More True Stories

May I? In Granite City, Illinois, after the crisis had passed, I saw the Sergeant GIVE THE CRACK PIPE BACK. I thought, "They must not care about resin." They did not care about much except the time of my death, and IT DID NOT HAPPEN, did it Showalter? Who was the Senator? OBAMA. Who is the president of the [United] States today? OBAMA. Do I have to threaten his life in an e-mail to Congress to get some H-E-L-P?

Circling back to my will, it said, in 2008, that after 03/2008, if the world/Earth/Industrialized nation-states grew their wealth and mine, the "surplus" on MY CAPITAL was to be given away. If the economies were to shrink, I, William Charles Hughes, the only heir who can get to the money LEGALLY, directed that up to one-half of the Hughes Empire is to be given away.

Read much?

How's that latest USA/EU/Euro Zone "Print currency and act like all is well" scam going?


And, I really am,
William V

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