Navy ESP: Hughes, You Missed the Hook, Full Speed Ahead

Can't see it? It's the "Vision Thing" H.W. Bush admitted he did not have. Aw crap, the charges have just gone FFFFPHHHTHUNK and my canopy is floating nearby. Oops, my F-16 is taking on water, and I'm hollering, "You big scurvy jackasses! Why did you do this to me!?" I inflate my little rubber raft, and realize that the aircraft carrier is getting smaller on the horizon. Whew! At least the radio works. "Alright you jerks, what are you trying to pull?" No answer. They must be on KP Duty, whatever that is.

America, I don't know what it, or all of this fuss over me is, but I peeled potatoes with my long-suffering Navy grandma, who told me from her hospital bed in North St. Louis she was going to die, and she died. Daddy-o told me about it in the white Chevrolet Impala as we traveled through a German neighborhood.

And, it is also 100% true yet another family member told me he would die in the new version of the same hospital where The Exorcist bit wasn't just a scary movie. My life is not a movie, and I am running for the office of President of the United States. Notice how I tend to say and write "USA" instead of "America." Do you people on cocaine and methamphetamine even know the correct name of the nation-state in which you reside?

Are you angry at the Kenyan over a supposed bad attitude? I'll smash you from the left. I'll smash you from the right. And what did Jesus Christ himself say about the Middle American lukewarm? I'll spit them out, too, because if you are so hypnotized by electronic devices and cuckoo cults you have no opinion, I sure don't need you on my bandwagon.

Do babbling bobblehead cable news droids even remember the "Mission Accomplished" stunt where GEORGE W. BUSH did not fly the plane, but didn't he look good in the flight suit? Excuse me, I gotta go. There's the bow of the aircraft carrier, and what jokers they are, because the MI (mentally ill) intel types always knew the Hughes boy could hit the hook, so of course, they would "temporarily" disable the hook and--SPLASH--now a 20 million dollar boy toy swims with the fishies, but not me.

Can I have some capital? Oh, that's right. Federal Election Commission rules require your name, address, and occupation if you give me over $50, so in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village, where the Maf-IA lives in their cell phones and/or post office boxes, I will continue to urge you to "Have a nice day," and await my next five or twenty dollar bill, because the phrase "I know where you live" has far greater significance here than in Missouri.

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