Sarge On Drugs

Howard nuts? DeHavilland said so, but did he go? (To the loony bin, that is). Of course not, and all comers trying to lay this allegation on the fourth generation fail. Prove your sanity every day? Did you cast RITA yet? Can I go home now?

Thanks for the mint condition copy of Flying that came from a newsstand dated March, 2005. I tore-up several reader response cards as scrap paper to mark all of the pages of interest. I've already "bagged" another magazine featuring a C-130 with my beautiful Newbury Park motel room number on the instrument panel (3 digit readout--what are the odds?), and now, 726 on the "dashboard" of the Gulfstream 450? Much more later; for now, I'll eat my Scully hat if the pilot's hands turn out to be someone I know.

In the ancient history department, the Martin P5M-2 Marlin and Grumman S2F-1 have spawned a new saying in addition to, "Girls, Mr. Hughes knows what's in your purse." How about, "Navy, Mr. Hughes knows what's in your nosecone."

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