Got Politics?

Nice job disappearing the Obama Blackberry quote. As I've said since January of 2009, he's irrelevant. Will it be "gone" from the Guardian? Maybe you are nuts, and need a legal guardian and conservator.

In my world, he was "Scrubby Bubble Blair," and he's now past tense, because the New York Times, papyrus edition, said he quit as Director of National Intelligence (DNI). BLAIR? The vice president's BLAIR MANSION is on a naval observatory grounds? I thought it was...never mind. Can you trust anything on the Internet?

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is a MULLEN? Mulling over what? Which uniform to wear? He's got a brown one; like the Army. He's got a blue one; like the Navy. And, my clothes are about to rot off my body.

No job? Get real! Oh, the shopping cart isn't exactly a babe magnet, but didn't I number the Corps, excuse me, "core" spygirls awhile back? Let's play, shall we?

#1 - Has no politics, right? Just spies; a lot.
#2 - Liberal? She wears the Union Label, anyway.
#3 - Lockheed = Nazis? Don't know, don't care.
#4 - Where did all of her glorious GOOGLE links go? Isn't this a good sign that they are all gone, or most of them? What do I know?
#5 - No comment, but the "Man on the Mountain" New Hampshire 25 cent piece appeared in what year?
#6 - Green? Did a guy from Iran just...never mind.
#7 - "Tell us something we didn't already know." What? You talkin' to me? Idiots! Did I mention I'm not a spy?
8# - Watch out for those horseshoes! They're heavy, and-KLUNK-ouch! Are you okay?
9# - "The bombing begins in ....." Hey! If Reagan said it, so can I.

Y'all made this much of a mess, and you got no politics? Did you know VOLTAIRE drank a lot of coffee too? At least #1 anticipated that. What the rest know, I do not want to know, but thanks for all of the attention. I feel so "special."

Oh, and leave it to People Magazine to give me a good side profile of you-know-who. She even spoke to me--the real one did. Yes, she really did, and it went like this:

P.D. "How are you doing today?"

K.W. "Fine, thank you."

"Classified information?" Are you nuts? I'm not, and this isn't the first time People Magazine has blown the lid off an investigation by "Inspector Hughes," with no Pink Panther sightings, but I did see a gray wolf the other night. Not a dog, ding-dong, so please, will you shut up? Silence! This was said at #5 in Belle Neighbors, and I'm not as dissimilar as you may think, soldier. One kid's got my nose, and the other does not? Didn't my expression, "The nose knows," get us all in the "same boat?" Some are wise, like the guy who many times said:

"Hughes, they're going to get us all killed."

Not yet America. Not yet.

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