What Did I Say?

What did I say I'd do to him? Only crpd rabbits & squirrels heard it, right? That's just not illegal! And, it's non-lethal, anyhow! I've still got the "Skeleton Key." What was that address? I forgot.

Woe to the U.S. politician who means what he/she says and says what he/she means. As for Cali_fornia, was a KFI host abducted by E.T.'s for complaining about the rock station's pot smoking upstairs? The hosts are not real. The signals hop around the dial. Like a bad movie, there was a loud Mexican AM carrier on top of the CBS News station out of Los Angeles. That USC classical station? Can't decide on a frequency, FCC. You can't do that! (But they do, right Jerry?) Me? Listen to a Santa Monica 89 point something station at 106FM? How do they do this crap, Mitt? They played a Lee Michaels song from 1970, and don't lay "ideas of reference" on me, or I might "Call the cops," who warned me to get my ass in gear and finish my damn ninth screenplay.

Almost finished, and since the Space Shuttle has been retired (or so NASA says), all ca Kooks can rest assured that that scene is to be done on a computer. "What is he talking about? What does he mean?" Is it really $11.00 a pop these days at AMC & Wherenberg? No wonder my fan club is growing, right Rachel? Right!

I thought this was the more "political" site. Hmm...I'll get to those GOP pygmies soon. "Hermanator" makes sense, so get your cream pies out! No firearms, please!


More True Stories

May I? In Granite City, Illinois, after the crisis had passed, I saw the Sergeant GIVE THE CRACK PIPE BACK. I thought, "They must not care about resin." They did not care about much except the time of my death, and IT DID NOT HAPPEN, did it Showalter? Who was the Senator? OBAMA. Who is the president of the [United] States today? OBAMA. Do I have to threaten his life in an e-mail to Congress to get some H-E-L-P?

Circling back to my will, it said, in 2008, that after 03/2008, if the world/Earth/Industrialized nation-states grew their wealth and mine, the "surplus" on MY CAPITAL was to be given away. If the economies were to shrink, I, William Charles Hughes, the only heir who can get to the money LEGALLY, directed that up to one-half of the Hughes Empire is to be given away.

Read much?

How's that latest USA/EU/Euro Zone "Print currency and act like all is well" scam going?


And, I really am,
William V

What Did He Say? Who? "You talkin' to me?"

"The President's Crack Pipe"

My will is on this WebBlog. It is valid for all things HUGHES. Mr. HULTGREN, a local attorney, agreed to file a will for me in Ventura County, California. The note cancelling my appointment with this crook is in Ralph's Cart 729. What is stated in the will, rough drafted in the METHODIST CHURCH at JANSS & WINDSOR in Thousand Oaks, California on a Friday evening in March, 2008? First, why did I write it? I sensed, correctly, that my butt was about to be MURDERED. The will was uploaded to my website http://www.abolishthecia.org

at Panera Bread Co, Janss Mall, Thousand Oaks, California.

Later that same evening came "Karla." Drunk, and yet another MafiaSpyGurl for rent to the president (of the United States). Criminal. Disgraceful. Pitiful. Why did I follow her when she grabbed my arm and said, "Walk with me." Strangely familiar she was. Get a room? At 4 a.m. after such a "fun" evening? I said, "Why bother?" when I'd have to depart still homeless at check-out time.

Next day, at the "Temple of Doom" on Hillcrest, in Thousand Oaks, California, I said, to myself, "Aw fuck! That was P___ B___!" Ready for the TV cameras, girls? Ready for judicial process, President Obama? [And I don't mean Deputy Johnson's non-ticket for me, William Charles Hughes, trying to clear out the cart and leave this ridiculous town. You driving? I got trillions of dollars in "gas money."] By the way, do I fill-up the U.S. Strategic Reserve?" May I e-mail Mary Landrieu? May I defecate indoors? No deal on your September 28 CRPD farce.


Caroline, Kiss My Ass

But at the moment, mind-reading time wasters turned the word "but" into "nut," which I am not, but having read a bit about JOE KENNEDY and his, shall we say, "eccentricities," I'm starting to wonder about you. It might take until tomorow to take your sweet ass to my TX woodshed, because as I tell my stalkers, drugboys, thugboys, "hackers," and misc. hard-core sociopaths, "I'm busy." Has anything changed since the Culver City of old? I've been stripped down to rags and watch the last of my personal possessions all day long. As my fictional Admiral already not famously asked, "Any suggestions?"



Can You Believe This, Jerry?

Did I just hear my favorite stalker, robo-spy, identified bottle tosser on Janss Road, and suspected meth dealer say, "New Hampshire." We've already discussed Columbia Missouri, and I am not in the mood for a Citizen's Arrest. You are not even worth the effort. "They" do that, Ding-Dong. [His GF just mentioned "options?" "More psychotropic medication" and a federal pen, thanks to Hughes]


Ron, I Gotta Go (Enough victorious rounds of "Victory Chicken," Nazis & Commies)

Need I say it's time to Exit Stage Left/Right/Sound off! when I got a pic for Mister "Show me a photo of them" Bruce. It's of who? Where? When? Uh, like, next to a world leader busy getting assassinated, he's now right here, and "A.K." won't lift a finger?

B: "Who is that guy?"
W: "You weren't on him? He's been there awhile."
B: "Hey buddy? What are you doin' here?"

AK: "Should we throw them out?"
W: "It's almost closing time. Why bother?"
Ahmurica, was it my dirty look or hers that sent them out the door? He was near what assassination? Huh? I did not hear you, as I can play "Honeybee" deaf s-p-y, too. BTW, whichever "homeland" TERRORIST puts "IN" on this here DELL 755, you are already in jail. Delusional? Me? Didn't you see the right next to our first negro POTUS SS guy come in here, and like a veritable Sparky Anderson, he stole my sign for, "You be in JAIL already, ma'am/sir."
As I often said to a humble LCSW with the same name as Joe Kennedy's chef, "What are we gonna do with them?"
How about that 'lil swatch of USA in Cuba?
see 'ya,