Scott Is Dead, Scott Is Not Dead

That lousy lush of a Soldier Boy ought to be kept off of AL GORE'S Internet, and maybe I am getting ahead of myself by writing Executive Orders in Starbucks way ahead of time, but as the Three Stooges said, while under contract to grandpa, "I know how, and how."

ATTENTION: Cheap-O Central Intelligence Agency Psychologists with no ethics code. First off, why didn't you jump ship with the rest of them in late 2004? Stayed, eh? Do you know they told me about the, "He thinks he's the president plan" (HTHTPP) in 1978? Don't dare dust it off, Cuckoo-Birds, and why don't you believe my slogan of, "They tell me everything"? Was that the same year I said, after reading Popular Mechanics in the laundromat, "That Space Shuttle's gonna be a piece of s---!" Was the Columbia "disaster" maybe like that pile of burning tires in Shanksville, PA on September 11, 2001? Navy flying around in the way and thereby delaying the launch is a big hint, boys & girls.

"TWO-PART" INTEL TRIVIA QUESTION: "Mr. Hughes, though having traveled outside of the United States only one time, refueled in two places. What are the geographic locations, and what do they have in common with NASA?

A1: Gander, Newfoundland and Shannon, Ireland.

A2: They are the "ditch points" for a Space Shuttle in distress.

Did I read a "phished" news report saying SCOTT MCCLELLAN had died? Yes, I did, and why was it on my computer? Why don't you lay off the China/Google thing, Hillary, and start worrying about cyber-terrorists and real terrorists in the USA?

You don't call them that anymore?

Good God, how about a little help out here in "Fruit & Nutland?"

P.S. Obama-Rama, speaking of McClellan's, don't dare try to arrest BILL MCCLELLAN for DWI.

That ain't gonna work.

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