU REED, NYC straight! The following exchange took place in about 1965, so it does not mean what you California Mafia/Rich Kid Spy Idiots think it means:

WCH: "Why did you get rid of the black car?" [Lincoln Continental]

CEH: "I didn't like it."

screenplay lines about dead astronauts tomorrow, cuckoo-birds.

Good Night.

Pass Out, Don't Pass Away

What did I just tell The Economist under my nom de plume of "Hgoose?" Oh, that's right, Google won't cut & paste on my screen, but Yahoo will, so go look for yourself. What does that mean? What does that mean? The article is about troubles with doing business In North Korea, former "Axis of Evil" member. Did some old spook say the "young ones" are doing a "tremendous job?" Without illegalities? Aren't we "special?" Flying to Pyongyang on an old Russian aircraft? As in Cali-fornia, pass the puke bag.

Oh, I'd love to post as fast as Soldier Boy and Mafia(s) can play on their translucent heads-up screens and cloud computers, but I already wrote something days ago. May I type it now? May I urinate on porcelain? Thanks.

Did I save an H-Series Saint Louis Federal Reserve Note (not counterfeit) with rather obvious "number code" directed at me? Yes, CA spooks, stalkers, and external locus of control automatons, the real life Secret Service does care about me, but not because I threatened anybody, and not because I'm running for president (way too early), it is because of THE MONEY. We're talkin' big oil & aerospace money, you little turd. This is "Daddy Warbucks," and to quote a local wise-ass, "They either want to f### you, or kill you." Thanks, like I did not already know that.

Is gay sex legal or not? Is pot legal or not? Is the budget balanced or not? I'm running for governor, but not on hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com, because as I predicted to myself, it took half the time to make the damn blog work right. May I read Prop. 25 in its entirety? Hey Whitman, may I buy HP and dump all the computers in the Pacific Ocean? No? Little liberal pet fishies will be harmed? There's mercury in the motherboard? Who gives a rat's ass, when the whole 1947 National Security Act rationale was to, put bluntly, kill people and get away with it. Oh yeah, that means "U.S. Persons" in their scrubby-bubble Main Street homes as well.

Another T.O. Q&A:
H: "Why do these people rattle keys in your ears?"
B: "They're trying to drive you nuts."
TRUTH! Amazing! Awesome!
Mafia! Mafia! Dropping little balls on the counter? Dropping coins on the floor? Trying to get at something without speaking the King's English? IT WILL NOT WORK, AND SINCE LATE JUNE, 2010, AFTER COMPLETING hughes screenplay #8, I'VE BEEN MERELY WASTING TIME, AND WILL NOT TOLERATE IT ANY MORE.

Who's going to jail?!!!!! You CA Cuckoo-Birds have heard it with your little extra-perceptual ears for long enough, and don't you all think it is "cute" that the black & white cop car is still worthy of running from, if you have a need to scram when the policeman draws near. Uh huh. Meet WILLIAM V. Meet The Royal Policeman. Spy? Are you nuts? This is Dollar Bill, motherf~~~er! I LEAD>>>YOU FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF MY WAY.

You, whatever your real name is, do not want to live like me. Stock prices on Yahoo? The closing price is different every time. What plane crashed in November, 2001? Where did it crash? William had differnt news on BBC, for real. How about that post-man made hurricane police shooting in New Orleans? My HP computer's version = 12 dead, no consequences. The Economist said, in 2010, 2 dead and many rotten cops headed to prison. What a difference a few years makes!

Color Kooks! Did you know our/your U.S. Navy resisted the use of radios for a long time and navigated fleets using muticolored flags? Who told me that? THE GUY WHO RAN MY AIRCRAFT COMPANY! What was Howard doing? Wouldn't you like to know, man married to a man cock-ucker! Doggie Poop Scoopers! "They" murdered my Aunt Doris, an avid dog walking, dog breeding, dog showing girl. Why? No "shit" in my head, but I can hear it now: "You can't let Bill be running around with a bunch of spy sluts, and not tell him a damn thing! Tell him something, before he gets his ass killed!

