Where's My Airline?

The inside of a Russian TU-154 looks a lot like the BOEING 727 that took me to Florida last time I flew on my own airline, but did not know it. The 154 even has three engines powered by avionics I call "Captain Nemo." Hmmm. The Polish president died, but I did not. What was the wind speed that caused me to think, "Nice little airport 'ya got here," because nobody was in there. Everybody else went to West Palm or Orlando that day, or perhaps we're so "special" the omnipotent "they" emptied out the airport. Like I can't get ATC audio & weather data? Just add money, and many are toast.

I saw that spy at the car rental counter, BTW, and knew what she was. Good god with a small or large "G!" What if I had figured all of this out in, say 1978? Carter is impeached, Reagan is never elected president, maybe H.W. gets in there by 1992, the Space Shuttle does not dump my garbage from Vandenberg, we have condos on Mars by now, and maybe we've found a new planet to go to when we inevitably wreck the environment of this one.

Oh, but "they" did not want that. SO IN JAIL!!! Who's helping Mr. President this weekend? ONION HORTON? It's a St. Louis joke, son.

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