Freedom? What Freedom?

Did I not play the crap out of that JOHN MELLENCAMP cd before "they" wrecked my car intentionally? Gotta sell drugs to have political power in the USA. Mr. Mellenkamp knew it in the mid-1980's, and I sure know it now. That's why all Mafia(s) get not one red cent of Hughes $$$. Soldier Boy at the Defence Pentagon? Cut off, like an obnoxious drunk at an Anytown, USA tavern.

Did you all "enjoy" that video of the Iranian woman dying in the street because she'd had enough of religious extremists? Here in the U.S. you get killed by Jews, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Methodists. Yes, I did notice Baptists abstain from the "action," and as for a "Chinese Christian Church," that's a bit like yet another rotten c--- USAF girl wanting food from the Middle East on FRIDAY. Finally, I asked the smiling counter girl, "Are you Muslims?" She smiled and said, "No, we're Lebanese Christians."

As Dr. Hood said of my 1975 disinterest in the Langley, VA Central Intelligence Agency, "That figures." What was the name of that bar near SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY where my grad school classmates just had to go on FRIDAY night? Damn, I forgot, but it is probably still there, like the EAGLETON COURTHOUSE, right? Right! How about those late 1980's stops at SOULARD'S, again on FRIDAY night? That drab old spook at the bar looked mighty bored, and sports fans, some things never change.

Gosh, grandma's "rebel' church was mighty crowded, you-know-who was in the last year of his life, and don't you know I am trying to recover that memory? Be it children molested, or alleged abducted by E.T. people, don't I know from my illegally seized truckload of psych books recovered memories are tricky business. That said, there is an old dude in the pew in front of us, to the left of grandma, with longish hair and a beard, wearing a gray suit. But is he tall enough?


Leave it to Ode, the magazine "For Intelligent Optimists" to really piss me off. "KIRK BOYD?" (Try the first name of my ex's possibly fictional new hubby + the last name of my Missouri Department of Mental Health computer gal they called a "sharp," who was always out on leave with a "sick baby.") Was that "spy talk?" Why were my initials taken off the Microsoft Word documents that served-up the team's minutes from my computer? Why was the name "MARK FELCHA" recorded as the computer's author of the documents when it was me? Where is the FUJI camera card where I took a "screen shot" of this madness before the United States Intelligence Community ran me out of another of what I call a "W-4/W-2 job, which despite what VANDENBERG CUCKOO-BIRDS may say, is the only way I've ever earned a buck? How about my "replacement" in a primarily female profession walking like me with the same height & weight? Where's my two boxes I left behind, Governor Nixon? Why does the "emon" server not reject my old DMH e-mail address? Why did the Missouri State Trooper (ret.) who challenged the state's e-mail tomfoolery lose his case? No standing? What is the legal standing of state e-mail? What is reality? Why am I standing on "T.O." streetcorners nearly being hit my nutcases in their BLACK suv's, when surely someone (and don't I know who) saved a copy of my e-mail and "Dr. Q's," too.

Who cares? Mitt & Tagg do, don't they? What I know from Ode is, Mr. Boyd wants: a) No war(s); b) Zero poverty; and c) A "sustainable planet" by 2048. Freedom from fear? When governments today exist primarily to lay some on you? Freedom for the environment? What? Does that mean I'm going to jail for whipping weeds? ("Dubyah" had better not clear any more brush in Crawford). Freedom from want? Hey, I'm currently and bizarrely homeless/houseless cock----er, and get outta my face, please. Freedom of religion? [CENSORED, UNTIL MR. HUGHES HAS A DUB CROUCH "HOT MIKE" AND MANY CITIZENS ASSEMBLED] Hint: "Oh my God, it's the ghost of EUGENE DEBS, and he's turned Republican! Run! Run for cover!!!" Freedom of speech? Mafia! Mafia! They don't talk too much, and they will control your geopolitical entity, if they don't already.

It looks grim, but as a fellow St. Louisian once sang, "Don't worry, be happy." At least until you hear that emergency zzzit, zzzit, zzzit on the radio, the air raid sirens go off in a wailing pattern, and please, under no circumstances should you blame World War III on me. Did you say MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA is gone? My kingdom for a server!


08.29.10 5:39 p.m.

Rob takes down WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY AT SAINT LOUIS, BARNES JEWISH HOSPITAL, and the West End East of Kingshighway--everything except Tom's Bar & Grill, which we've already discussed in "team" meetings. Me? I'm after SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY, FATHER "BEYONDO," AND TENET HEALTH CARE. Park far away for "orientation," and send out hitmen? The Security Thugs were going to beat me up? No, only the patients, and I told the Bush Administration all about it? Shock & awed they were not regarding crass patient abuse. Hey, let's beat up some mentally retarded people! Who ever said Missouri was perfect? It's just looking a lot better than KookLAland. Roll the memory video, and "bye, bye," you're headed to a black hole, just for "Homeland" terrorists, not exactly Club Fed prison. Oh yes you are.

"Holy shit! The synopsis of #9 just came to me along with a role for C[ ], if she wants it. You f---s read minds, watch through optic nerves, you are screwed, and you know it. That said, the sequel is purrrfect, in that it mirrors what is really going on down in Argentina now, Fernandez will, I hope, go ape---- (as we said in our youth), and want us down there for sure, and I am not even writing the plot of #9 down until the

INK IS DRY ON A DEAL (not a drug deal, moron, a MOVIE DEAL)."

08.30.10 9:01 a.m.

Northrup Grumman builds new buildings, while Hughes remains houseless/homeless and jokes with their retirees after shaving in the widow reflection of public buildings. Did I mention I filed to run for president? Do you understand I'm going to win? GOOD.

A "Hyland" ran KMOX, the "flagship" station of USA's CBS Radio Network for many years, and a "Hyland" ran Hughes Aircraft Company while Howard manufactured & tested airplanes for the Army Air Corp, made movies, I suspect--Gasp!--spied a bit, and, as they said among the "Greatest Generation," chased skirts...a lot. This Hughes is permitted to remain alive & homeless, and be infuriated by kooks daily. William V, eh? Are they ready at Reuters & AFP for an image of me tossing the petrol bomb back in Belfast? It's the "vision thing" gone over to .uk.

"Day begins with a NORTHRUP MUTT WALKIN' MAN discussion of the weather. He said, ALICE IN WONDERLAND-STYLE, "It means whatever you want it to mean." He predicted a "hotter" October, maybe because if there is no movie deal by SEPTEMBER 30, 2010, I will return to ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI and PUMP OUT FEDERAL LAWSUITS in the comfort of the EAGLETON FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, where I have been invited to join the Bar as an honorary member. Thus, OCTOBER would be "Buy Old Car and Leave California in Disgust Month," and the Drama! Drama! would be heightened (a lot).

9:24 a.m.

Also this a.m., the VEGAS DRIFTER, a.k.a. VAPOR LOCK, sat at the E. end of GOEBEL table, as I got ready for the day on the W. table. I bitched about him being an extra-perceptual creature (EPC), and then he LIT OFF A FIRECRACKER and entered the building. This, I cannot do, or many BLACK & WHITE cars will arrive, but in your childish snitching game, this will be reported to [REDACTED].
1) Act crazy in Goebel and I call the Mental Health Crisis Team.
2) If the Crisis Team asks me any clinical questions, I'll call the Sheriff on them.
3) Tuesday is "Ticket The Mess With Hughes Staging Area Lot," since I discovered:
a) It is a "Handicapped Only" lot.
b) It has no outlet.
c) It is singned as "Private Property--For Baseball Only."

9:42 a.m.