Oh, so you are all so Mafia, and you are not getting "greased?" Never? Never ever? What was one of my slogans in New Hampshire, where I'm not allowed to run for president again? We'll see about that, cheap drug racket jackasses. Says who? SLOGAN: "The man who thinks he's never going in the hole, is the next one in line." Think about it, rich crime dogs. They killed your dog? Not you, at least. My new category of Californian? Meet the "Brain-Jacked Zombie," and this is not a movie.

brief addendum: As for an old docudrama "starring" me--CAUGHT!--flying a DC-10 that crashed with all aboard dead, "we" will get to it. And you? You lousy, gay, gawking, sinky little two-bit stalker.....[INSERT A MOE HOWARD LINE FROM YOUR FAVORITE SHOW, The Three Stooges]


Red! Nobody Home!

A "royal" clue from 1976? Spygirls go to prison--no exceptions, right Hollywood part-timers? Right! BTW, when does Lohan get out? For real? Eight feet apart, and don't ask about the Disney girls, due to "pending litigation," but I will ask, "Where's the security cam video?" You see, I can file a lawsuit, and what do I want? The "T&A" division of Disney at the movies. No? See you in court, Walt.

The entire WorldWideSpook-a-Thon awaits my explanation for the title to this piece. Meantime, I told www.ic3.gov, but I guess unless it it involves money, they won't arrest spoiled rich bisexual kids with rags on their heads for hacking computers. Welcome to the Hughes Administration, where someday the policeman will pull-up with and extra junior college class or two under his or her belt, the right gear in the car, and your hackin'/spyin' neighbor will be arrested on the spot. Oh, and they all know now my favorite soda pop is DR. PEPPER, not because it was/is "so misunderstood," but rather due to the fact it is not cola, root beer, or lemon lime. May my all-new Justice Department interview the "CIA Hippie" @ that NH Cumberland Farms store about how one mere Sprite would fix my poisonings. No, I am not a "vampire," I know what you are trying to do, and consequently: a) I did not breathe much of it; or b) I did not drink much of it. The CIA Hippie was unfazed by most of the "Presidential Primary, Hughes is being 'framed' again fun," but for the record, he did come out and stand with his hands on his hips and look concerned when a coked-up Army boy buying beer was threatening me. We squared-off as Col. Nutt ranted about what spygirls eat for dinner, when I am dumb enough to pick up the tab. A muttering of "What the f--- is wrong with you?" was all I could get out as he ranted about "babies," then hopped in the car and took off with the enlisted men looking embarassed in the back seat. Son, you don't want to be me. No, you don't.

What did grandma say as I ate many of these burgers at age 5 or 6? "You've got a hole in your leg." May I run for president? Then, you can try to put a hole in my head, but not before that time, please. A movie called White Palace? What a "coincidence" it was filmed at [REDACTED by "Duchess the Dog"] and I was not invited to the set? Oh, I get it, because that was the guy who also stored the big, green, very old [REDACTED my HILLBILLY HORSESHOE PITCHERS]
I won't win New Hampshire? ATTENTION ALL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES! You must know your old S.W. Bell St.L phone exchanges. You must know your suburban St.L geography.
You must know, as do I, the behavior of "Good Old Boys" in Jefferson City. You must know Bill Gardner, like me. And, you must know the location of every DUNKIN' DONUT shop in New Hampshire. Now, get to work!

brief addendum: In the misty future, when you change the word "shop" to "shot," you might get shot by me, with my already famous among robo-spies Presidential Black Powder Pistol, which I will shoot at the wall when I want, then ring-up the maintenance staff to say, "I'm pissed at Congress...come patch the hole." Are they on the park benches in England, reading the paper, acting like nothing is going on, then one lowers the paper and says to the other, "It's happening, again."

Hot Rats/Steaming Rubbish

Once More: "Prince of Wales, So In Jail!"

