CIA Turnstiles: From I-270, L. to Hughes Network, R. to Langley

May 6, 2006. "One of those mysteries," eh?
May 11, 2010. No mystery at all. Not any more.

May I give a speech on the Mind Control Screen prior to my assassination? I did form a political committee callled People for the Real Deal, and it had nothing to do with illegal drugs.

Really, it didn't, but the kids are not alright, Porter. Deny it all you want, buddy, but they are not. Using heroin and cocaine with mom & dad at age 12? 13? We didn't do that in the 1970's ass####.


The Atlanta Braves are 0-9? Why did TED TURNER dump Jane and CNN? What the hell was that "chop" business in the 1980's? Want a "cut," eh? Go to hell! A Cardinal rookie was quoted after his first homer in the bigs as saying something about "two cents in?" You'll have to "Steal my mail and go to jail" to find out why I've been talkin' two pennies around Ventura County, California. Where's TONY LARUSSA when you need him? And, as a bonus, he was a lawyer before I watched him on my Chicago station with the White Sox.

Mr. Hughes needs to read Business Week pieces about the health care industry like Eskimos require community college classes on snow. The "tutor" on the topic was this presidential candidate's own state-sponsored health care glob for 17 years, and please, "Number Kooks," it is an honest count, although first, let's review some "facts."


I've got some more...oh, never mind.

[We interrupt this blog piece to report the CAL LUTHERAN STARBUCKS GIRL has a CA plate of "{M---} *22," meaning "M---" has been heretofore neglected, raising the official count of SPYGIRLS GOIN' TO JAIL to 25, so you can all stop obsessing on the "22" thing].

What's important is, even before becoming a CA strip-tease veteran i.e. I'm stripped clean and Hollywood whores tease, I knew this ruckus goes back to the Kaiser, so spare me more TOM HANKS WWII movies, please. Kaiser, as in the HENRY J. KAISER FOUNDATION reported a 120% increase in health insurance premiums commensurate with a not brisk like tea wage increase of 29% over the past 10 years. Try 20 year figures, boys & girls; I dare 'ya.

Yes, in Big MO, here was the drill 1989-2007. GREAT BIG HOSPITAL #1 and GREAT BIG HOSPITAL #2 duked it out for business from GREAT BIG HEALTH PLAN #1 or GREAT BIG HEALTH PLAN #2. Being an expert of HMO's, PPO's, Fee-for-Service, in the Hughes world leads to P in bush, or on Bush, as the case may be.

Wellpoint is the largest U.S. Health insurer? No wonder they called the LA County Sheriff on me in March of 2009 for...what? Writing on their property? Hey, grandma used to mutter in disgust about "The Blue Cross," so whatever happened to Anthem's market share and their seeming insistence that the H-man not be allowed to pay for a 70/30 hospital plan with a very high deductible. And, thanks for tossing-in prescription drugs so you could allege I am on DRUGS, the Glaxo Smith Kline kind, anyway, not from CALI COHORTS, LLC.

This was the start of a "We won't take your money campaign" that is going to culminate in a big Dollar Bill v. The Fed scuffle, so get ready Supremes, and if you call me "grandiose," I'll have a homeless man shake your hand after scratching his you-know-what's.

Solutions? Why bother? Maybe tomorrow, I'll join the Old Kranks.

Anne's Frank Diary


4:16 p.m.

Let's back up and document a poisoning, whereby on Monday, 04/26/10, [ ] makes me sick with a complimentary cup of coffee. They all--ANDREA KOVAL, MARK WILLIAMS, JIM KYSOR, TONI RANSLEM--and the volunteers “disappeared.” This left MIKE MCADAM, who has jokingly referred to himself as “The King,” sitting out front at the reception area I call the “Nurses' Station” with his royal blue hat on. William sat there ill as I've done dozens of times at the “911” address and the “30” address. Number kooks in charge of the USA, and they're what? Homeland terrorists, and there will be no alteration of the terminology.


Briefing Book

What did Continental leave on the concrete 07/25/2000?

"I rely on God"

"What's happening?"

(ambient flight deck noise)

"Shut the engines."

"It's shut."

"Pull with me."

[Elevator surfaces are split: R = Nose Down / L = Nose Up]

-- Egypt Air Flight 990, Departed LAX 10/31/1999

As I have explained to both Tea Party people and the police, I used to be middle class, with subscriptions to The Atlantic, The Nation, Stereophile, and tons of junk mail in the USPS box from Washington DC addresses that inevitably had "NW" in them. Was that really G--- W--- on Connecticut & K Street, or do they even intersect?

Damn! Now the whole town knows I did in fact break the speed limit on I-495 when flanked by SUV's driven by people with some sort of neurological disorder. Maybe it was the fever from yet another HHMI virus, and church-goers, full disclosure requires mentioning I do recall some expletive deleted verbalization before downshifting the mighty 2007 FORD FOCUS and going ZOOM-ZOOM with spooky escorts.

