The Fat in the Fire

The fat asses off of GERMANTOWN ROAD are hereby notified my data is moving to LONDON, ENGLAND to put GEORGE TENET'S private intel company out of business. EXPLORATION LANE was doing bad things? We'll catch you later--at The Hague.

Army Man will have to procure his punitive designer viruses someplace else, because the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is closing. Thanks for the big endowment, and if the creepy scientists at HHMI created HIV and AIDS, many more are, "Goin' to jail."

All Chicago mobsters and sniveling Cubs fans take note. BOEING is moving to France, and the judge JUDY! JUDY! JUDY! jury is still out over whether SEATTLE, WASHINGTON will be nuked twice on the Cimemaplex screen because of my script titled II. St. Louis machinists, pack your bags or take generous severance pay--this is the real one, this is the great one.

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