They Hate the Writer, Shoot the Piano Player? No? The other way around? Help!

Who are "they?" What did I say after Norma said, "William, just put it in the box." "Alright girls, toss me an Uzi!"

10:33 a.m.
IT'S IN THE MAIL(BOX)! I am currently watching the mailbox. NORMA confirmed the USPS mailman comes in the building every day. "They" can't get in the box? Future reader, I feared that "they" already got in during the few minutes I had to fend-off the "moths to a flame" who ran to the Puzzle Table right after the envelope went in the mailbox. The Writers Digests have arrived. Always a mystery, as the tall, skinny, mailman came in, but I did not see him empty the box. He'd better, because none other than "Betsy" was jogging by and nodded when I said it would get there by Friday (11.11.11). She also was "checking out" the PAINTERS. I think they are O.K. if a bit robotic. TAIL SITTER'S card playing gang is here early - a sure sign it's in the mail."

More later. "Sleepy" approaches. It could really happen? "General, what have you procured that does not work? Don't lie, or out comes the sword."

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