Top Twelve Signs It's Time To Depart Thousand Oaks

Hughes v. Google...later.

08. Even the "We don't have a church yet" church people like you.
09. Microsoft Word, Word Pad, and Notebook all hacked to prevent screenplay sale (@GSAC).
10. Hollywood actress spotted nearby. Last role? Crazy with a big gun.
11. Mr. Bruce is correct too often.
12. You've been given your not arrested free ride in a cop car.

more later.....


Nearly Over, Right K-MOX? I'll summon B. Hyland's ghost!

What is he talking about?

We don't try to HIT pedestrians in St. Louis. No, we don't. I'm from Missouri.

Are you?


Wowie zowie!

[actually, been there, done that, but.....]


Hughes Enemies? Start praying!

Who is MINTY GREEN MAN in the Zapruder film? CNN feed of CHALLENGER? Not real! COLUMBIA Space Shuttle? May I have some very public NASA names? Don't have to be elected to a damn thing!!!

U.S. Deaths in spaceflight? ZERO, and ca kook, I can prove it when get out of the CRPD's "Tessla Park." Meanwhile, LA worries about a Desperate Housewives civil suit. Unreal!!


Hot Dogs? Wait For the Wrath of William 5--Toasted!!!

"That's dangerous, man!"


Irwin Hall, Saint Charles, MO 1976

To WADE WILKIN, I said, regarding RALPH HEIM and PHIL IRONS, "What's wrong with those guys?" "They're tripping," Wade said. And I (William C. Hughes) said, "I didn't sell it to them."

Want verification of this? Ask CAROLINE KENNEDY. She was there, ca KOOK.

What's wrong with GOOGLE? Beyond repair!


Irish Sea Rowboat

Ms. Winslet in the same automobile as mine on U.S. 101? My not so funny joke on American politics? They've got psychics out here!


Let's Go Ireland!

"CHERYL BANKS, Dr. LAURA X. please report to the boat dock."

"Hughes, what is a POTUSOE?"
It's like a POTUS, only we apportion "electoral votes" among the EU's soveriegn states based on econimic output (GDP) to keep that slut Merkel happy, and...


Hurry On Into Northway Market

They accept NegroStamps, I'm sure. (It's part of the S.N.A.P.) "Snapped?" Like niggahs @Malcolm Bliss? Hughes has medicine for you!

crib notes: The market is on West Florissant, across the street from where my family is buried, not me. Does the president answer his tweets? Probably not. Well, maybe now that the chief Israeli scoundrel has left town. They picked a fight with me in 1977, and though I'm no A-rab.....


Raining Yet? (in ventura county, CA)

I enjoyed that Rabin assassination video. Like Hollywood movies and sex, it didn't show all of it. Better call the Secret Service, or just holler at them as they go by. Kinda scarce with....BANG~ BANG. Damn! Who's been shot & killed at Goebel?


Didn't Date Much, Didn't Sign Much: Right c.i.a.?

Meeting with religious extremists--still part of the job.

"This ain't no movie!" What's that date on the Treaty of Warsaw?
"Where's the weed? Where's the weed?"
Likely in Jerry Brown's pocket.


Poll Numbers Are "IN," and the N-word is Operational

Long ago, in another Galaxy 500, when I was a basically a nice guy.....


Santorum, you are a piece of garbage, and "Cathy," I'm looking for your lines (not of cocaine)

See Richard for details
and don't ask, "Which Richard?"


How Nuts Are They?

zzzzzzzzzz...."Uh, can I have a pen? Piece of paper?"
"He's back."
"I'm suing the Secret Service."
"We kinda figured you'd do that."


Dead at 56

I never lived. Never worked there. Never got elected...45? 46?