D[ ] came by after "Drifter" went in, and I bragged about the $10 that came my way while discussing things with C[ ]. The Monday a.m. occupants of the "Valley Lupine Room" were kind enough to blab on a cell phone and say JO ANN is buying "Vikings," her name was JERRI CALLAN, and she was talking about a TERESA ROGERS? "Teresa," Saint Louis University MSW liar, and "Mr. Rogers," of "March Hare," and maybe ROGERS AIRCRAFT, too.

9:47 a.m.

"KEN" has been coughing [editor's note: He claims to have Whooping Cough] and talking on his cell phone this a.m. (cough, cough), as he watches me, and Ken, I'm writing down your plate number again. [Ken's plate # here] F--- YOU, KEN, GET A NEW LIFE, PLEASE."

Simply Orange Rat

The polling places have closed, so let's all wave guns at Hughes to "vote," Mafia-style, on the truth of whether the following defence firms have "checked-in" with the man commandeering RALPH'S CART 729.

MCDONNEL DOUGLAS (1960's & 1970's)
GENERAL DYNAMICS (1980's & 1990's)
NORTHRUP GRUMMAN (2x) (Time of employment unknown)
MARTIN MARIETTA (Currently Employed)
LOCKHEED (1970's & 1980's)
TELEDYNE ((1970's & 1980's)
BOEING (2001-?)

Hail! Hail! the gang's all here! And, they are acting super-crazy, not me. May I go home now? May I make a movie now? May I go home, then make a move in ST. PETERS, MISSOURI? K & J will serve refreshments for the cast and crew, won't they? Sure they will! My "computer guy" lives out there, and he can do stuff to it make it work better. And, as a bonus, he won't steal the damn thing, now will he? As for the "run for president" thing, I promise not to launch anything until I have the proper authorization.

Hey Old Mafia, despite what you think, there is consensus in front of the Dollar Tree & Ralph's, and that is, you've got to go. Whether you go to hell of Club Fed is not up to me--yet. I see unmet human service needs all over the place, consistent with a lot of charities, many faith-based, that serve an ever-expanding army of poor, elderly, and non-white. I am not an angry, white, middle-class man, I am just plain angry, and a f---ing trillionaire. Forming a "non-profit" and paying yourself six figures to "look good?" I thought that went out of style during the 1990's, but some scams never die.

Got a bank? Why not take T.A.R.P money and pass your losses on to customer in the form of ever-higher fees? Q: What was an "Insufficient Funds" fee for bouncing a check when Mr. Hughes started working at the bank? A: $5.00. Q: What was the overdraft fee when Mr. Hughes stopped working at the bank? A: $7.00. "5" & "7"? Were "they" trying to tell me something in 1980? Not funny at all.

Nope, and what I will tell anybody lawful who will listen is, the little holes in my "Black Diamond" brand jacket, and my hand, were likely drilled by particle beams, I believe from a space-based TORTURE PLATFORM. More computing power = more potent black magic, and given "they" don't like my Orange predisposition, the bottle of Simply Orange O.J. shattering with no "normal" stress on it is a "not so tough to figure" clue. Yes, the nasty, should be banned immediately forces are getting more powerful.

And, to really stir-up the addicted to Coast to Coast a.m. masses, how about a rat that died right in front of me, lay still & stiff for [REDACTED] minutes, then got up and ate some of my generic, Dollar Tree, made in Chesapeake, Virginia, Nacho Cheese corn chips? Now we're talking weapons, not "spy toys," and this is beyond my silly blog serious, because I saw what I saw, I am a V71.09 reporter, mental health lynch mob, 100% credible, and let's not think about what you could do with that technology if it is possible to go from rat brain to human.


Erica, is that your real name? I come from a family where for generations, we have asked your national origin or ancestry, not because we're prejudiced, but because you have a totally fake name, and it is painfully obvious. "Weed," like the California nickname for pot? You know, marijuana. Let's "stall" for a minute, like the F-15A over KALDI'S COFFEE nearly did in Clayton, Missouri. How did you nutty Californians manage to change my political position on "reefer madness?" For my whole adult life (1973-Present), I thought the stuff should be legal, and for the record, I think it was right after my 18th birthday I tried it, whereas CA Youth often have been in rehab for hard drugs many times by then, if they live to turn 18.

"Stern," like Howard? I've been trying to marry-off a whopper spyin' girl to Howard Stern for years, but he's not divorced yet, is he? Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so... No, I'm turning Jewish, and that's why I am so sure Mr. Stern ought to get off my satellites with that smut of his, and settle down with the girl I have in mind for him.

From where does "Erica Weed Stern" hail? "Hailing frequency open, Captain" And, the "message?" "Bones! Have you got that batch of antipsychotic medicine ready for the 2010 a.d. LA water yet?" "Aye, aye, Captain!" "Very good. Spock, you're with us. Three to beam down."

SCROUGH, WIL SCROUGH. No, it is not pronounced "screw," like the objects in my cheap Chinese tires--more than once. Hail to the Chief? "Hit it once, son, and we're not going to hear that song again for four years, or three and a half, if I can get away with a quick economic "fix," and quit, like Nixon, only under some vastly better circumstances.


Fuck You, Ken: No Retraction, & Who Are You?

When Government Executive publishes this sort of commentary, I'll pass on checking the Spartacist League's website (that's a political joke, son).
"But some Utah citizens...recall that not long ago, NSA was secretly sucking up the phone calls and e-mails of people in the United States...Now the agency plans to use the same kind of surveillance tools to patrol the Internet for hackers and foreign cyber warriors.
Comments on [a dissenter's] blog reflected a broad mistrust of the intelligence community. 'Our government must end the Bush administration's de facto suspension of the Constitution,' wrote one commentator, echoing the fact that the Obama administration has embraced its predecessor's surveillance policies" [my emphasis]. Technology has given the government extaordinary power to collect information, analyze it and share it. But the law governs mostly the acquisition o fpersonal data, no twhat agencies actually do with it...They know that somehow the government can grab their e-mails and phone calls. What they don't really know is what agencies do with that information at those big data centers."
- Shane Harris, author of The Watchers: The rise of America's Surveillnace State (Penguin Press)
Hey, "Shane got to publish a book, and now you've done it. If I have time, Gangster Nation has a sequel now, titled Brain Jacked Nation. Want to help with the subtitle?eet me at McDonald's or Carl's Jr. s', because as one of the great one's put it, I am "Just another homeless guy out here.' and he is correct--for today, anyway. [My apologies again--somebody really likes to hack Goo-gle--a lot. To be continued...]
No William, say it in one minute--1) They will abduct you; 2) They will seize everything you own; 3) They might murder you.
God Bless America! Right Palin?


Poor, Poor, William the V

Why do you people act all nuts when I point out the little dish that is mine had to be digital in 1969? "One small step for a [crackle-crackle]. Oh, that rascal Howard!!!

"USAF, you're no RAF," to rip-off the famous, but you're an idiot and don't know what I'm talking about LLOYD BENSTEN line. Yes, after 4-5 years of what we mental health professionals call "processing," I'm certain I can separate, with a very high, don't argue with me in court or you lose, rational certainty, what was real, what was a normal biologically-produced dream, and what was a high-tech movie set. "This ain't Capricorn One, son," I might well say to a garden variety spyin' Ding-Dong.

So, for all blackmail experts, religious extremists (esp. Anti-Catholics), drug hounds, key-rattlers (Q: What does that mean? A: You're an moron), miscellaneous Nixonian CREEP creeps, and more mundane creeps & kooks, here's your Hughes "Real & Not Real" tally:

1. A pack of UFO's over LAKE CAYUGA (1986)
2. Flying Triangles (2007-2008)

1. The "Propulsion System" [keep guessing until you go nuts, not me]

To estimate the speed of REAL #2, for my written report, I multiplied a commercial jet's speed by a factor of 4 or 5, whereas the RAF says 12,000 m.p.h.

