14.3 In The Hole

From 03.29.10/Apparently, the censors didn't like this one. On 05.14.10, it's still not up? Ever have an e-mail stick in your box? Probably. Ever have the United States Air Force fly that thing pictured above over your head at night near Dayton, Ohio? Probably not. What was the "message," other than "Holy s***! What is that?" We'll talk later; gotta go.

“This week, some investors turned up their noses at three big U.S. Treasury offerings.”
-- Wall Street Journal, 03.26.10

“Congress is lifting the debt ceiling—the amount of cumulative debt the Treasury can carry—to 14.3 Trillion Dollars, roughly the size of the entire economy."
-- The Week, 02.19.10

“On August 3, Circello's parents persuaded him to surrender and drove him to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. But when they reached the base, nobody knew what to do with him.....On Monday morning, he boarded a bus for Fort Still and made it as far as Lawton, Oklahoma, before deciding not to turn himself in.....There was a Veterans for Peace convention in St. Louis the next week—he thought he'd head there instead."

-- Melba Newsome, Details, December, 2007

The B-70 Valkyrie flew over my head at night in 2008 upon passing by Wright Patterson, and yes, we could use some “Law-ton,” in Oklahoma. A veterans interested in peace meeting? Where was that? Just like HH and the little house in Houston, for the purpose of endless miles of marble courthouse halls ahead, I need a St. Louis address. How about 911 ST. RITA AVENUE, 63105?
By the way, peace-seeking veterans, Circello was/is spying on you for the gov'ment. The “giveaway?” His Army Man buddies called his parents inquiring about a VISA Card, when he did not have one. Get the joke? This particular olive green agent provocateur is “Everywhere you/they want him to be.”

Secret Police, USA? Are you taking your medication?

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