Sheriff, Let's Talk It Over (Don't ask what I mean like a damn spy, please)

Sheriff, Let's Talk It Over (Don't ask what I mean like a damn spy, please)

Grandpa referred to him as a plural. Who's an expert at spotting "body-doubles" & "stand-in's?"
Me. WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES. YES, IT'S THE SECRET SERVICE. And, I'm filing a lawsuit against their asses, along with all of the other government and corporate kooks.*

Got a 44 cent stamp, Computer Boy/Game Boy? They're working!!! [Unless you are floridly delusional, like Rick & Andrea]

*Despite my bad attitude regarding the SS, I do trust "Betsy"--a little. Do y'all like that future commercial where I'm going to blame you for...


Another Government Quiz

The gas company is at GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER to:

A. Displace an already homeless since January, 2009 Hughes (LSS Lawsuit = 5 million bucks).
B. Fake like they are preparing to harass the best President candidate in the field.
C. Help, along with certain .gov agencies, close the joint by creating a "cover story," so I may use a f---ing land-line, wired to the wall, I don't care if it's tapped, because my phone always is, TELEPHONE.
D. Blow the place sky high, and the company spokesperson will call it a "tragic accident."

{I could have been a great one--whatever this is. Betsy jogged by and looked up at the GSAC roof. I thought, "No gunman today. What's she looking at?" GOP, you should worry about the answer I'm not providing here. What's the hurry? Plenty of time}


"The revolution will continue after a few words from our sponsors"



Welcome to "Oppositeland, CA"

SO FUCKING MAFIA, your "business." MAY I PUKE NOW? I pray for the day GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER IS IN MY PAST. You are terrorists. Bye.

It's not that bad. Not yet. In fact, when I put his envelope in the box, there were not too many potential assassins around. Not too many. Gonna shoot me from "Pinkie's Drinkin' Lot?" Caught! By the Great One! The REAGAN LIBRARY DEDICATION PHOTO? Has Wiley ordered it taken down yet? Not yet? Kids, they get really freaky when the POTUS and Vice POTUS are in the same place. After wondering why all of the governor's bodyguards had, as grandpa Howard Hughes once said, "Taken a powder," I saw that sign from the .gov "little man" peeking around a satellite truck. I got the message. Do you? So in FedPen they are! As my family said, "Can't do anything with them, can't do anything for them." I had enough 'training" by First Grade. Really! Are you related to the guy who lost a certain revolutionary war? I doubt it seriously. Bobby believed it and, uh, he seems to be dead. Police report, please. Oh, I need MONEY, right heroin cartel protecting copper?

Google lesbians and fags, here is the tale if I get my butt killed. Aw, screw you, you've got to pay for that one {much like sex in Thousand Oaks}. I, as dad said, have a bad case of "the shorts," girls. Oh, how about that Clinton Foundation address? 55? I'm practicing my pointing from the Orwell stage, like Bill. Cigar on the hotel veranda as Michelle, Hillary, and Caroline argue? I'm there for you, sir! No? What is the matter with you? [not Clinton, you already in jail old cia guys who had the wrong file] How nuts are they? Half the damn Secret Service in the crpd park, and they "Don't talk too much." Not much. Jesus! GOP candidates are going to file a lawsuit, because I'm headed to jail for a Ralph's ROMAINE 3.0 shopping cart full of DIRT parking ticket? You fools should be surprised at who just might pay it, and "we" are going to the Callyfornia State Supreme Court just for amusement, Governor Brown, you big antiquated jackass. I guarantee it, Newt! Is Gingrich still alive? I hope so.

Google girls, I don't get out much, so porn stars come to me. No, not like that! I'm trying to give them a real job! "Mafia, get that fucking camera on the scaffold! I don't have all goddamn day!"


I Need Good PR, Like Newt

"Grandiose." "Megalomaniac." "Defeated communism." "Has a critical role in history." "Like Churchill." "Narcissistic." "Dangerous." "Not stable." Alienates Independents."
And I'll be on my way to North Carolina!
Don't ask why.


Rats Off a Sinking Ship

What's a sure clue you won't be President of the United States next year?
The "Navy Librarian" is just now getting into 1952 diplomatic pouches and so forth.
I said, "You got out before I graduated from High School?"
I did not dare mention my job title at the big, suburban, Catholic school.