Dirty Dog Secret Service: Class of 2002

Oh my, isn't it getting ugly when the Saint Louis Post Dispatch won't run the comment blog following a story on a rather obvious "CIA blackmail" attack on the Pope. Am I Catholic? Yes. Did the Pontiff take George W. Bush to the woodshed, not once, but twice, over the "Assertive Community Torture Program?" Yes. Did the Pope read my script titled Immaculate? Yes. Do Jews complete the intel community's dirtiest tasks? Yes. Did the Secret Service kill JFK? Yes.

Can I give you much detail on McKinley, Kennedy, Ford, Chapman stalking Carter, "Honey, I forgot to duck" Reagan, and more? Not today, because it's hack, hack, hack, yet the mighty HP C-300 sits dormant, but ready for action over a lousy $25 repair, and some what? TRANSPORTATION! I drove adult spykids around, meeting their mental health needs for how many years? Seven. Promotion? Forget it. What will come with the new (very used) vehicle? A shotgun!

Smoking guns? Hughes has got them, and it has nothing to do with the Maf-IA's "lead."

"Central Intake," eh? Did another Supreme Court Justice hang it up over extremism? NO LAW, NO JUSTICE, NO RIGHTS. If "they" can do it to me, they can surely do it to you, Mr. "Tea Bagger."

By the way, I am running for president, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

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