Play, Play, Play on the Computer All Day

Ollie, why do I blog? It's an attachment to a court document someday, because I don't think many see it, but your ass is going to jail when I get out of 1000 Oaks, buddy. For anyone who may see this blog, North was not permitted to snoop on me at the Truman Presidential Library "under cover" of, I suppose, being the "not talented talent" for a TV special. His cocaine shipment tracking notebook is still "classified" under our incompetent police state Negro POTUS. Maybe I should sell the shit if drug dealing is "classified." Oh, that's right, I don't work for the government. Not yet.


a). It's the Captain; b). It's St.L HQ Big Mac Avionics; c). It's 1979 External e-Hijacking

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Let us instead ask why many of the airplanes depicted above sat on...e gads, Lovie! Airport Road? Very near the fence, as Hughes muttered to the inevitable "bugs" in his car, something like, "Jeez, if I were a terrorist, and knew how to fire one up, I'd....." Gosh, that was in Berkeley, Missouri--plus, I now believe when I woke-up in Clayton, Missouri thinking, "That's a cargo plane, would you be troubled by gaining some altitude, and I guess I'll take a pee while the windows shake, and..." Did I mention a relative of mine flies those? You did not know that? Too bad for you, killer spy! And, way out West here, it was like this. "Hey, there's a UPS full-timer. He's got a nice pickup truck. How's work going!?

The man yelled out his window ("T.O."tradition).

"It sucks!"

Rob Addendum:

We now move to the "other blog" where I can post my bad punchline of, "This does, too," as somehow, people with cameras at the ready were ready in San Diego & Chicago to snap photos of airliners going down, like your nutty asses when I get elcected or [ ] Obama. Oh, BTW, ca kooks & fruitcakes, today's title refers to the AA 191 crash, which I am studying carefully. Don't force me to "Call the cops," because I am quite sure they will arrest YOU, not me. Why would they bother me, freak?