They would know.

The Dispossessed

Going Mad Max, are we? May I have that big machine gun "they" showed me in San Mateo, mounted on an old, white, Toyota Corolla? Hey Hollywood, I hope I'm kidding, but you are all so damn sex & drug-crazed, I'm not sure.What's the daily insurrection about today? Aw, who cares?

This nation's troubles are generational, as we can see from the following real-life transcript from deep inside the corrupt senior center.

FIVE...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE.....What is a Raytheon?


OM: "What's for lunch today?"
OL: "Chicken."
OM: "That's what she always says."
OL: "What would we do without chicken?"
OM: "Eat turkey, I guess."

[flash forward, cue Hail to the Chief]

PRESIDENT HUGHES: "Social Security Retirement? What are you talking about? We're flat broke."

Meanwhile, out in the cold, among the underclass:


W: "I see you around a lot. What's your name?"
G: "George."
W: "You were in the LUTHERAN SS program. You must be homeless."
G: "Why do you think I sit around the library all day?"

And, don't forget the youthful California "psycho-under-caste," not even eighteen years-old, but already forgotten by "The System."


H: "What should I do about that guy? He follows me everywhere."
CY: "Does it look like he wants to whup ass?"
H: "No, I think he's too crazy."
CY: "Just ignore him."

[cue Hail to the Chief with compact disc skipping sounds]

May I?

May I read FAA accident reports? May I "read between the lines," and tell you what really happened? Yes, spooks, I am slow with some topics, but I was very quick in finding that FAA reports on air disasters are for insurance companies. Not "The Aviator's" grandson, eh? Is today's, "We are going to crash into the water" news story regarding British Airways true? Hey, Cuckoo-Birds, maybe someone hears my words, because SOUTHWEST AIRLINES said the same thing to me in 1994, prior to flying right into a Texas thunderhead.
Skipped that law degree, but I think the federal crime is something about "endangering passengers and the aircraft." We'll get to things like shooting down my 747 later. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP went the mystery beam on Alaska Air, and down they went near a city that gave me a free calendar. See how it works? And, how about BBC/MI-6 putting the wrong aircraft and location of the post-9/11 November, 2001 crash in NY, NY. "Mr. Bill" pushed his chair back from his MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH .gov computer managed by a "Jennifer" (like the Glomar nickname), and thought, "Aw, it was an old plane...probably was turbulence from the jumbo jet in front of it."
No, try United States Government-sponsored mass murder. Knocking the tail and engines off a relatively new plane? How do "they" do that? Sorry I know, and please tell me, Mr. Amateur "Secret Agent," how do I avoid running for president when I figure that sort of crap out "lickety-split." No wonder my computer got broken by a Soldier Boy, but I always tell the truth, and the truth of that matter was/is, we both deserve canned hams.
Oh, I almost forgot to ask for permission to go out with a heterosexual black female someday. Thanks, and this did cause be quite a bit of suffering in 1988, 1996, and 2007. Can you spell N-A-Z-I? Congratulations, you win the spelling 'b."

Little Sister

Twice per evening, "The Kids" were told not to, but parents & grandparents gave us money. It was "spy kid" contradictory messages at a very early age, so since you are not me, please shut-up and mind your own business. Thanks, because if I hear another likely .gov person stroll by and say, "Boring," I'm going to scream, then I will be "in trouble."

Yes, it was MR. SOFTIE about 6 p.m., and TASTY FREEZE at 8. Was dinner in between? Maybe, maybe not, given mom's appetite for Librium, because intelligence agency scum were "successful" with her, not with me. Take note, DIRTBAG/WHORE/.mil KILLER. Yes, Mr. Softie had a bell, Tasty Freeze played music, and that is where I developed a taste for little soft-serve ice cream cones.

I don't eat them anymore, because I discovered this means something to Mafia types. F--- you, go to hell, and thanks, "Nicky," for the bowl of real, full fat ice cream with still-frozen blueberries and strawberry slices. I was indeed about to blow a BP gasket (meaning the British oil company or blood pressure--take your pick). Kim's little sister is...what? I'm not running a gossip column, I'm running for president.

Is that clear?


Is The Froggy Dead?

All spies worth a damn know the story. In 1979, a wise political science professor said fascism was like a cold-blooded frog being boiled in a pot. By the time the frog realizes the water is too hot, he's paralyzed, and can't get out. Did she really say, in 2005, "My frog died." I got the "message," but was busy fighting one of those colon-ripping viruses our intelligence agency nutcases like to put in my coffee. Have I stopped drinking coffee? No. "OCD?' No, and do I have to eat food off of your dirty carpet to illustrate? As a rather obvious Mafia Man said at the senior center as he motored past one day, "Cheapest cup of coffee in town." Got a dissenting view? Let's hear it, weenie. Does "Mitt" do this? (whatever "it" is) How about "Jeb?" Mik-e Huckabee? Where are those 2008 photos of me chatting with the clean-cut "Huckabee kids?" Never mind.

I would sure like to see my copy of Bertram Gross' Friendly Fascism, because I do not have ESP (but maybe Professor Gross did), I am not from outer space, crazy Christians have no need to lay their hands on me, and how I did what I did in the early hours of 08.07.10, I do not know, but the rational explanation is I have very good hearing, hence one of many careers I was not allowed to pursue was as a recording engineer.
You've got it on a camera, so "enjoy" it. Then, to add to the "glory," T-girl discussed the situation in general, saying, with a short wave of her arm, "Well, we're on a lot of cameras in here." That's right ma'am, so I'll tell the whole world "we" do not need firearms on the movie set, save the usual props. It's you and "Mary," two cell phones, two cans of mace, and we are in business. Kick boxing kicks to the head may be added to the dumb thug for the Drama! Drama! they all expect out of the real H-U-G-H-E-S.
Don't dare spell it wrong, like the always Marriott did...
and have a nice day.


fuck you ben

My apologies for this inadvertent post. Some that were a bit of a rant, not intended to start a good old Dublin row, did in fact go up, when it looked like they had not. Don't you understand why "they" call the Internet "The Net?"

Q: Who was living next door to you, Mr. Hughes, on 911 St. Rita Avenue in Clayton, Missouri as you wrote Gangster Nation?
A: A U.S. Army rifleman.
Q: Did you change anything you wrote because of his presence?
A: No.
Q: Did you know you were Howard Hughes' grandson at the time?
A: No.
Q: Where is the book available?
A: Unauthorized copies are available in China and Russia.
Q: Why is it not available in the United States?
A: I don't know. Ask someone in the Obama Administration.


America's Best Value, Thousand Oaks, California. Hey Zombies, "Newbury Park" is not a separate geopolitical entity. That said, what does it mean when the CHP stops Nazi motorists, and they say, "We're going to Newbury!" (When headed in the opposite direction?) Hey kooks, where did the official green highway signs go that said, "CONEJO COUNTY" on them? There is no such county! Did highway workers "show me" how "they" changed road signs in Hollyscummywood in the middle of the night? Am I from the "Show Me State?" Yes.



May I run for president now?

F#!$ USA's D.O.J.!!! F*%! MI-6!!! F&$€ Prince Charles

A "disappearing" traffic jam in China, per China News. Could someone make my road show of stupid spooks & stalkers vanish, like the toilet bown cleaner? At home, it's called the "loo?" No wonder my, "Bodies in the bay! Film at eleven!" girl from Massachusetts said (more than once) "Bill, you're from Saint Louis? You're really from Saint Louis?"