Never enough time, so you all know where this came from. Is there a God? Look at that OG Cover, and USPS spies, how long did Mrs. Hughes and I subscribe? Free? Did you say "free?" You talkin' to me? May I purchase a natural right, please?

9:23 a.m.
Spent 9:15 - 9:23 saying "pen cap" over & over b/c it seemed to "disappear"-- the BLUE ONE, natch. D[ ] has nicknamed B[ ] "Vulture Boy," over the behavior toward [A ] the girl who is either: A) Dissociative from trauma; B) Schizophrenia, Catatonic Type; C) Depressed; D) Loaded-up on meds; E) An actress. She's maybe a ride home on the "James Theory" meaning we DRIVE to MPC and get her a quickie appmt. with BJCBH. Spies may be surprised to see BJC/Downtown is the very first thing I'm doing on your blasted computer.

Dead in Go-Bell? B[ ] threatened my life with 2 witnesses 2x and NO ONE MOVED A MUSCLE. DAVE THE DRIFTER curses loud, tosses O.J. containers across the room & NO ONE EVEN TWITCHES. Dead body on the floor? TO THE COMPOST HEAP!
10:24 a.m.
#1 Crappy Hollyscummywood Flick = Paramount Paranormal
#2 Paramount Jackasses in 3D
#3 "Summit" is "Red?"
#4 What's up doc? WB is all "supernatural" with Clint?

May I have a rational conversation, please? For example: Where did the black Poker Player go who raised his hand when I said, from a different room, "You guys were plotting to kill Obama, weren't you?" Into the steaming compost heap, perhaps? Not right! Not legal, even in CA.


#1? How About Some Cold, Hard, Cash?

I like a good United States Intelligence Community head-choppin' video as well as the next guy, but you don't have to leave them by the ditch in which I slept. Or, do you, for some reason that escapes me? Now, it's kitty photos on a CD-R. How dare I think "they" would fail to fill-up the pits (on the CD) so I cannot "burn" NASA on all of their lying regarding U.S. space program "disasters." The photo above was the only non-kitty photo on the disc, and surely it means the space aliens are coming, right Cali-fornia?

That's an old astronaut, from back when we were trying to go somewhere. What's that HUGHES AEROSPACE slogan someone already stole? "Going Places."Airline? What airline? Please don't steal, "Bums Fly Free," or like Disney Corp. I shall be forced to protect it with an "R," or "TM," or a pack of Pit Bulls.

No drug counselor job yet on the local Rabbi's grant money, but at least a kid from the temple flashed the #1 sign.

Wet Socks to Moon Rocks + Baker Hughes

Care to go for a drive? Better than Hepburn jumping off Howard's wing, I'd say.

Who are all of those foreigners being allowed aboard my Space Shuttle? What are you Nazis doing on that damn ISS? They are nothing like the guy pictured above. I don't own Boeing? Let's go to court and see. Homework? Helicopters "gone" in 1983. Aircraft company "gone" in 1985. Satellites (ouch!) "gone" in 1987. Missiles "gone" in 1997. What's that cloud of red mist? It's another Mafia Man "gone." To paraphrase one of my helpers, "I've got drones and shit." Would you like a missile from the old "Hughes Family of Missiles" up your ass? Excuse me, I'm becoaming "grandiose," as I must get elected president before ordering your worthless, cocaine-peddling hide blown to kingdom come.

The what report? McDivitt? Like when you are not doing so well at...golf? Should I be murdered by a Cuckoo-Bird over the 10/23 & 10/24/2010 weekend, for homeless transgressions like talking to your supposed girlfriend, moving your homeless "stuff," or bucking the seniority program of, "I was [homeless] here first, been nice knowing you," and yes, it is nice knowing my alleged fact there has been no loss of life on the USA's Space Shuttle. Where are the 14 not dead astronauts? On the Master Race International Space Station? Could it maybe fall down like Skylab? Tell John & Karen I will not miss the party celebrating its "de-orbit" this time.

See hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com when I have time to post the details. Meanwhile, may I defecate indoors? May I patronize Starbucks and look as normal as possible?Will you all leave me the f--- alone, or plan on a fabulous "vacation" to Saint Louis, Missouri. Girls, we shall go to the top of the Gateway Arch, and lunch at Cunetto's is eminently affordable. Free brewery tour? I don't drink, but why not try to get trashed on AB's tax write-off?

How are you all watching what I am doing on this "Farmer in the DELL" 755 computer @ 3:08 Pacific Time on 10.23.10? Why does the UPS fax machine date & time my faxes wrong? Why does the Word Press blog post the wrong date & time? Still chasing after time machines and space aliens? "They don't talk too much" is my continual editorial about Thousand Oaks, California. May I fire everyone at the United States Departmen tof Justice (cafeteria workers, maintenance people, & driver's, too) if I "occupy" the White House? May I bomb coca-producing states if I make president? Many, many, questions remain unanswered, like who will dare take me into their home to make the upcoming BAKER HUGHES conference call? Yes, I've got an invitation to my own oil company's tele-meeting. How nice! Al Gore and that hillbilly crook Bill Clinton said we would not have to drive to work anymore. Something about working from home, or "tele-commuting." This thought makes me want my computer with WINDOWS 95 back from "The Mob," as seen on TV, after I tell Baker Hughes, "This is the founder's great-grandson, William Charles Hughes." Will Officer Friendly ever help? Only in MO, I'm afraid. Guuurl, who's driving (fast)?

Clean Sweep

This is supposed to be the humorous blog, but it is just not funny when: 1) It rains for eight (8) straight days in not so sunny Southern California, so I starve & die, because I will no longer "get wet," as an improbable homeless person, and we are not talking "spy talk"; 2) The NASA Nazis, if you can believe this, truncated the files of APOLLO 13 reports, because I am not allowed to write, not "burn," a disc with them on it, and oh don't the spies love that CD "burner?"; 3) The "farmer in the Dell" computer acts kind of funny when you/me have dirt on NASA, and it's right in the reports (Jim McDivitt, I'd watch your back, but he probably already knows this. Brigadier General McDivitt is a former astronaut, I feel compelled to explain to California potheads & tweakers.); 4) Google has added new procedures to get on this blog, but don't panic William V, you and your little blog are not "history" yet (in any sense, right totalitarian space cadets? Right!); 5) Golly, "gravity boys," I really have to pee.

Look at that heap of trash! may I effect a "cleanup," in more ways than one.


Jane: Only A Jeff Starship Tune

Well, well, well. Jane, Mark Lane, and why do I know way too many people named Turner? "Me Tarzan, girls go to the hoosgow." They don't serve it up on a silver platter, despite the Royal bit; it's more like a plastic tray at your local "Department of Justice Services." Where's KAREN COTTON when I need her? So in jail, they are! TERESA GERDING? Where's that little "I got new teeth by spying on Hughes" slut? Am I violating the GOOGLE service agreement? No! Because these are aliases, and this is not a damn TV show!

D.O.J.....So fired!

[Time of the bureaucratic bloodbath t.b.a. after I am allowed out of Thousand Oaks to campaign for president like a grown-up]

Pretty Poisons

This is the pretty version.

