Is Hillary In Jail Yet? How About Condi?

When Hughes spends 25 minutes looking for another Thomas Barnett quote, the "invisible staff" is not helpful, consequently, they were not asked, "What is Barnett's doctorate in?" Not prudent to ask, because some Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village moron might allege I'm talking to myself.

Quiet on the set!

"And to do all of these things [and eradicate poverty] we need a military that will wage peace just as effectively as it now wages war. We need a new department that bridges the divide between our current departments of war (Defense) and peace (State)."

Barnett, you should not give a big thinker like Hughes any ideas like that, because I have been thinking about changing the War Department/Defense Department name again. Barnett oh so correctly points out that today's DOD is busy planning future wars and they seem to be almost shocked, and awed, and downright annoyed when their precious budget is "hit" by actual warfighting.

Also keep in mind we have not had a declared war since 1941, so since that time, it has simply been a matter of the POTUS telling Soldier Boy to go kill people and blow things up. He does so effectively, then tries to get himself out, and.....did you say the "q Word," Dr. Barnett? As in quagmire? Yes, he did, and I did not, but if I'm allowed to really run for president, I guarantee I will.

Before the CA lynch mob gets me, please keep these facts in mind: 1) I am every bit as intelligent as Barnett; 2) I am Howard Hughes' only grandson, and therefore, the rightful owner of most of DOD's toy shops; 3) I am running for president. Did I really sleep outside with frost on the ground? Hey Moscow! Hey Beijing! You wouldn't do that to your premier oil & aerospace man, now would you?

No, they would not, so though I froze my butt off last night, I'm still planning on doing good things for the USA, like cutting the Department of Defense budget in half, and making you safer in the bargain. Now, Barnett has added to the scheming, because I see no reason not to "glom" the Department of State on to DOD, increase Foggy Bottom's budget with the spoils of waging peace through cancelled weapons systems, and then we would have my new Department of Peace Maintenance (DOPM), with a Division of Warfighters (DOW) and Division of Peacemakers (DOP). Who would manage today's occupations and insurgencies?

The DOP, dummy, because the homeless candidate has only skimmed Barnett's new "map" for the Pentagon, and really truly carefully read through Page 23, but I am a quick study on things global, and I see where he's going with "A department for what lies between war and peace." I really do have a photo of the "Hughes family of missiles" circa 1979, and I'm "homeless?" Wow! One of them had a little TV camera in the nose 31 years ago? And, I am quite sure I manufactured the CIA's 1970's era relic of an early drone, dragonfly-sized and complete with a camera onboard.

California, go ahead and stay deluded regarding the relevance of our 18th Century legal system to 25th Century technologies, because although I've had pleasant chats with Department of Homeland Security girls, I don't think they are going to heed my recommendation calling for "Haldol Wagons" to inject some antipsychotic medication in your crazy butts. Grandma said more than once, "When the time comes, pull-up the paddywagon," and now I know what she meant.

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