Tom is Dead, Tom is Not Dead


How about that big rabbit that ran from INDEPENDENCE CENTER, BOB HARVEY? Who ran the BAY OF PIGS OPERATION? Never mind; it didn't go so well. U.S. Generation 3 told me to never trust someone who uses initials in lieu of a name, and I have further come to not trust anyone who has the word "black" contained in their last name.

Why have I known so many "PatriCIA's?" The acronym "CIA" is in the damn name, and I am on my last nerve with their foolish "mind games." In my sorry trillionaire life, "KARLA" is the name bestowed on a female who comes along and befuddles the hitman at times of maximum danger (he's around all the time, folks, and I've actually befriended a few--I'm that kind of guy).

"Karla" has come twice; once in 1976, and again in 2009. Now, yet another Karla is reportedly impersonating a Case Manager and having sex with the married male clients at a local social service agency. Heavens to NASW Ethics Code!

Ethics code? In Arnoldland, the "social workers" are uncredentialed, and in cahoots with the sheriff. They think stress "causes" mental illness, so they will surely f--- with you until you are indeed "crazy." Then, unlike the situation with CHARLIE SHEEN, who's daddy knows better than to leave him languish in Las Roblas, the taxpayers will get Proposition ZZ dreams over a "revolving door" of, "Ain't got no MEDI-CAL" Texas-sized hospital bills.

Seems I wrote a 600 page book manuscript on this, and though a dozen or so literary agents and several publishers liked it, there was no book contract in the Year 2000. Why not? Ask Senator Feinstein, she knows. Oh, baby! I was supposed to be murdered on August 31, 2001, and SCOTT GIOVANETTI, you'd better guard those records, because I want to know what cases every investigator in my office was assigned, especially mine, in the run-up to the big event.

Would you like to live with the thought you almost busted it up? Aw pshaw, I now know enough to be certain if that had occurred, our rotten to the core 1947 system would have seen to it that the informant, poor William, or both of us were made good and dead.

Idiots, idiots, idiots. Keep coming around me and talking about aviation and oil wells. Until I, as my former oil drillin' partner used to say, "Whop you up the side of your head?" It ain't gonna happen, California Cuckoo-Bird. The parrot is dead, the parrot is not dead. "TOM," I fear, is dead, but maybe not of a Prozac overdose. What was his last name? I think I told you on AbolishTheCIA.org about how when a fat, depressed, seriously and persistently mentally ill male does not tell you of his girlfriend, he does not have one.

Oh, but the I.C. wailing and gnashing of teeth held that he was despondent about said girlfriend and took his own life. Bullfeathers! I was subbing a few weeks for a JASON BLACKSHEAR, and the fictional spy-fraud ass at PENSKE who got the truck debacle rolling was a "JASON YEH?"

Are you people crazy? Yes, you are. Where are the Department of Homeland Security "Haldol Wagons" I have requested? Line-up for your shot of antipsychotic medicine, and shut-up, please. You too near Culver City people are so crazy, I may have to exhume the baby body of my stillborn brother to prove that was the only one, yet Star Chamber nutcases will never rest with their Dark Side "prosecution." Where is this "brother," nimrod? How did "Tom" really die?

21st and 22nd Judicial Circuits, State of Missouri, here I come.

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