Coffee Cartel

In the only event I've managed to resemble a drug policy roundtable, the local burnished youth exclaimed, "Starbucks is our drug!" Last I checked, caffeine is not on the DEA's schedule, and don't we all know the jailhouse was never on Mr. Hughes' schedule, especially with a charge of selling drugs attached. Oh, the stories I can and will tell, like the surveillance photographer neighbor who was "cleaned out," a car crashed into the living room as a bit of a "message," narcs staggering about dazed, because back in the day I tended to narc-out narcs, the drugs in the trash, the guns in the trash, and people who are multicolored and multicultural trash.

Selling illegal drugs. I don't do it, and I don't use them, but caffeine is often in my system, so I invite the following people to drop by the Starbucks at 605 E. Janss Road, and surely you already know what town Hollywood's Trojan Horse is parked in, don't you?

MARIE MONIQUE ROBIN, Author, The World According to Monsanto

GINA BIANCHINI, Andreesen Horowitz

MINNIE INGERSOL, Google Alternative Access Team

CHIP & DAN HEATH, Authors, Switch


DARRELL ISSA, Congressman

ROUZBEH PIROUZ, Turquoise Partners

LARRY KOTLIKOFF, Boston University

JAMES WALSTON, American University of Rome

MT CARNEY, Mouse Marketeer

NANCY DUBUC, Lifetime/History Channels

SHOOTER JENNINGS, Executive Consultant

PIPER PERABO, Covert Affairs

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