From top to bottom, we have a French firm maybe looking out for me, a "tea bag" kook who got into politics, [and won?] when I am not allowed to? [Mafia! Mafia! Bush = War Criminal! Obama = Crack Dealer! John McCain = Nuclear Terrorist!]
Oh, I can't say that? Sir/Ma'am, I can do it, too, so I just did, and no Casino type shooters are coming. No, they're not, and if you think they are, you just might be nuts--like our California Governor and current President of the United States.


Is the U.S. Army, like, the biggest welfare program ever? Or, is that the U.S. Navy? Hey bud light, I'm a civilian. Can I be Commander in Chief someday? Thanks--I don't believe in lighting off bombs to "make work."

Did that big RODENT, who never worked at the FAA one day in his life, and does not know Uncle Ralph, just say, "Promises, promises," at CPU #3, Goebel Senior Adult Center, Computer Lab, Thousand Oaks, California? I'm so ashamed of my not criminally liable "plan," I shall share it in a few minutes. You see, I really am Howard Hughes' grandson, I really am running for president, and I'm trying to make a f---ing movie, if you don't mind. Oh, I can't? Why did I bitch last Sunday that I could not remember DREW BARRYMORE's name, then she's on the front page of http://www.imdb.com/, a place I go often, since I don't really know any glittering H-town people yet. However, they all know me, and have been writing songs, making movies, and fussing about me in abstentia for many years--decades even.

Yes, JOE WALSH made fun of the bass player (Dan S.) from you-know-what-rock band. "Just another band from North County," in St. Louis, Missouri, right MOON UNIT ZAPPA? Moon Unit, I'll be looking for you and your momma, because I think there is at least audio, and maybe video, of the Zappa/St. Louis show (1975?) where the late Frank, Flo, and Eddie were making fun of 'po boy Hughes (me) right in front of me, as spies tend to do. What was the name of that Flo & Eddie album we played the crap out of on SIXTH Street, in beeutiful St. Charles, Missouri, 1977-1978?

Moving Targets? What does that mean? What does that mean? It means Mark & Howard got out of the band before...never mind. Where do they remaster those discs? CANADA! What did the border guard say to Hughes with four witnesses? "Mr. Hughes, now don't go buying up Canada." What did I say? What did I say? "I won't do that. Prime Minister Harper would be unhappy with me." Who was on the U.S. side of the bridge? Why that would be U.S. Marines. Unarmed at home, a bit too trigger-happy in "Sand Nigger" land, and son, don't you know you will hang from the neck until you are dead if I get in that damn White House? Lethal Injection? Are you kidding? So cruel and inhuman!

Oh, the people who, as I like to say, "Live for their spying" hear me say it loud: "Little Timmy McVeigh's of the future get fried, while President Hughes golfs 9 holes, because "we" proved at TOWER Tee, i cannot hit that f---ing little ball and make it go straight. Or very far, although an occasional good, straight drive is like "spy crap." Just enough incentive to make me waste time & money trying to be a better golfer. I did, however, brag to an old couple at the Goebel "Seizure Center" that I can get 'em up and out of the sand trap to the green. The lady who was said to be a champion golfer in her day looked at me and said, "but you're not supposed to be in the sand trap"

Yes, another big "Duh," because she was correct, and boasting about the wrong thing can get you into trouble in American politics, which is why I sit around and let all of you 1947 system killers do your little tap dance and snitch on each other--or whatever you do-- and wait. It's like dad at the Rexall Drugs, my ex-wife at the Clinique Counter...like that.

Zzzzzzzzzz.....did you say something? What are you talking about? Speak the King's English, please!



Billions of dollars. Hundreds of thousands of operatives in the public and private sector. Yes, .mil, .gov, & .us were all involved, and when does that start? "Billy, here's the route to school." I walked to First Grade class? Gee, dad, thanks for driving me to Kindergarten, since the birth certificate is wrong, and I'm all of 4 years old at the time. Dogs nipping at my heels? Don't like 'em; I like cats, as did the Pharaohs, moron.

My Cleopatra? Hughes' "Cleo" was a chronic mental patient who would come in my office @ 5351 Delmar, St. Louis, MO 63132 and say, "I'm God." Know what, USA? Maybe she was, right JOAN OSBORNE? God could be anyone, but let's make one thing RMN "perfectly clear." My roommates--spy guys one and all--on SIXTH Street gave up the, "He thinks he's the president" Mafia lie in early 1978, so that won't work.

Names, please. Your Honor, I want names. Who is the counter help guy at MCDONALD'S, a mutant way too dumb to know the meaning of the word, who several moths ago, said something about the USA becoming "totalitarian." Then, last weekend, he addressed me as, "Mr. President." Hey spyin' Sheriff Department, names please. And, how about the virulently anti-immigration, anti-"welfare," Mexican guy, who for literary & legal purposes I've nicknamed the "Just for Men® Jet-Black Hair Man," yet another of the Harass Hughes Cavalcade™ @ GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER, who, once more, addressed me as, "Mr. President."

Resolved, not funny. No more joking, and maybe no further aspiring to make movies.







p.s. Does Jeb or Mitt have to do this? no.

"What You Got Holds Water"

"Even though we've reduced the deluge of job losses to a relative trickle, we are not yet creating jobs at a pace to help all of those families who've been swept up in the flood. There are more than 7 million fewer Americans with jobs today than when this recession began."

- Barack Obama

"Your code is 'water'."

- Comcast Man, November, 2008

It was only a "test dose" of the stuff that was supposed to kill me. And, what did I say? "I sound like CHARLES RANGLE." Had the PARADIGM PLUMBING* man just stopped by? Yes, he had, and I kept my H-eye on him. Would "they" put some toxic crap in my radiators? I wondered this to myself, even after failing to cut a swatch off an air conditioner filter that would have ended your Mafia! Mafia! game long ago. Why did I not cut the filter from 911 St. Rita Avenue that had gooey brown stuff on it that looked like dark honey? Believe it or not, I did not want to be seen buying a surgical mask, due to the threat of "bioterror," and whatnot.

Hughes, you could have wet a washcloth and cut the thing up, I thought to myself the other day. It was kind of like telling the Starbucks lad about our natural gas fire--"Call 911! Get everybody out of the building! Call 911 again, it's a gas line on fire! Mild smoke inhalation, emptied the fire extinguisher, then went back in the building with very stoned Clayton, Missouri firemen, Smoking some pot at the firehouse? Sure looked like it, after they took way too long to arrive. Waiting for an explosion on "Alamo," were we, Bob? And, the City Manager got a job where? With an oil company, eh?

Yes, the young computer whiz Barista said, "Why didn't you just turn-off the valve?" [on the flaming gas line]. Hughes felt dumb for a second, until realizing that crawling around looking for the shut-off valve as the smoke got worse would have been more stupid than fighting a fire that can't be put out. Bad crisis manager? Not really. The following is a test...it is only a test: "Mr. President, Outer Slobovia has launched a volley of ICBM's." Heeere's Hughes: "Oh really? What the f--- were they thinking? Son, give me some quick options, 'cause I'm just not gonna be late for Congressman Fikeldober's $100 a plate rubber chicken fundraiser."

Returning to toxic tales, I (incorrectly) figured "they" would not put respiratory arresting stuff in my radiators, and walked up to GIBSON'S BOOK STORE, but really I was wading through all of the "other guy's" 2008 New Hampshire Primary political operatives & spies November, 2007-January, 2008. "Whatever"--and you shouldn't have tried to eject me from the local Starbucks over that one word, which was not uttered with hostility. You were looking to toss me for no good reason, so now I'm going to court on it, and I already thought of a new name for your goody-two shoes, too expensive coffee stop.

