Me? Catch the PAN AM 103 bomber in one hour or less? This ain't pizza delivery, son. Clues? Why want my opinion on high finance carrying the same last name as one of the suspects? NO MORE BLOGGING (solve acts of terrorism for free? I would be "nuts" if I continued with that). Instead, let us chat on Facebook & My Space. And, BTW, where is the crashed into Lockerbie Captain's son who flew for the Navy? His "Miller Time" T-shirt had a photo on it like the one above. (It's another clue, Ding-Dong).


War On Organized Religion (killing out of the church? CAUGHT!!!)

What was "Action Jackson" doing on a Google search page about Howard Hughes?

I have no idea, and I'm HH's grandson.

Why the constant need for Carmex or ChapStick in California, a place I have renamed, drumroll, please, CHINAFORNIA?

Is any story going to be short? I promise not to tell them over and over again, like Charlie. Jill will stomp on my right foot.

FUTURE POLITICAL CONSULTANTS: "Why did you put that on the old blog? We're trying to go magnum-viral here."


Don't think so...is RAYTHEON ready to take my call?

not yet?