Coneheads: "We're From France"

"Let's see what we shall see," said momma, before "they" drugged her up at SAINT LOUIS STATE HOSPITAL, now known as SAINT LOUIS PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION CENTER (SLPRC), then "they" cut up her brain in a "procedure" the rest of the civilized world had stopped performing 20 years prior, then "they" murdered her prior to 9/11. Why? I thought her kicking was a side-effect of a psychotropic drug, not a "message."

Who worked at SLPRC from August, 2006 through June, 2007? That would be me, WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES. What did "they" tell me there?

1. You are Howard's grandson, dummy;
2. We are killing patients here;
3. We just might kill you.

No wonder F-15's flew over when I was late to work. Can't "prove it," Mafia ass man? How about compare your sacred timeclock records with LAMBERT radar?

Bye, bye, gangsters.

Meantime, why can't I turn in any international terrorists in T.O? Maybe you are "Homeland terrorists," because the FAX number for Lyon, France seems to be fake or goes to Monaco.

Good job, gov'ment hackers!

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