Problems? Only that I did not whip out my new little "cop notebook" fast enough to write it down; consequently, I forgot the new name. Hanging out with USA's gilded Alzheimer Generation at the senior "Seizure Center" seems to cause me to forget a lot of stuff, but not to worry, when I can go back in time--no, not like that, Mafia fools, via magazines on the "Free Table." Returning to RANGLE-ing, so Charles the Great wanted to surtax your 1040 and--gasp!--raise some money for Uncle Sam, who is currently in the poorhouse.

How irresponsible, this talk of 4.0% or 4.6% additional taxation! On who? The top 1%? You can't do that! Even rookie politician but studied political theory his whole life HUGHES 2012 knows that! You mean to tell me with Congressman Rangel nearing his 40th year in Congress, he's all of a sudden a "slumlord?" Really? Truth be told, this libertarian with a small "l," who likes big government social insurance programs over faith-based handouts that perpetuate problems rather than solve them, would raise tax code rates for the USA's Holy 1% even more, and by gosh, as it turns out, I'm one of them. Why Sarah, I'm the lead sled dog for capitalism right now, though as the you-know-who said, "Looks can be deceiving."

So many same old/same old ward wackers are cheating on their spouses and putting cash in the freezer, I guess it's time to.....Have you put my semen on the rape kit yet? Not yet?

Have a nice evening.

*Does the average plumber, union or non-union shop, know what the word "paradigm" means? This I wondered in November of 2008. Hooksett, NH is home to those "Dark Side" killers? "The investigation is ongoing," right? United States Department of Justice? SO FIRED!!!



"We've gone from debates over privatizing the public sector to big steps toward governmentalizing the private sector...more public money in the private economy, more rules to shape how the private sector behaves, and more citizen expectations that government will manage the risks we face. The problem? We're making it up as we go along, and we're not sure where we're going." [my emphasis]

-- Donald F. Kettl, Government Executive, February, 2009

"We may well wonder, in view of the precedents now established, whether constitutional government as hitherto maintained in this Republic could survive another great war even victoriously waged."
--Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes [great-uncle to me, Ding-Dong}
Don't miss my will, greedy nutcases, now posted (again) as Last Rights, dated 08.18.10, but just up with great difficulty this evening. Can you spell h-a-c-k-e-r?
I can impress the hip hop set with almost, but not quite, seeing Grandmaster Flash, who was a regular at the Upstate New York bar where I was almost murdered, not once, but three times. For the record, attempts #1 & #3 took place out of "420," and #2 the apropos address of "#6 The Byway."
When drinking with a lightweight, the "target" tends to go home early, and that's about all there was to this one. "Warren," like "Warren Commission," like "Warren" County, Missouri, Like "Warren-ton," Missouri, like "Warren," the real boyfriend of one too good looking to be true, "Let's go Bill...gotta go," companion of mine for the Stayin' Alive B-g's Year of Our Lord 1977. Upon arrival home, K was snoozing and P absent. Duh.
The "Environmental Man" could tip a few more than "Warren," but, oh my! How about that quick "live or die" assessment with "MIMI," and you've dared to rub my nose in doo-doo with a "Mimi's Restaurant" in Thousand Oaks, along with LESLIE'S, ERIC'S, CARL'S, JO ANN'S RALPH'S, and all the gang? Hey, I came up with the concept of Eggs n' Things in 1972, only it was supposed to be called, "The Good Egg." Thieves! Mafia! Mafia Town! Help, Mr. Policeman! Oh, he's sleeping under a tree, whatever that means to rotten spies. What is a "Rolling Oak?" When I get a movie deal, I'm asking the "T.O." City Attorney, in court, along with covering a lot of other "issues." Is there a "Rolling Maple?" No, but the Canadian border security guys said, "What is that stuff for? Answer the question, or you're under arrest!" Gosh, I can think fast on my feet--like a politician, Ding-Dong. Look for a new, improved, Rambo-esqe Hughes at the door of Mimi's if there is no due process or media time soon (cough, cough). I remember bragging on being "hit on" by really beautiful women that night at the Haunt, but I was driving an old car at near-minimum wage, even though employed at an Ivy League University. Hit-ing on me? That's a hint, son.
This one was classic Hughes. "Let's go out to the Haunt," he said, to the USAF girl. At the bar, the band I was trying to interview for the weekly hipster newspaper practically said, through the PA after the first set, "Don't talk to us, Hughes, you're going to get your ass killed!" Thanks. I told my "date" I was worried that no one was home, since spies refuse to lock doors, because, of course, if the "enemy" wants to come in, they are coming in. I was followed home in a full spy-movie run by suspicious cars. Got home, caught my breath, and when Air Force spygirl came in, she asked, "What's with you?" "Nothing," I replied, as I pecked on the other one's IMB SELECTRIC.
A few months later, after USAF girl had moved out, she asked if I was going home. When I replied in the affirmative, she simply said, "Good luck, Bill," and I watched her walk all the way up the block, because I knew she had tried to get me killed, but did not know why. You wanna be a spy when you grow up, kids? That image of the woman walking to her little fake eyecare professional job is etched in my head forever, and all you idiots in California can do is rattle keys while I wrote this sentence. What does that mean?
It means you are delusional, I am sane, I am a normal heterosexual guy, and no one ought to be envious of me, unless, of course, you are a kook. KOOK-LA-LAND, it is time for me to get a better job and work for a paycheck, as I always have. Movie director sounds good, as a transition period to running for president. And, if I get that job, there will be surprising similarities with Mr. Bush (#43), because I will want you creeps, "Dead or Alive," and quite frankly, in that position, I'd rather send you all to hell, where you belong.


A Nazi? Really? Good thing they didn't kidnap me, although my impossible to defeat "memory video" tells me "they" tried. I may be getting somewhere, because more of "we" want to know who "they" are, and by the way, have you got a spare aspirin? Motrin? Tylenol? Something/anything?

What does the NSA do when you make a mistake? If it is an honest one, I guess they "Go away" [in my case so Russians can wreck my car before I toss little water bottles at Ft. Meade's very obvious surveillance vans]. "What does he mean? What does he mean?" cry the spies. I mean that when I told you-know-who when Richard Nixon was zonked on prescription drugs, drinking heavily, and talking to White House ghosts, he was "Haigized." What did I get out of that? A snotty, "You sound like you know him personally." No, I did not know "Al," but he knew me, and may he rest in peace, because RMN was, in fact, "Schlesingerized." I stand corrected, and will write more on how the same fellow (Schlesinger) has corrected the USAF recently, and please, let's cut the Mafia drama regarding whether I will be around to do so.


Simulated Gunshot

There is nothing exciting going on in Kosclusko, Mississippi these days, I'm sure. And, don't go looking for cornbread in the wrong places. You H-town people are so nuts, you think I'm going to start "talking in code?" No, I'm not, and when the real campaigning gets going, as opposed to the 90 year-old Maf-IA Man's Buck Rogers video game, I'm wondering if the networks will use a BLEEP, or just cut the audio for sufficient tenths of a second, because I am not happy with the USA, and this "bad attitude," lawfully expressed, is nothing you--whoever you are--can do anything about.

Except, of course, as with BRIGHTON & JONESBORO Illinois, make gunshot sounds. Hey, poorly skilled spies, that popping the brown bag routine goes back to Catholic grade school, and until, appropriately enough, "07," I did not know why you idiots did it. Anti-Catholicism, still? I'll return fire and say the "non-Denominational Christian" needs to pick a denomination, or lose his or her tax exemption. Let's rumble, shall we? But always in the context of, "have a nice day."


