UPS/Labor Party Brown

UPS got my SSN in 1972. No further questions? You may step down. Gordon Brown can't tie his tie in the same manner I don't know how to tie mine? Clever, those Brits.

"The Saint Louis Browns were a baseball team..." goes the old song lyric, and yes, they moved to Baltimore. In my screenplay, Ask Not, spygirl Rita reports to a spookrunner named "STU" in Baltimore, at STU'S CLOCK SHOP. Time travel? E.T.'s and flyin' triangles? Whoa, Nelly, or Cornell Haynes, as the case may be. Are you all on LSD? Homeless in California, sometimes I wish I were. Who's a "lunatic" around here? Not me.

"They" picked through every line of script, so now it is time for someone to actually buy one, right? No? How about the scene in II where CHIEF BROWN BEAR catches three spies who just crashed their classic airplane? And, when they steal the CIA Director's DASSAULT FALCON, guess what? I'm flying the stunt with it, unless "insurance regulations," prohibit it, then I might do it anyway, because the wealthy are "self-insured," last I checked.

Yes, it has been made Nixonian "perfectly clear" that if I am to ever make any movies, it's got to be with my money. Okay, where is it? Zurich? Singapore? Nassau? It is everywhere, and as we said in the old neighborhood, "Everybody and his brother" is spending it, but not me. Recession? No way! Not in Thousand Theives/Westlake Village of the Damned, California. Grab your pickax and go west, young man! There's plenty of Hughes gold to steal.


Why, oh why did you put the aircraft company here? Frankly, I'd rather be in Texas, and that's a mouthful--of what, Crawford, I'd better not say.

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