Briefing Book

What did Continental leave on the concrete 07/25/2000?

"I rely on God"

"What's happening?"

(ambient flight deck noise)

"Shut the engines."

"It's shut."

"Pull with me."

[Elevator surfaces are split: R = Nose Down / L = Nose Up]

-- Egypt Air Flight 990, Departed LAX 10/31/1999

As I have explained to both Tea Party people and the police, I used to be middle class, with subscriptions to The Atlantic, The Nation, Stereophile, and tons of junk mail in the USPS box from Washington DC addresses that inevitably had "NW" in them. Was that really G--- W--- on Connecticut & K Street, or do they even intersect?

Damn! Now the whole town knows I did in fact break the speed limit on I-495 when flanked by SUV's driven by people with some sort of neurological disorder. Maybe it was the fever from yet another HHMI virus, and church-goers, full disclosure requires mentioning I do recall some expletive deleted verbalization before downshifting the mighty 2007 FORD FOCUS and going ZOOM-ZOOM with spooky escorts.

"My life is not a spy movie!" I say too often in the Republic of California, yet the logjam continues over a "reverse engineering" of "William Gay" and a pack of thieves' 1976-1986 legal handiwork. Meantime, I simply must run for president and seek four years of relative peace. After working hard all of my life only to be stripped-down to a RALPH'S cart functioning as my library/office, I hereby promise to be the laziest president ever, paradoxically balanced with the most achievement since somebody known by history book acronyms.

No? Oh yeah? No "remote viewing" powers here, but I'd bet SARAH PALIN has briefing books labeled "HOBBES," "LOCKE," "ROUSSEAU," and "VOLTAIRE" by now. Good for her, but I'm not buying a rifle, or doing any hunting, however, I am using an expression that could be translated as, "A promiscuous, unsophisticated, white female resident of an Alaska mobile home park.

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