Free Lunch 2.0

The Five (V) wave? No comment.

Thanks to all "legal" terrorists who think it is okay to hassle Mr. Hughes.
Did all of you rodents enjoy looking at my digital pictures of the Federal prison under construction in Los Banos? I thought it was kind of frightening, until I met all of you nutcases "On the street." Now, I'm going to get elected, and build 1000 of them, if necessary, because I taught the USA's Civics Class to, yes, 7th Graders, and am I ever pissed to find Mafia(s) run the world. I run UK, and then USA? The truly Free World's "Offer you can't refuse" will move off the silver screen to geopolitics. We now continue with the blog piece delayed by criminal pranksters and a stupid BBQ, and yes, it was Jackson Browne who rhymed "Hughes" with "barbecues," in a very good recording from Looking East, released in 1996. Hey, LA policeman, I have a copy in the illegally seized PENSKE TRUCK, don't I? What do you idiots want? Mafia--they don't talk too much.

I've never "hated" any person, but when it comes to California--a "place name"--good God above, do I ever hate California. No "briefing?" There must be two "they's" at play, because the other "they" told me in 1971, and it was Bill to Bill communication , because the speaker's name was "Bill," and he said, "Bill, don't ever go to California. You won't like it." Understatement? May "we" call the undertaker for my many enemies I don't even know? Not yet? Eight (8) years of psy-op torture? (Don't say I didn't get shot with microwave energy in Newbury Park, because PG&E maybe put that thing up on the pole, and will happily turn you in, whoever you are). Indeed, maybe Hollyscummywood is yielding, because there's more than one reason to film an H-town movie in Mississippi. I said, "cheaper," and let's leave it at that, for now, shall we? Don't I love that www.imdb.com? It allows me to say things like, "She really was on Baywatch!" Yes, I'm not dead yet, and planning on making some movies. FLASHBACK!!!

Here come the judge, here come the judge! On the parking lot of the WALGREENS in Keene, New Hampshire? Aw, policeman had already pulled me over, and Mafia! Mafia! sharpies knew that I was in a different county, so it is always, "Let's put him in the loony bin." Right? Wrong!!! Here's how it went:

JUDGE: (pointing at a HUGHES 2008 bumper-sticker) "Who is this Hughes?"
HUGHES: "That's me."
JUDGE: "You're running for president?"
HUGHES: "Yes, I am."

That was the end of the "Parking Lot Psychiatric Evaluation," and where is Walgreens headquartered? CHICAGO (Mafia! Mafia!). They like $$$ don't they? Sorry to rain on Murder Inc.'s parade, but I'm getting a bit "grandiose," because "Miami Man" is pretty chainsaw buff, so he might be the ATF character in #1 of the "Rita" trilogy, if he wants it, and can deal with me as a first-time director. Don't worry, as a spy in the know already confused me in 2005, when she said, "Bill, you already know how to make the movie." That puzzled me until June, 2007, when I saw my twin in the Boeing Race Plane photo. No wonder my murdered by the U.S. intelligence community mom kept a blue & red blazer in my closet, and dear old dad had a trophy just like the one in Howard Hughes' hand.

I'm the director, I'm the boss, I'm running for president, and will you please shut up?

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Free Riders? Free Lunch at 11:30!

Hey there wealthy, super-patriot, grossly demented, and stupid before you got psychotic "Greatest Generation" Mafia, why not lie, lie, lie about Hughes, but when little Barack is "done," and it's Billy's turn to be POTUS, the deefence budget will in fact be a big goose egg. Ah, the hollering will begin, and I will say, in front of the president's seal, with the same microphones and windscreens used in RMN's time, "If you shot a hole in your own building during 2001, I don't think you deserve any money at all."

p.s. Don't say too much if you are dying in a "hospice," because don't you know the nurses and social worker are spying on you? Secret police? Not any more, dumbass. This is "Dollar Bill," and money talks. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yuan etc, etc. etc.

Did "they" effect another stoppage of breathing on 08.18.10? Yes, "they" did, so I told my accomplice how they do it, and ordered the "news" to be spread throughout "The Valley," and I don't even know or care what that territory comprises. However, that valley may be FRANK Z.'s "valley," and "Valley Girl" was his only hit, along with FM wee-wee tune, "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow." Huh? The man was a genius, and that sold? Welcome to USA, and of course, his base was in California. Did a spy really come running down the steps and demand to know what Frank's "Muffin Man" was?

"Good night Austin, wherever you are!" Rock music fans, why did he yell that? Because Frank encamped toward the back of the stage, and did not even see your stoned-to-the-bone faces in the crowd. Hughes in Austin? Let's don't go there, let's go to court in the following geopolitical locations, after noting this crap goes back so far, Zappa is hollering about a "Howard" and poor sound system quality in 1975 St. Louis, Missouri, when I am in the audience and trying to build-up a business in the audio reinforcemnt trade. For the record, we spurned the "Crown" amplifiers for Phase Linear.

Selling drugs at the rock show? Hardly. My Navy buddy I attended that one with was later given a movie script choice of Navy or jail, and he chose the former. What kind of U.S. Navy do you get with that kind of help, asks "Admiral Willie's" descendant, me, in 2010. May I run for president now, or do I have to overthrow the United States Government? Like the Jack Benny routine of old, "I'm thinking about it," but in the meantime, let us dream of many hungry lawyers working for Mr. Hughes in the following geopoliticallocations: When is the Goebel Senior Adult Center staff being read their Miranda rights?V









VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA (often...very often)

Hey world outside of terrorist USA, why is their $5 bill purple? EVERYTHING is being done (assault, robbery, terroristic attacks, etc.) TO KEEP THE REAL WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES OFF THE INTERNET. What does "barbecue" mean to you? Please share, before I get elected, go on a prison building binge, and PUT YOU IDIOTS IN PRISON FOR A LONG TIME. I am told the "kook barbecue" that is interfering with my line-of-sight on my only possessions that have not been stolen ends at 2:00 pm. pt. We'll continue then, right killer spies? Right!

New! But The Same!

Reverend Jim Ignatowski is representative of my peer group? Not when three federal courthouses have overstaffed on the security guys when Mr. Hughes shows, and they all wear that grin. Shall we go for four federal courthouses? Frankly, my dear, I prefer Eagleton's, and it does look like a big penis, doesn't it?

"Good engineers solve big problems with complex solutions you could never understand. Great engineers apply such simple solutions that you can't believe you didn't figure them out yourself."

Preston Learner, Popular Science, May, 2007

"They" don't like my diary segments posted on this here Internet, so they really, really, won't like excerpts from the "Cop Notebook"--my little spiral-bound at the top, fits in your pocket, easy to whip-out notebook.
Q: Why have dozens of pens been donated to me (the real Hughes) in California?
A: I don't know, but Brad's computer is also broken.
"Call the cops, call the cops, call the cops".....are we in Thousand Oaks, perhaps?
Brain Jacked Nation new title
City of T.O white SUV U-Turn @ Conejo Valley Plaza & Moorpark
9:25 a.m.
Why did they kill Hunter Thompson?
"Little Bird" by Annie Lennox on McDonald's Muzac + I knock stuff on floor involuntarily. Look up--BOSE SPEAKERS, eh?
"White" casing on the speakers, eh? Bose noise-cancelling block-out spy babble headphones--essential in T.O., but then, if you are homeless, you'll be accused of being a Schizophrenic, but the German businessman wears them on long flights, doesn't he? It's the beat [in the muzac] right "Huey Lewis?"
Who owns 99.9 Santa Barbara?
What is the CA education budget?
$1.00 + $2.00 = $3.00 PAC money sitting @ McDonald's.
9/30 Quarter ends
Due 10/15/10
Lotus "Elise?"
MI-6, get on [R-----ford's] butt.
"Lady in White"--So in jail!
CA 7B47800 Blk pickup in front of UPS
6FMV276 Blk Impala
5:50 p.m.
SUPINE VALLEY Who is in the room Thurs. eve?


