Addendum to My 100% Legally Valid WILL

"No intellectual property of mine shall be sold by any blood relative or interloper after my death. I have been denied legal representation to simply file a will in VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA, so this post must be considered valid, with the force of law in any Probate Court. THIS IS NOT JIMI HENDRIX. THIS IS NOT JIM MORRISON. THIS IS NOT JOHN LENNON.
This is William Charles Hughes, Howard Robard Sr.'s great-grandson. He struck O-I-L long ago. Baker Hughes is my property. I have filed a lawsuit to recover the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). This is a matter of record in Rockville, MD. I also filed in Rockville to recover Hughes Network Systems, LLC. These lawsuits did not "disappear," nor have I, so I could sure use a lawyer, and not for criminal defense. Are you perhaps delusional? I've never been in that clinical state. Never. The California attorneys who declined to assist will be named on one of my "other" blogs. I WANT THEM DISBARRED. I WANT THEM PROSECUTED, BECAUSE IT IS MY ALLEGATION THEY WERE ALL AWARE OF MY ANCESTORS."

Have I mentioned I am the most capable Democrat candidate for president?
President Obama?
ONE WORD: "Incompetent."

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