Theft Is Property


10:58 a.m.

“Every warm body” as yet another Catholic nun I knew would say, is in the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER to, in some way, bother Hughes, or steal something from Hughes. It is so obvious, they removed all of the cafeteria carts I was using to minimize theft opportunities as I move in and out of the building. MAFIA/SHERIFF ROBO-FATTY is in “sleep mode,” much like my HP C-300 when a Hughes-tech device sucks the power out. “Trapped?” Not really, but there is far too much to do.

Here is the new “T.O ENEMY SCHEDULE”:

FRIDAY – Get in trouble with STARBUCKS GIRLS night.

SATURDAY – “Arrest William Day,” but the cops won't cooperate.

SUNDAY - “Kill Bill” Day.

MONDAY – Victor Theatre High Drama Day

TUESDAY – Rest & Recuperate Day.

WEDNESDAY – Productivity Day

THURSDAY – Follow-up on one productive day/batten down hatches for Fri-Mon.

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