Nonverbal 2.0

"How are you?" they ask. My reply? "Terrible." I knew they saved those planes for something or other.



Big on nonverbal "messages," they are in California. Get this one, fellahs?

Last Rights

post-it note: have I mentioned I am tired of this spy crap?" Where did my photo of a gravestone with a rose on it go? Is the Bloom family in prison yet? Not yet?

Written at the Methodist Church at Janss & Windsor, Thousand Oaks, California, USA on 03.14.09. Given I am, to use the old language, "Without mental disease or defect," I think I am fully qualified to direct one of thescreenplays I wrote, six and one-half of which were penned without knowing of my ancestry. Insisting I'm "crazy," Mafia? Since the early 1970's, "mental" health has been moving away from "mental," to behavioral. In most states it is called a "mental disorder," and sorry, greedy kooks, this oil & aerospace man running for president does not have one. Denied legal counsel in the United States of America? For eight years? THIS IS A VALID WILL.

I, William Charles Hughes, firmly believe my mental state to be sound and free from any type of diagnosable DSM IV mental disorder. I was falsely diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1989, during a hospitalization that any prudent investigator would find to have [been] a political maneuver to deprive me of my wealth. There were no subsequent admissions for psychiatric care, and medication levels during the period 1991-1995 were light, and from 1996-2007 sub-therapeutic. This was by design, because I somehow knew third parties wanted me to assume what medical sociologists call "The Sick Role," however, I did not know why.
The "why" has turned out to be all assets that flow from HUGHES TOOL COMPANY and the oil drilling technology developed by my great-grandfather, HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES SR.Experiences on what is sometimes referred to as "The Dark Side" of the U.S. Intelligence Community have convinced me--as the "community" expresses itself these days--there is a greater than ninety-five percent (95%) probability I am the "covert" grandson of HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES, JR.
I expect, should my life end before I begin the process of "reverse engineering" all legal work adjudicated from the time of Howard Hughes, Jr.s' death, that this will proceed without me, as it is my last wish that HUGHES INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION be established as a charitable foundation with the following goals:
1. Redistribute Hughes wealth such that the worldwide assets do not increase relative to their value at the time of my death, and further, should there be static economic growth or losses, it is my wish that up to fifty percent (50%) of worldwide Hughes assets be transferred to the charitable work of Hughes International Foundation, based on the decision-making of an eleven member board, the composition of which will be described later in this document.
2. I direct there be at least one Hughes International Foundation office in each of the fifty (50) states of the United States of America, and a minimum of one office in every nation on Earth, except the European Union, which will host the foundation headquarters in London.
3. The work of the Foundation shall address the following human service needs:
A. Health and mental health, by funding the construction and operation of hospitals, clinics, and mental health facilities worldwide.
B. Supporting the infrastructure of developing countries through funding, via private or public sector agencies, roads, bridges, ports, or any project deemed by the Hughes International Foundation Board of Directors, heretofore referred t as "the Board," to be supportive of economic development.
C. Agribusiness and food production in developing countries to develop nutrition self-sufficiency.
D. Alternative energy projects worldwide, with an emphasis on replacing petroleum products and the internal combustion engine with more clean and efficient alternatives.
E. The exploration of space through private sector investment, with an emphasis on radio astronomy and new generations of Hubble-quality telescopes, conducted with an openness to the possibility we are not alone in the universe.
F. The construction and operation of low and moderate income housing, to attack homelessness with particular attention to the needs of the disabled through supplementing public housing programs and providing private capital for families with low and moderate income to become homeowners.
4. Should this not be accomplished or underway by the time of my death, my wish is for all Hughes technologies devoted to intelligence gathering to be disabled or destroyed. This also applies to technologies that may be deployed by the United States Government. To repeat my explicit directive, all Hughes proprietary technology related to "spying" is to be destroyed.
5. To the maximum extent possible, my relatives by birth are not to interfere with my last wishes. I consider them to be thoroughly corrupted by an unconscionable system of "National Security" practices I was never made aware of, never participated in, and once these policies and practices were partly uncovered through my own self-investigation, I proclaimed to the best of my ability that I do not support them. Therefore, I direct any attorney or "legal team" defending my final wishes to work vigorously on preventing a repeat of robbery and extortion conducted by elements of organized crime and the U.S. Intelligence Community 1976-1986, following my grandfather's death.
Especially after a "false" life of service occupations, middle-class economic standing, psychological operations directed against me, physical torture perpetrated on me, and a Mafia-Intelligence Community imposed period of homelessness, during which I never yielded to thugs, I expect my final wishes and directives to be carried out.
The composition of the Hughes International Foundation Board of Directors shall be as follows:
--Two members from an intelligence agency background.
--Two members with a background in the armed services
--Two members with a background in academia.
--Two members from journalism and/or the electronic media.
--One medical doctor who is a psychiatrist.
--One social service professional.
--One activist who opposes the activities of our U.S. Military/Corporate/Intelligence Complex.
William Charles Hughes, 03.14.09
First posted on AbolishTheCIA.org on 03.15.09
Posted on Google's PeopleForTheRealDeal.blogspot.com blog 08.23.10

Spy-Pill Pushers

Fidel Castro is still alive and writing about the Bilderberg Hotel? Are there Doodleburgers available nearby? Hey, if an anarchist offered me a spot on his barge in Holland, a McDonald's in Amsterdam stood ready to hire me, Johnny Guitar Watson's ("I'll have two hot dogs and a strawberry soda") music was pumped to the street from the Dutch record shop, and Jimmy Carter asked, though a counselor official, "What does Hughes think of me?" as they said at Castro's Back Room Cigar Shop in Concord, New Hampshire, "Anything can happen," and probably will. Speaking of my will, I made a new copy, every e-spy in Thousand Thieves knows about it, and guess what, Bilderboogers? It is valid, was posted to Soldier Boy's Internet on 03.15.09, and can you surmise GOOGLE-D-GOO is going to host it soon?

Drama! Drama! And, oh how the worldwide economy has fallen since I wrote the damn thing and attached my big oil revenue "giveaway" to...what? Capitalism, and its performance, so just who is sabotaging economic growth all over the world? Is Obama's daddy really dead? And, I'm afraid that is not a joke, son, though I wish it were. Let's kill him today, let's kill him on Friday, let's kill him on the 30th, let's kill him when the moon is full, let's give the girl a gun and.....how about let's cut the crap and get a Hughes campaign going before a rival politician's plane crashes, and the .gov Cucko-Birds try to blame it on me, like in Mao's China.

We now go to a 100% sane, not ranting at all blog piece I wrote on 08.12.10. I tried to post it on 08.14.10, but got only the first paragraph up before you all started acting crazy, and today, "they" are really acting crazy. Must have something to do with bushels of faxes out to the MISSOURI STATE PATROL, RICHMOND HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT, UNIVERSITY CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, PAGEDALE POLICE DEPARTMENT, JENNINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT, LADUE POLICE DEPARTMENT, and ILLINOIS STATE POLICE. (Those are in Missouri, California coked-up killer kook). Up next, THE NEW YORK STATE POLICE, via ANDREW CUOMO at the NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. Then, my favorite (if I'm still alive), the MADISON, WISCONSIN POLICE DEPARTMENT. Who invented Starbucks? How about the fax machine? Never mind.

