Dullman In Dullsville

Why did some freakin' nutcase just call me a "wildman?" A "How to fly" book printed in 1986, 1991, 1996, & 1999? Thanks, I'll skim it (and look at the dandy B&W photos).

Of more importance is DARPA's "flyin' triangles." I thought they broke up that cabal of a-holes and folded them into lil' NSA cabals, but what do I know? I doubt my family is running Plan 9 From Outer Space, but somebody is. Scaring the populace, eh? Just don't knock down more tall office towers, okay?

How about DARPA Projects BAA-10-40 & BAA-10-36? Trying to steal genes, grow pilots in test tubes, and then "Kill Bill?" The Aviator's grandson tires of repeating himself, but "That ain't gonna work," and I thought Army Man was into drones.

USAF? Looking real bad.

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