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Is the Pentagon's address really "1400" Defense Pentagon? H-man says either it becomes the "Department of Peace Extension" (DOPE), or we can "regress" to calling it the War Department.

I am not a believer in touchstones, talisman, or Taliban, but when I saw the old-fashioned Hilton Hotel bottle opener on the senior center "free table," just like my souvenir Budweiser model in the illegally seized PENSKE truck, I knew it was not for keeping as a "memento."

No, because when I tossed it on the "computer lab" station, it was destined to either:

A. "Disappear."
B. Be swiped through traditional means by a fatty who was the only other creature in the room.
C. Be forgotten through:
i. Satellite-based "mind control."
ii. A local effect mind control device.
iii. MKULTRA, presumably human mind control.
iv. Forgetfulness, due to stress from the constant "Kill Bill" drumbeat.

Friendly they are not in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village, but the "church key"
bottle opener revealed what fatso may be up to. How about I put one sheriff department's spy in the other's county jail?

As the Maf-IA's pool shooters have been heard to say regarding other matters, "Only you can do that."

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