Did I really charm the NOVARTIS rep oh so long ago I don't recall his name? Don't blame BUSH/OBAMA torture, Hughes, you just plain forgot. How about ELI LILLY and the memo that forbade our nursing troops from taking too many pens & Post-Its? Didn't I call Lilly in Indianapolis while writing Shame of the Sane? Sure did, and as I clearly recall, hung-up on them when they tried to play me like I was suicidal, due to an excess of inquiry regarding their big moneymaker at the time, PROZAC.

No, dumb bitch, I'm the crisis worker, but what ELI LILLY may have known is, I'm HH 2.0, and at present, only "king" of some dunces and rejected Don's. ASTRA ZENECA? Hello, it was me near near your headquarters, totally by accident, after many 5300 Arsenal/Ward H consultations, and when I saw your building, that explained with certainty the motorcade of "Dark Side" civilians and .mil spooks.

Did a D.C. area .mil spook really ask if I wanted to hijack the nuclear command structure of USA? Why, I should have called the local policeman, but I did not have time to check the MD/DC/VA statutes regarding civil v. criminal options for total nutcases. Long intro this was to NOVARTIS' "smart pills" and PHILIPS "intelligent pills." Data transmitted from my tummy? Please pass the TUMS, and believe it or not, the factory used to be right next to the ballyard in St. Louis for Whitey Herzog's convenience. I should have known I was a "target" of a spy ring when I was told ballplayers were being traded due to "cokenoses," not substandard batting averages.

Didn't I hear the female half of a spy couple at the Colinga, California MOTEL 6 say, "I read his first book, but not the second." Yes, Shame of the Sane was/is the first one, and it tells you, albeit tangentially, all about why "smart pills" are a bad idea, and an even worse one when the gov'ment gets interested in whether you are taking your pills or not. that's between you and your physician--period. Oh, it would be "secure," and "confidential?"

Hey UK & USA, I do not know much about computers, but if you are stupid enough to take a "smart" pill of the future, sure as you're born, an intelligent neighbor kid, age 12 or 13, will exclaim, "Mrs. Mitchell's so full of shit, she's taking a stool softener!"

Barnes & Noble is going out of business, per the WSJ via Yahoo? USA, better run for the Canadian crooks at BORDERS, before all books are banned!!! Or, is book burning the "plan," and brother, it is THAT bad. Good thing BP and TR are maybe helping poor Mr. H--it's about time, gentlemen. The Canadian border guard did not say it in front of four witnesses? Yes he did, and it is long past time to.....what? GO TO COURT!!! ready for Watergate 10x excitement? Don't say "crazy," I'll say "I do," and I am NOT getting married, Mafia, to nobody (excuse me..."no one." Time to clean-up the grammar, as I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, NAZI/COMMIE/ANARCHIST boys & girls, and the chief border guard/Hughes-search man did say, "Now Mr. Hughes, don't go buying up Canada."


So Many Ways

"Think Jonestown," said one who knows more than my self-assigned code name of "Supermoron." I did not want to in 2008, but that was before all of the single-engine planes took off and flew west from the homey Concord Airport. "A sucker is born every minute," but at least I've gone from picking a fight with big .mil spooks in Brentwood, Missouri to receiving dish from one tough Brentwood, California girl. That's progress, folks.
Did I really hear, as part of the now eight year old, marathon psy-op, "There are so many ways to kill a guy." Yes, I did, and Brits, I promise to kingsley-up my grammar, but right now, I'll say once more, "That ain't workin'." I mean, "terrorism," and unfortunately, I mean right here in the USA. Oh, Obama does not want want to use that word? Maybe a spy using her maybe real name nailed that one on a news comment blog, by giving me a coded NH congrats, but then adding, "Think Jim Jones."
Having spit out the Kool Aid long ago, I did not need reminders, but really I did, because the current highly spooky mess goes way beyond the confines of the Paramount lot. Yes, it is true; I look at the stars in the sky and curse the Space Shuttle. ISS is a Boeing creature? Breathe much up there? Yeah, you might have to UPS via a Soyuz before too long, as it is true, despite the whims of Chitown gangsters, that Hughes owns Boeing. Parts? What replacement parts? Fellows, you'll have to get out the legendary NASA plastic tubing, duct tape, and wad of chewing gum after the judge bangs his or her rubber chicken.
A "legal" way to kill you? Why is murder/suicide in the USA off the scale? No dummy, it's not just the economy, it is partly the numbered debriefing of how my eyeglasses did not "disappear," because someone made me some "special" glasses, just like my "special " HP computer, and isn't that strange MI-6 guy like in the movies working on the royal vacuum tube laptop? Not yet? Let us debrief the morning of August 7, 2010.
1. Trash talk brought on the "Cuckoo Winds." "No!" shouted Hughes, "No chasing papers across the patio today!"

2. No sooner had H-man cursed the obvious "Cuckoo Shack" that makes my creek full of water when there is no natural source, there appeared a Mexican Chupacabra hypnotically staring at six eyesore boxes of dirt. "Oh no," I said, "Last time they tried witches & warlocks, so I'm getting away from this guy." [Hollynote: Hughes Screenplay #8 review indicated the Nazi bad guy mentions "Planting a garden," so a real gardening project began? Wait a minute! The script exists only on paper! Can "they" hijack your optic nerve and see things? Yes! And, let's go to court on the legality of that, shall we?] Down the patio went Hughes, to again observe the California hypnotized. Better brush my hair. Ooops! where'd the brush go? Hand in pocket--no brush. A volley of EXPLETIVE DELETED'S later, hand in same pocket--there's the brush, and sorry UCLA quantum physics e-mail refusing jackass, I'm 100% legally competent and there has been not one day of DSM IV mental disorder clouding my life. As "herbie" would say, "Are you surprised?" UK calls them dossiers, and you got the wrong one, Cuckoo-Bird! Off went the hat and special glasses to the top of a...what? A bush. Hair brushed, The Real One was next hit by one of those lovely "disorientation beams." Where's the computer? Where's my notebook? Where's my pen? Where's my Flying mags? (since ripped-up in disgust due to spotting a U-2 pilot. Putty on the windows and super-duper avionics? Looked like the work of my GENERAL DYNAMICS--BOEING--MARTIN MARIETTA--LOCKHEED team. Oh, "they" don't like me knowing these kind of.....I see, that's why NORTRHUP GRUMMAN hangs around so much. All of Hollywood blackmailed? My, my, and tally-ho! I just show up alive, right? Right!

3. Long item #2, wasn't it? By now, most items had been found under the Cuckoo Shack beam, but still no hat, no glasses.

4. The search began, and the pit of my stomach was sour, given the last pair was swiped at not-so-safe Safeway. See you in the 19th & 20th century courts. Here was the thought process:

a) Retrace every step. The glasses could not be gone, I thought due to a special alloy.

b) What were you thinking?

c) Retrace steps.

d) Got to be around--remain calm--things do not "disappear" (ha, ha!).

e) Back to the bush, which was the first place scanned visually.

f) Check for "masking," or optic nerve tap effects.

g) No distortions? Check for micro grav fields.

h) 1985 hint: "Everything goes to ground," in a novel, not a "secret document." Look under bush--presto! There were the hat and glasses, knocked down by a presumed "mini-grav field" to under the bushes.

No call to the Sheriff to report yet another crime. Hat on head, glasses on nose, and as the family saying went, "Onward and upward," to kick "Star Trek made real" butts. How inconvenient for Commie Girl/Nazi Boy/Anarchist Creep extremists!

What shall we do with them, Lovie?