"My life is not a spy movie!" I say too often in the Republic of California, yet the logjam continues over a "reverse engineering" of "William Gay" and a pack of thieves' 1976-1986 legal handiwork. Meantime, I simply must run for president and seek four years of relative peace. After working hard all of my life only to be stripped-down to a RALPH'S cart functioning as my library/office, I hereby promise to be the laziest president ever, paradoxically balanced with the most achievement since somebody known by history book acronyms.

No? Oh yeah? No "remote viewing" powers here, but I'd bet SARAH PALIN has briefing books labeled "HOBBES," "LOCKE," "ROUSSEAU," and "VOLTAIRE" by now. Good for her, but I'm not buying a rifle, or doing any hunting, however, I am using an expression that could be translated as, "A promiscuous, unsophisticated, white female resident of an Alaska mobile home park.


Kung Fu Fighting

Did you hear the one about the martial arts trained actor who was unjustly in a federal “black hole” designated for “terrorists” as an alleged “bomber,” due to California coppers failing to properly identify themselves?

How about this true story? Once upon a time, Mr. Hughes read court papers thoroughly, and if any recent Liberal Arts grads need a job--OUCH!--I may have one for you someday reading such records. You may find, as I did, that the 50-70 I.Q. inmate is sharper than you think. Seems if you don't want to be murdered in a Missouri mental health facility, a “solution” is to call-in a bomb threat to LAMBERT SAINT LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

Why? So you can be shipped to the relative safety of Ward...what? Oh, WARD “H,” like Hughes, where the real one, upon a complete review of the clinical & judicial facts, blithely said, in 2007, out in the hall by Office H-07, “That retarded man is smarter than us!”

Braggin' Rights

Tired of California crap the man is, so it's time to talk about how USPS state abbreviation CA is going to plug the humongous budget gap with...what? A new kind of “D.A.R.E.” I'll simply term a “Pot Tax” for...what? Teacher salaries?

As appliance man STEVE MIZERANY in the home town used to say on late night KOPLAR-run Channel 11, “Don't be confused!” Mr. Hughes knows legislatures, just like his ions + plugs & jacks. Teachers? That money is long gone before it arrives, right Sacramento? You know I'm right, because I am “Dollar Bill,” and you are not.

Let's face it. I do not know what y'all mean by “old school,” except I shall sleep on a park bench as long as you want. BILL DONOVAN, BILL COLBY, and HOWARD HUGHES in one very human body, and I've been treated like this?

At least somebody is trying to get me a job where I cannot curse, but I say, “F*#% those Ass#*!^%” @ the alphabet soup of do-nothing federal agencies. They lie about me, the Hughes, and judging from the 1960's-style CCR “commotion,” at least that is one thing “they” do well.


South Park Fake News

Doesn't Mr. Hughes love "fake news?" No, he does not. Isn't there a real terror plot an intrepid young reporter could expose? "Team America?" Every doggie for him/herself is what I see, and no glasses are required, thanks to the senior center "Free Table." No 20/20 vision from the UMSL Optometrist, but maybe someone can get to my (or your) medical records, a la Eagleton.

"Conejo" means "rabbit" in Spanish? Quick, like a bunny, to the EAGLETON COURTHOUSE, where the federal guards will say, "Where have you been?"

It's a long story.



Anybody seen Don Rumsfeld lately?

Seems even a mild jab at Sarah Palin brings wayward Soldier Boys in the night discussing a "swap meet" and scraping patio furniture. Oh, the perils of HOMELESS, USA. It's all Greek to me, but on the serious side, the former governor has redefined political rudeness by campaigning for president before the current occupant's mail forwarding kicked-in.

Palin could set a date to debate "Homeless William," couldn't she? Or, perhaps we could go out on a date, because as a young spy would put it, I hear she's "available."

Senator McCain, are you taking your medication?


Drinkin' On The Job

"You see a couple at a restaurant, and both of them will be texting at the table. Don't people talk anymore?"

--Clint Eastwood

Talk? Not when it is fair and balanced to wonder why a U.S. Navy ship comes in 68 million, 42 million, or nearly 17 million dollar versions, and the bridge is coated with aluminium foil. My piece about many sailors--by their own admission in Navy Times--drivin' the boat drunk does not seem to get up here, because it is too long, and I'm a very busy man.

Motivation to join today's U.S. Military? Again, by their own admission: #1 JOB SECURITY; #2 PENSION; and #3 PATRIOTISM. Wars? What wars? Only one-fifth as many of the respondents said anything about fighting.

