Fire At What?

This is William Charles Hughes. Both of my blogs are suspended as of this date. Would you like to self-investigate whether someone is a "Secret Service Agent?" Welcome to Thousand Oaks, California, where I actually approached a man in a black Ford Crown Victoria who had a computer lit in the same spot as a real peace officer, a searchlight on the side, and a rubber "cattle catcher" on the front of the car. I asked, "Are you a police officer?" "No," he said. Next, as you might expect came, "Where did you get the car?" Matter of fact as can be, he replied, "An auction." I am not going to an auction for the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force.

First, it is worth noting my possibly fake agents came when I was blog-boasting about humbly going back to Missouri after figuring out why grandma Leonard told me the story of the Pharaoh who floated a baby down the river so the infant would not be killed. How about the Pied Piper? Yes, I counted 84 cars make a right into the Von's lot, and every driver stared at me, but nothing is going on, right? How about the Gulliver tale, as I am currently surrounded my mental midgets, and I am not claiming genius status by any means.

Genealogy is not my thing, but I now firmly believe I am nine (9) "greats" down from GEORGE III, and six (6) down from WILLIAM IV. Family legend held that mom fought hard for "William" over "Charles" as a first name. Understand, dummy? Howard Sr./Howard Jr. & Charles Sr./Charles Jr. Mom won that argument and gave me a big hint. My father's middle name is "Edward," and my sister carries "Mary," as with Queen Mary, and on "Elizabeth" I shall not comment. Don't believe me? Don't. As for the crazy secret war going on with "Star Wars" quality technology, I have another quiz.
Q: "Who was the last King to fire the Prime Minister?"
A: "William IV."
Q: "What does that have to do with the present situation?"
A: "Don't make me order a few aircraft carriers to Port Hueneme."

I'd rather not get in the USA's face too much, because I really was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and I'd like to see it again if you California thugboys, drugboys, and robo-stalkers don't mind.

As for running and winning the USA's president job, my true response is, "I can work two jobs," but that will be far more fun than Howard Johnson's (Cook), and DNS Janitorial (Custodian). Two Navies, two Air Forces, and buddy, I am perfectly sane. What's wrong with you? Envious? Jealous? No, you are nuts, not me.

Off to williamthefifthforpresident.wordpress.com, if it works. If not, I'll find a way to tell you I'm still alive, and by the way, accept no Mafia body-doubles, as I am right here at 1385 E. Janss Road in beeeeeuuuuutiful 1000 Oaks, California. Get out of line, boys, and I can "Call the cops" too.

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