Kung Fu Fighting

Did you hear the one about the martial arts trained actor who was unjustly in a federal “black hole” designated for “terrorists” as an alleged “bomber,” due to California coppers failing to properly identify themselves?

How about this true story? Once upon a time, Mr. Hughes read court papers thoroughly, and if any recent Liberal Arts grads need a job--OUCH!--I may have one for you someday reading such records. You may find, as I did, that the 50-70 I.Q. inmate is sharper than you think. Seems if you don't want to be murdered in a Missouri mental health facility, a “solution” is to call-in a bomb threat to LAMBERT SAINT LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

Why? So you can be shipped to the relative safety of Ward...what? Oh, WARD “H,” like Hughes, where the real one, upon a complete review of the clinical & judicial facts, blithely said, in 2007, out in the hall by Office H-07, “That retarded man is smarter than us!”

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