Big "welfare program," eh Palin? Which economics professor explained how the "Made in USA" TOYOTA stimulates our GDP far more than a TANK? He must have been a communist, right governor?

C'mon girl, let's rock.

13A: USAF on Vacation

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES is at SW1A 13A? May I write to the other Charles & the other William? Ah, but first, in keeping with the social work "hierarchy of needs" by MASLOW, while under seige by .mil spook killers, the contemporaneous question is, "May I defecate indoors, please?"

There's trouble in the colonies, for real.


Atlanta/Chicago: Where Are The Tapes?

From the "Please steal my notebook" diary:

10:35 a.m.

"Just reminiscing with VANDENBERG CUCKOOS
about the O'HARE DE-ICING wait in 1977. Bitch, bitch, bitch did the businessmen, but I just realized today what "they" did. They used the "wait in line" time to keep deicing the plane. Then, when we got out on the concrete--ZOOM, ZOOM. Why did I distinctly remember going into the clouds and thinking: #1 "I'm glad there is no ice on the wings," and #2 "I'm glad it's probably warmer in St. Louis." Why such good recall? I just might be "The Aviator's" grandson. As for other non-Delta pilots, if you are still breathing, we'll see 'ya in court."


What The F*#* Is This?

What is an x-48B, Boeing? Depends on who you consult, I suppose. As the Firesign Theatre cried out in early 1970's, "What is reality!?" And, what hotels are my "homeless" stalkers staying at? As my Mormon buddy said on the Carl's Jr. lot, "I've got money," so maybe I'll send over a cheap can of malt liquor.

No pizza; it's just not in the budget at the present time. BTW, don't threaten me, or I'll.....


Theft Is Property


10:58 a.m.

“Every warm body” as yet another Catholic nun I knew would say, is in the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER to, in some way, bother Hughes, or steal something from Hughes. It is so obvious, they removed all of the cafeteria carts I was using to minimize theft opportunities as I move in and out of the building. MAFIA/SHERIFF ROBO-FATTY is in “sleep mode,” much like my HP C-300 when a Hughes-tech device sucks the power out. “Trapped?” Not really, but there is far too much to do.

Here is the new “T.O ENEMY SCHEDULE”:

FRIDAY – Get in trouble with STARBUCKS GIRLS night.

SATURDAY – “Arrest William Day,” but the cops won't cooperate.

SUNDAY - “Kill Bill” Day.

MONDAY – Victor Theatre High Drama Day

TUESDAY – Rest & Recuperate Day.

WEDNESDAY – Productivity Day

THURSDAY – Follow-up on one productive day/batten down hatches for Fri-Mon.


Dear Ann Frank

From the diary German spies like to steal (then continue "running around"):

10:33 a.m.

BIG PSY-OP THIS A.M. with the PICK & SHOVEL BRIGADE, including a gruff city worker telling me to leave, which I would not do. Hid the cart in the dumpster, and sadly surrounded by city workers, my buddy with the mutt said, "You can't fight City Hall," in disclosing that his kids have served in this type of work crew as JUVENILE DELINQUENTS, which calls to mind all of the CHILD-TEEN-ADULT-OLD MAN crap connected with spying.


I'm Nuts?"

Oh, I holler it all day, don't I?

"Ninety year-old Mafia, still taking orders from your one hundred and ten year-old mama!"

"Eighty year-old dot mil spook, still got his rifle ready for some killin'!"

"Seventy-year old Watergate Spook, your suit doesn't fit! Go home to your wife on A1A in Florida!"


Q: When Mr. Hughes opened the New Hampshire Primary "scrapbook," who's photo was on top?

A: George H.W. Bush (a Polaroid, when such things existed).

California "number kook" bonus question:

Q: How many Bush limos were out in front of the New Hampshire State Capitol that cloudy day?

A: Three.


Be My Guest

Is the Pentagon's address really "1400" Defense Pentagon? H-man says either it becomes the "Department of Peace Extension" (DOPE), or we can "regress" to calling it the War Department.

I am not a believer in touchstones, talisman, or Taliban, but when I saw the old-fashioned Hilton Hotel bottle opener on the senior center "free table," just like my souvenir Budweiser model in the illegally seized PENSKE truck, I knew it was not for keeping as a "memento."

No, because when I tossed it on the "computer lab" station, it was destined to either:

A. "Disappear."
B. Be swiped through traditional means by a fatty who was the only other creature in the room.
C. Be forgotten through:
i. Satellite-based "mind control."
ii. A local effect mind control device.
iii. MKULTRA, presumably human mind control.
iv. Forgetfulness, due to stress from the constant "Kill Bill" drumbeat.

Friendly they are not in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village, but the "church key"
bottle opener revealed what fatso may be up to. How about I put one sheriff department's spy in the other's county jail?

As the Maf-IA's pool shooters have been heard to say regarding other matters, "Only you can do that."



