Ron, I Gotta Go (Enough victorious rounds of "Victory Chicken," Nazis & Commies)

Need I say it's time to Exit Stage Left/Right/Sound off! when I got a pic for Mister "Show me a photo of them" Bruce. It's of who? Where? When? Uh, like, next to a world leader busy getting assassinated, he's now right here, and "A.K." won't lift a finger?

B: "Who is that guy?"
W: "You weren't on him? He's been there awhile."
B: "Hey buddy? What are you doin' here?"

AK: "Should we throw them out?"
W: "It's almost closing time. Why bother?"
Ahmurica, was it my dirty look or hers that sent them out the door? He was near what assassination? Huh? I did not hear you, as I can play "Honeybee" deaf s-p-y, too. BTW, whichever "homeland" TERRORIST puts "IN" on this here DELL 755, you are already in jail. Delusional? Me? Didn't you see the right next to our first negro POTUS SS guy come in here, and like a veritable Sparky Anderson, he stole my sign for, "You be in JAIL already, ma'am/sir."
As I often said to a humble LCSW with the same name as Joe Kennedy's chef, "What are we gonna do with them?"
How about that 'lil swatch of USA in Cuba?
see 'ya,

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