Saudi King, or UK Wishbone Ash Turners?

They are all so cuckoo for their spyin' on the Left Coast, I don't need to recover my stolen cell phone to know maybe he will come and embarrass that useless crew in the District of Columbia. Don't worry; it was a mental patient who said, "Bill, you were raised right, so you do right." That means if I need a fellow royal to get me out of "T.O.," he will be politely asked to not skip over the guy who gave the thoroughly lackluster speech in 2004, while mine get messed-up by Army & Navy JAGS. Want a new Sgt. York to turn and point at the reviewing stand? Your gonna get it, buddy.

HACK, HACK, HACK goes the public computer. "Same old, same old" is what we called such foolishness in the old neighborhood...but wait, we did not have computers yet. Okay, who's going to confess? Out with it! Who heard me say, in about 1975, that computers would not really be useful to anyone until you could put one on your desk?

They hear every word, they respond to every word, they are the "Borg," and this ain't no Star Trek episode, right Paramount?

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