What Did He Say? Who? "You talkin' to me?"

"The President's Crack Pipe"

My will is on this WebBlog. It is valid for all things HUGHES. Mr. HULTGREN, a local attorney, agreed to file a will for me in Ventura County, California. The note cancelling my appointment with this crook is in Ralph's Cart 729. What is stated in the will, rough drafted in the METHODIST CHURCH at JANSS & WINDSOR in Thousand Oaks, California on a Friday evening in March, 2008? First, why did I write it? I sensed, correctly, that my butt was about to be MURDERED. The will was uploaded to my website http://www.abolishthecia.org

at Panera Bread Co, Janss Mall, Thousand Oaks, California.

Later that same evening came "Karla." Drunk, and yet another MafiaSpyGurl for rent to the president (of the United States). Criminal. Disgraceful. Pitiful. Why did I follow her when she grabbed my arm and said, "Walk with me." Strangely familiar she was. Get a room? At 4 a.m. after such a "fun" evening? I said, "Why bother?" when I'd have to depart still homeless at check-out time.

Next day, at the "Temple of Doom" on Hillcrest, in Thousand Oaks, California, I said, to myself, "Aw fuck! That was P___ B___!" Ready for the TV cameras, girls? Ready for judicial process, President Obama? [And I don't mean Deputy Johnson's non-ticket for me, William Charles Hughes, trying to clear out the cart and leave this ridiculous town. You driving? I got trillions of dollars in "gas money."] By the way, do I fill-up the U.S. Strategic Reserve?" May I e-mail Mary Landrieu? May I defecate indoors? No deal on your September 28 CRPD farce.

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