What's That Slogan, Mister President?



Mother*^%$er, when I get legal control of anything that is on the ground and burns fossil fuel, the slogan will be my, "FRESH OUT OF FREEDOM TOUR." I shall "roll-up" in North Carolina and ruin his day(s). Plenty of time! More killing in the Middle East! Boo! More spying, spying, spying in the USA! Way more than under Bush! Boo! Got no job? Boo! Lost your home? Boo! Bank sold it to some negro? Boo! In the street, sir? Boo! Psychotic in a new DSM-V manner? Boo! Not taking your psychotropic medication and policegirl tazed you? Boo! (Or maybe Yea!)

We shall see what we shall see regarding antisocial (bad) behavior.

What does NOT help Hughes? 1. Kicking your feet; 2; Pulling on your ear; 3. Telling me to "shut up" when I'm running for public office; 4. Turning off the Internet constantly; 4. Causing me to waste time telling the oh so fired FBI about your criminality; 5. Telling me you will not go to Ralph's, when the grocery store is only a bit over a half mile away; 6. Not giving me phone messages at the GOEBEL [guess what, "Koval," you are now my FEC official HQ on the cheap. As we said as youngsters in MIssourah, "Deal with it." BTW, policeman will not help you at all. My slogan to shout from CNN & Fox News, maybe MSNBC rooftops>>>"If you need a security clearance, you must be an idiot!"] 7. Providing absolutely no social services for this poor, crippled, middle-aged, homeless K---, save the darkie USA president's Food Stamps. I'll put his image on all of the nation's EBT cards. On the money? That guy? You gotta be kidding! I think USA's cash ought to be primarily green. What say ye? 8. Smacking sounds. Got any heroin?

Not yet, mafia pappas?

I'll take a nap now, like an old, no way mafia...fart.

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