The Iraq War is Over! At Home, All Assembly is Hereby Prohibited! Negro's Troops Will Shoot You on Sight!

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We have a report of an assembly at the State Capitol buiding in Concord. The Guard is en route. I've told Google to nix that satellite while we engage in a little Tiananmen Square action, if 'ya get what I mean. Oh yeah, O-man has approved of it. Later. I got some fucking 'Occupy Wall Steet' punk to terminate.


NEXT PUBLIC APPEARANCE: Out back of GSAC yellling.

It's spelled "S-P-E-E-C-H." Free? Are you nuts? I'm not.

In the words of the late R. Rayguns, "I'm paying for this microphone."

Do you "get it," Frank/Frankie/Brucie? 1. Get bus; 2. Get PA; 3. Trash Obama. It's easy! It's fun! Best of all, it's LEGAL! Note to USA .gov thugs: I truly do not understand spying. They will all just sit and stare at me until I die? What if Dave will lob some nukes for me? Good show! THIS IS NOT A MOVIE--WANNA BUY A SCREENPLAY? YOUR ROBOT "SNIFFER SPIES" CANNOT TELL FACT FROM FICTION? I SHALL FUCK WITH YOU ENDLESSLY. William, the Duke of Cambridge was how close to this one? Proximity...it means a lot to spies, doesn't it? May I get in your face? No? What did you say? Why, threats of violence require the policeman, do they not? Four time loser drunk drivers belong in jail, do they not? I'm new at the demagogue bit. I think they do. No room in your jails & prisons, Jerry? Poor planning. Balancing the budget on the back of Thousand Oaks/VC Co. "slush funds," right? I hate being right so often. Jerry, I'm a terrible Democrat. Would I incite local NC crackers to burn down the convention center if they won't let me in? Stay tuned, Kenny(s).

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