SS Fakers? Wednesday the 19th? I can't stand the suspense.

"Who's that? I went to high school in California." [and it cost a lot] BACK IN "T.O. TIME" WE GO: "Who was Lady Bird?" Duh. "Who was LBJ?" Duh. "Who was JFK?" "He got shot." Mr. Bruce, we shall find a rifle like it. How much does she want? Out with it! THE LINE: "I don't think so, either." C'mon out to the Go Bell! We'll talk it over, or get our asses killed. Find Jackie's old rag bag! We won't snitch! ["Speak for yourself," said Moe Howard. A lot.]

I had to crop it, Jill! KFMB hosts? This must be California!

No more aircraft in my screenplays. Too dangerous! Someone might get zapped for putting a {----} in the li...help! help! I need a ride to NH, NV, SC, FL and Joe Biden said the f-word. A guy said "screw" at the Press Club. Yes, he did! Run! Run! It's Churchlady!!!
He already did! Must be "Brown clairvoyance!" Is my browser sick? I'm not. Bust-up Ma Bell? It worked! Bust-up Microsoft? It did not work! I know I'm right! What is Red Hat? Never mind, I have to get murdered later. Bust-up Google? Yes!!! Who wants to be Willie's AG? Don't all talk loud like spies at once!

Unsightly communist mess! Send in some goons! [Brown is not a liberal? (not) Fooled again!] Quick! Let's do "deregulation." Worked for airlines, right Alfred? [CU joke, son]. Not for trucking. Making much money, good or not so good trucker buddy? {This depends on how you be DRIVING sir} How many times did "they" chase my ex? Marine Girl went into the guardrail how many times? Not qualified, eh Governor? May I borrow the bat, Mr. Bruce?

Those are two nice news items, Fox.

I've long said, "There is a real government. It hums along regardless of what boob is president." [Ask Cy Vance III if you don't believe me, the Hughes] Are "we" still legal? Is the Internet off yet?

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