Attack, Attack

Hughes is ready for the rape kit to conveniently have H-man DNA in the wrong place, however the right place for me is the Eagleton Courthouse in Saint Louis, Missouri. How did the late Senator's medical records go astray? People, I've already sort of had the conversation with Senator McGovern, so why don't you shut-up and mind your own business while I prepare "fair and balanced" attack pieces on JOHN MCCAIN and and NANCY PELOSI--as soon as Soldier Boy allows me to put up the rest of the one on SARAH PALIN. Who's next after that? Another corrupt Democrat, silly.

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  1. I miss the old Bill. Who else knows about how the Mifflin St Coop sold broccoli bugs as protein? Or that milk was the best way to get rid of tobacco mosaic on tomato plants? I want the old you back, dammit. This crazy guy who rants about stuff that happened in 1972, or Sarah Palin (who's just another wacky American symptom of political dysfunction)...I don't know that guy. Get some help. Remember who you are...please.