Nailin' Palin

Does anyone besides MI-6, Mossad, ISI, FSB, and the usual criminal suspects among the U.S. Intelligence Community read this blog and maybe wonder why a post said only “TEST?” By way of explanation, it is because I am supposedly not allowed to post a good old-fashioned (think EDMUND MUSKIE crying in the snow) attack piece on SARAH PALIN.

Last I checked, she's got a fancy airplane, she's got a bus, she's got a book, and “Sarah, the movie?” Shall I gag now, or later? Hughes is now warning the rodentia in Mountain View about “free speech” in the blogosphere and all of that, although “disappearing” blog pieces can be attributed to many hacking styles & origination.

Did you creeps know the 8th Circuit Court is the “Hometown Court,” the 4th District did a distinct “flip” after I was there, and who rang phones all day in D.C. until it got to you-know-who and he said, “Don't have him put JANE DOE, put her real (fake) name on there.” Was that the time the VH-60 came at me on the MOBIL gas station lot, and I thought, “Oh my God, he's going to kill me himself.” Don't get excited; it was just a duplicate of Marine One—kind of like all of the body doubles of me. Confucius say, “When filing lawsuits against spies, don't hang-out near Andrews.”

And, let's don't forget the 1st District, where “they” like me so much, they clear the building. Didn't some long-retired gray suit come in as I was given the business at the federal metal detectors, and didn't the guard say, “Hey, what are you doing here?” to which the old one replied, “I just had to see this.” Why, Mr. Hughes is so polite, he does not even look to see who is so interested. However, I could not help but notice there was no one else in the courthouse. Did that gum-chewing old-school with the visible earphone really get wise-ass with me on the way out? And, did I really say, “You're the kind of guy I need working for me” as I exited into the New Hampshire snow?

Yes, Governor Palin, these things really happened. And, when I see a new species of thug in town, you've given it up to the H-man, because those guys look like the AK variety. During the 2008 New Hampshire Primary, I joked to Mrs. Clinton in Big Brother's 30 House that she might lose due to “insufficient thugs.” America, I won't go there to get there, meaning the usual THUGBOY—DRUGBOY support team.

Talking in code.” I allege it all of the time, but truth is always told here, so I admit maybe I've got some of my own. Here's an example. As I was departing the temporary HUGHES FOR PRESIDENT Headquarters, I said to the homeless book epigraph—providing girl, “Elvis has left the building...it's a joke.” As she shut the door in my face, our spyin' lovely said, “I know,” and even that could be alleged “code.” How? Let's talk real “Able Danger,” shall we, Soldier Boy?

After returning from a Gilligan's Island four-hour tour with a 9/11 pilot hijacker, when the GM engine turned-off, I said, “[ ], I really love you, but nothing will ever come of it.” Future movie directors, get it right, because it was only a couple of tick-tocks before she said, “I know,” and a few ticks later, the next sound on the soundtrack should be both car doors opening simultaneously. I do not know what that is, but as my 100% fictional spy character RITA says, “It is what it is,” and I recommend you not mess with it, whoever you are.

We” shall now attempt to post at least the “blog in blue” section of my Palin piece, and wasn't it a government agency where e-mailing in blue became all the rage in '07? Have ya'll decided whether e-mail is an “official document” yet? Did those boys on the hill keep a local copy of my e-mail?

Good job!

I'm sure the indictment is coming down soon for my overdue library book that called the little convocation above the “Hughes Family of Missiles.” Can we get one out of old stock and point it at Alaska? Just a joke; a better idea, I believe, would be to sell the Eskimos, their casinos, and Palin's miscreant youthful relatives back to the Russians.

This would be contingent on the USA retaining oil & gas rights so China does not get it. In California, Hughes is becoming downright xenophobic, and that's not “normal.” So, Soldier Boy had better look up that x-word, and I hereby allege Alaskans—and I think most lower 48'ers would agree—are kind of like foreigners anyway, aren't they?

Who would buy back Alaska? A dumb Russian, perhaps, and it's not my fault I've caught a few.

Can we make a movie now?

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