This is the ugly version. Did you drop-out of Middle School? Sorry, I refuse to explain myself to spoiled little neo-Nazi brats.
Surrounded by nutcases, let's go to the notebook you all hate, like I dislike OLIVER NORTH'S coke bookie book. (It's "classified? Not for much longer).
Thanks to jewishvirtuallibrary.org for the creepy Nazi photos.
1:05 p.m.
S[ ] and I already talked without talking. It's a first with T.O. communication where the signing is at me, the verbal convo with someone else. We agreed I'd write down needs & talk more on Tues. if she's attending. This is now really urgent. I need trans with no money. Bank account [REDACTED BY BEAMS FROM FLYING TRIANGLES] Need T.S. loaner car, and where's 240SX?
10:59 a.m.
TOTALLY NUTS @ GO-BELL. 1) No Jim, no Alan, so the "great wall" was open & they all acted helpless. 2) KEN/NICK/KENT was perched like a rodent and hears me through extra-perceptual means. 3) Ben & I tried to shut the "great wall." 4) Hughes investigated & found it is motorized & needs a key so RICK TANAKA was summoned. 5) The great wall was closed. 6) PERUVIAN MAN is hovering like a rodent b/c I will starve if it keeps raining rather than ask anything of rather obvious stalkers. 7) KEN/NICK/KENT wanted to know how I stay dry, per Ben. 8) Brad has apppeared eating. 9) Frank The Shoeman is currently discussing (11:05) matters with Ben. Told Frank & Ben of TWA Flight Crew chit-chats. Drama! Drama! [pre-post note: You can't do my airline passenger on the flight deck talking even prior to 9/11. And, what did I say when offered the "jump seat?" "Nah, I don't like flying." My Kingdom for the time machine Mafia thinks a Hughes company developed!]
9:19 a.m.
I have simplified my interaction with S[ ], if she shows, by planning to give homework assignments + target date of [REDACTED BY ONE OF JOHN BOLTON"S FAVORITE SPY-HOOKERS] to depart. Need a week more? [REDACTED BY--OUCH--WHO MAKES BODY PAIN REMOTELY?] Sooner or later, I've got to call CHP and say, "To Arizona, sir." Then, 9-1-1 on a pay phone, and it's, "To New Mexico, sir," because I am not staying here, but....."I'll be back." S[ ] will read-up on HUGHES TOOL CO. & HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. & HUGHES AIR WEST, which I just found out this a.m. was sold to REPUBLIC AIRLINES, the major carrier out of Madison, WI 1980-1983, and what was their logo? A damn goose, or some kind of kooky bird. Has Obama, as #44 holding the bag resigned yet? Not yet?

Pens, Pens, and More Pens: Got a Dollar? How About a Euro?

Space Aliens shut down missilie silos? Were they sent by the GAO? (that's a political joke, son)

This was to be the second pic, but it "disappeared," just like downloads of RAF reports on <gasp> UFO's were blocked. Could you grow up? Get a job? I'm running for president, you little turd. What are all of the UFO sightings and testimonials of late about? KEEP HUGHES FROM HIS CASH. THAT'S IT...THAT'S ALL. And, how long have I been waiting for the "Space Alien and Sedition Act of 2011?" Maybe O-BAM-A is an E.T., and a "cover-up" has been effected, because I can't figure out how his black ass got there, but join me on the "other blog" as I defend him (again), because I am <gasp> honest and fair. What did the retired police officer say about my intent to run for president and be honest all of the time? ""You're gonna get your ass killed." Maybe; that's where I/we cry out, "Oil of Olay!"

So, per Yahoo! the Nazi-infested Secret Service almost shot LBJ right after they shot JFK. Interesting, but irrelevant. When did I look at a grainy Dealey Plaza photo? <your cough, cough does not help, sir. Only money helps run for political office> 2006? 2007? Are you all nuts? Hypnotized? Under what I call "External Locus of Control? If I had an inclination to be scared, I would be, because this is not a movie. What was the Dean's name? Delaney! Uh, huh. And, what did I do? Head the student government? He can't do that! Numb a hyperlink! Hack Windows XP to bits! Close the Microsoft window prematurely! Get in a time machine? Numbnuts, it was 1976-1977, and you can't change it, but you probably stole the gold plaque on the other Commander in Classrooms job of <gasp> president!? Of what? He can't do that! Stop him! Stop him! Again, dummy, it was 1972-1973. Furry Freudian animal kids, when do I find out who had a bad hangover and called-in "sick" on Kennedy's Secret Service detail? I've got to get elected to what? Transition Period? There would be none--not one word until I'm in charge, and baby, then the shit would fly.

