Another Government Quiz

The gas company is at GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER to:

A. Displace an already homeless since January, 2009 Hughes (LSS Lawsuit = 5 million bucks).
B. Fake like they are preparing to harass the best President candidate in the field.
C. Help, along with certain .gov agencies, close the joint by creating a "cover story," so I may use a f---ing land-line, wired to the wall, I don't care if it's tapped, because my phone always is, TELEPHONE.
D. Blow the place sky high, and the company spokesperson will call it a "tragic accident."

{I could have been a great one--whatever this is. Betsy jogged by and looked up at the GSAC roof. I thought, "No gunman today. What's she looking at?" GOP, you should worry about the answer I'm not providing here. What's the hurry? Plenty of time}

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