I found some DARPA "Flyin' Triangles" in the public record, so the shady division of the United States Navy thought they'd do what they do best to U.S. Persons in the United States. As my old boss said, "That is not O.K."

Goin' to jail, goin' to jail, oh, so in jail! And, by the way Mountain View, where did my previous posting on this subject go? Looks like AbolishTheCIA.org & DMHWatch.org must rise again from the ashes of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Hey Senator McCain, where was that "cool bus driver" from? Arizona? As I like to say, "People know things."

Spies; what can you to with them?


Dirty Dog Secret Service: Class of 2002

Oh my, isn't it getting ugly when the Saint Louis Post Dispatch won't run the comment blog following a story on a rather obvious "CIA blackmail" attack on the Pope. Am I Catholic? Yes. Did the Pontiff take George W. Bush to the woodshed, not once, but twice, over the "Assertive Community Torture Program?" Yes. Did the Pope read my script titled Immaculate? Yes. Do Jews complete the intel community's dirtiest tasks? Yes. Did the Secret Service kill JFK? Yes.

Can I give you much detail on McKinley, Kennedy, Ford, Chapman stalking Carter, "Honey, I forgot to duck" Reagan, and more? Not today, because it's hack, hack, hack, yet the mighty HP C-300 sits dormant, but ready for action over a lousy $25 repair, and some what? TRANSPORTATION! I drove adult spykids around, meeting their mental health needs for how many years? Seven. Promotion? Forget it. What will come with the new (very used) vehicle? A shotgun!

Smoking guns? Hughes has got them, and it has nothing to do with the Maf-IA's "lead."

"Central Intake," eh? Did another Supreme Court Justice hang it up over extremism? NO LAW, NO JUSTICE, NO RIGHTS. If "they" can do it to me, they can surely do it to you, Mr. "Tea Bagger."

By the way, I am running for president, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.


Detainees? What detainees? Murder Inc.? Who will start the fight between me and Mr. Springsteen, "The Boss?" Me, him, or the bodyguards? Has that "Prince" in Minneapolis got a new name? Is the ERYKAH BADU story true? Can I strip in Thousand Oaks, CA? No, the policeman will get me. How about DEALEY PLAZA, in the Sixth Floor Museum?

Look out, here it comes...and will spineless hackers kindly stop putting a "j" on my screen? J = JOHN LENNON? I can't help it "they" introduced me to the whole assassination team; how's YOKO ONO doing today? Big .mil spook, eh? I'm running the Japanese out of Culver City, if 'ya don't mind. Oh, that's right, no one can mind their own business in "T.O."

Hughes does no crime, no spyin', and "they" don't even have any blackmail, "juicy" or otherwise, but please, next time I have sex in a hotel, don't tear it down to destroy the evidence. Or, you could put the famous PARIS HILTON video back on the Internet for free.

I still won't watch it, spies, but if Ms. Hilton wants to.....

I'm not too old for stunt work.

Coneheads: "We're From France"

"Let's see what we shall see," said momma, before "they" drugged her up at SAINT LOUIS STATE HOSPITAL, now known as SAINT LOUIS PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION CENTER (SLPRC), then "they" cut up her brain in a "procedure" the rest of the civilized world had stopped performing 20 years prior, then "they" murdered her prior to 9/11. Why? I thought her kicking was a side-effect of a psychotropic drug, not a "message."

Who worked at SLPRC from August, 2006 through June, 2007? That would be me, WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES. What did "they" tell me there?

1. You are Howard's grandson, dummy;
2. We are killing patients here;
3. We just might kill you.

No wonder F-15's flew over when I was late to work. Can't "prove it," Mafia ass man? How about compare your sacred timeclock records with LAMBERT radar?

Bye, bye, gangsters.

Meantime, why can't I turn in any international terrorists in T.O? Maybe you are "Homeland terrorists," because the FAX number for Lyon, France seems to be fake or goes to Monaco.

Good job, gov'ment hackers!


Dullman In Dullsville

Why did some freakin' nutcase just call me a "wildman?" A "How to fly" book printed in 1986, 1991, 1996, & 1999? Thanks, I'll skim it (and look at the dandy B&W photos).

Of more importance is DARPA's "flyin' triangles." I thought they broke up that cabal of a-holes and folded them into lil' NSA cabals, but what do I know? I doubt my family is running Plan 9 From Outer Space, but somebody is. Scaring the populace, eh? Just don't knock down more tall office towers, okay?

How about DARPA Projects BAA-10-40 & BAA-10-36? Trying to steal genes, grow pilots in test tubes, and then "Kill Bill?" The Aviator's grandson tires of repeating himself, but "That ain't gonna work," and I thought Army Man was into drones.

USAF? Looking real bad.