He Said/She Said

What do "they" say amid Thousand Oaks, California's 25% real unemployment rate? "The riots are coming." Civil disorder has already arrived in France, but they are merely spoiled socialist coneheads. What of "real men" in America? Drink beer, talk trash, and Mr. Hughes knows the drill all too well. May I campaign now? May I build an oil refinery, please?

I said, in 2002, "NPR is nothing but a bunch of spies! They purged all of the real reporters long ago!" And now, Mr. "Cut 'em Off" Williams has been fired for agreeing with O'Reilly on towel heads posing a poor fashion statement, if not real danger? Mexican? Iranian? The word is ASSIMILATE, and some do it well enough to screeeeech.....spy? On us? Right here? I'm e-mailing my right-wing Congressman immediately! Lovie, the nerve of them! Spying, you say? What's Hillary's address?


With Jam

I have no brother. That said, why was a certain person very disappointed with me for switching my major to Political Science from Communication Arts? The local on SSI in California part-time ump said my highly successful pickoff move was not a balk after all, and he may be "fair and balanced," about that, at least. No career in MLB? I'm ready for war over that alone! Effective junk pitches in Jr. High? Oh, the humanity!
I could have been a contender in the bigs, and now I can't do a damn thing except get stalked by people I call "E.T. Chaser's" and "X-File Cigarette Smokers?" Why, oh why, did I report my one and only real UFO sighting (U.S. Army drones don't count, soldier. BTW, have you heard West Point is closing?) Did I really need my RAF to clock the object at 12,000 mph, not my slower guesstimate? USAF, I'm taking your collective head off on the "other" blog as fast as I can get to it. And, what does tbs know about all of this? What happened to that "Ted Turner" anal orifice? Where is he hiding? May my future bodyguards make an appointment to fight with his?


What would you do if you were, at a minimum, probably the Duke of Clarence? Find out if Big Ben would fall down like the WTC Towers? As Jack Benny famously said, "I'm thinking it over."

What is Urban Daddy? What is reality? May I get into a courtroom, absolutely, positively sane, and say, "Yes, they could put the great Pyamids of Egypt in your backyard, but it is not real." And, who are "they?" Who streamed in to the USA after World War II? Nazi rocket scientists who did not behave themselves, now did they? No? See you in court, Paramount, Disney, Universal, MGM, and Sony. Did I leave anyone out? Is the hooking of a shapely leg around the poor male dolt's leg fraught with spy "meaning?" I fear it is, and I don't give a rat's ass, although it happened to me. How? I was thinking about how the "bitch's" I.D. photo did not match the person in front of me. One gin & tonic and I'm an alcoholic? Again?

F*** "Dark Side" Spies

Hughes no can do? What's wrong with you people?

Can't wait, you f###ing idiots!


See my e-mail text to the NARA on:


Meantime, tell Gardner I almost want the "Tasker Boys" & NH knuckleheads back.


Boats? What Boats?

Alright Nazi kooks, let's be humorous once more with an "Old Man Hughes" story:
Q: "Where was Hughes when Anita raised her hand?"
A: "In a luxury hotel suite with certain high level state bureaucrats. I refuse, on the advice of my invisible attorney, to disclose the state."
Q: "What were you thinking at the time, Mr. Hughes?"
A: "Many things, like what are all of those boats doing out on the lake with people looking up at our luxury suite? Why is there not so bad soft porn on the cable TV? Why did the lady I drove to the conference have some sort of 'breakdown' and get carted away by the local mental health authorities, policeman, fireman, etcetera."
Q: "What did you say to these state bureaucrats?"
A: "I said their mental health system is a fraud. There is no choice, no one gets measurably better, the drugs have many side-effects, ECT (electro convulsive therapy) is like torture, etcetera. Basically, I sounded like a damn scientologist, only I had no money and was living with my father at the time."
Q: "Why were you living with your dad?"
A: "I could not find a damn job."
Q: Where did you try to get a job?"
A: "Thought I had one with BBB, got one with AAA. It was an inside joke, I believe."
Q: "What were the bureaucrats doing at the conference?"
A: "Drinking beer and having sex with each other."
Q: "Was this practice ever halted?"
A: "No, they do it every year."
Q: "Mr. Hughes, what state are we talking about? This is outrageous!"
A: "Pardon me, while I whisper to my invisible attorney....."
[whisper, whisper]
A.2: "We've decided on a bold strategy, like asking why the fictional PENSKE employee who was supposed to return my property to me was named "Hill," as was Anita Hill, the lady who snitched on Clarence Thomas, that old letch. In Bush 41 times, no one cared, did they? I had a Jewish professor named "Hill" as well. The professor in The Music Man is named "Hill," too, if memory serves me well. And, by the way, why has half of Ventura County, California taken the name "Williams" in honor of my political science professor at Lindenwood? What the hell was going on in Williams, California? The polar bear bar had already burned down by the time I got there--this is a fact. However, the Plano, Texas guys did try to abduct me with an aluuminum ladder; not smart, because I woke up and...
"OBJECTION! OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! Mr. Hughes is daring to put ex presidents of the United States behind bars!"


