Great Presidential Moments

EISENHOWER: "Hughes? Never heard of him."

KENNEDY: "They're building those spacecraft in St. Louis. See if anybody there has any ideas about getting rid of that son of a bitch Castro."

JOHNSON: "I'm busy. Send Hubert to that Arch dedication."

NIXON: "I'll jump out of the limo, right in front of him. If he acts right, I'll shake his hand. If he doesn't, we can shoot him. You know, make up a story to go with it."

FORD: "Two women with guns? How are they getting away with that?"

CARTER: "He really doesn't know who he is? Ask him what he thinks of me."

REAGAN: Really Gorby? He does not know, and he's going out with your girl? We'd better work something out here, and don't tell Bush."

H.W. BUSH: Beef patty, broccoli, and he's watching Northern Exposure? go ahead, and we can always blame Obama."

CLINTON: "We're stopping in St. Louis? Who's giving me a haircut?'

G.W. BUSH: {censored}

OBAMA: "Where's the burnbag?"

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