What Did I Say?

What did I say I'd do to him? Only crpd rabbits & squirrels heard it, right? That's just not illegal! And, it's non-lethal, anyhow! I've still got the "Skeleton Key." What was that address? I forgot.

Woe to the U.S. politician who means what he/she says and says what he/she means. As for Cali_fornia, was a KFI host abducted by E.T.'s for complaining about the rock station's pot smoking upstairs? The hosts are not real. The signals hop around the dial. Like a bad movie, there was a loud Mexican AM carrier on top of the CBS News station out of Los Angeles. That USC classical station? Can't decide on a frequency, FCC. You can't do that! (But they do, right Jerry?) Me? Listen to a Santa Monica 89 point something station at 106FM? How do they do this crap, Mitt? They played a Lee Michaels song from 1970, and don't lay "ideas of reference" on me, or I might "Call the cops," who warned me to get my ass in gear and finish my damn ninth screenplay.

Almost finished, and since the Space Shuttle has been retired (or so NASA says), all ca Kooks can rest assured that that scene is to be done on a computer. "What is he talking about? What does he mean?" Is it really $11.00 a pop these days at AMC & Wherenberg? No wonder my fan club is growing, right Rachel? Right!

I thought this was the more "political" site. Hmm...I'll get to those GOP pygmies soon. "Hermanator" makes sense, so get your cream pies out! No firearms, please!

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