Hey National Socialists!

Hey Nazi girls who look like neo-hippies, let's knock the homeless trillionaire's plastic off his at least not stolen backpack! Want my SPRUCE GOOSE in the park pictured above, or RUSSIAN tanks in Berlin (again)? Burn down Paris? Smelly Frenchies, why don't you bathe more often--I don't have an Aimee Mann choice in the matter.

Green Goose/Redcoats

God save the Queen! God help me without Wikipedia. Hughes Airwest became Republic, and there's a goose on the plane? Mafia! Mafia! You f---ing ass--les! Home? I am now referring to that location as the "place of my birth" (I think). May I open my own movie studio in Nashville? As for Cali-fornia, "I'll be back," and who said that on the Hollyscummyworld screen? Arnold! Is he in jail yet? Not yet?
Best blog piece on this site thus far? "F*** the FAA," posted on 10.06.10. Sorry, though it is my own material, I giggle every time on the "Can you get a damn towtruck out here? These people are pissed" line. Why do aircraft fly over my head all night? They are lost? Computer problems? Weather? Seagulls in the engine? Howard's "mystical" powers? The FAA is mindf---ing me?
A GOP U.S. Senate candidate is unfamiliar with the First Amendment? Hobbes! Locke! Rousseau! Voltaire! Madison! Adams! Smith! Marx! Schumpeter! F---ing Plato, too! How about William IV? They are rolling over in their graves! May I debate someone/anyone? Houston, that's not a problem? Why were they so incognito in Kennebunkport? Would I get out and take a digital photo of the exit sign? No way! Just like the CIA exit. Turn right, you're at Langley. Turn left, and c'mon over to my place. Me? Take a photo of that? I'm still alive, am I not?


Those troops, judging from BBC video, don't play. Too bad I see big boys who look just like them in Ventura County, California, but then again, I am the real one.
President Carter with a GEORGE W. BUSH look alike? Bad joke, Jimmy, as was your comment about Palestinians in "cages." Let's free the Ventura County's homeless first, shall we? I feel like I'm running a damn underground railroad of sorts. "Down with the ship" the relatives told this toddler Admiral, and I remembered!

One-third of French gas stations closed by some type of labor unrest? Did I spend a night at a closed A-frame restaurant (not IHOP, spies) in 1979, and was late for work; right Bob? What was the problem? a) Small Fiat gas tank; b) Dudley Doright fuelishly passed-up the Columbia, MO Shell station; c) Fake Carternomics "gas shortage." Oh! Did the girlfriend & future spouse bitch! All night long, fellahs! Wild in the Streets I'm not. May I travel to Saint Louis, Missouri, please? Do I need a passport and Visa? Maybe I'll ask one of California's many Mexicans.



I am not responsible for this one! Ask President Negro! He's got the real "scoop" on his Blackberry. He doesn't? Don't tell me that! May I run for president please?