Solved by Mr. Hughes on 09.02.04. Waiting on the tenth anniversary?

GULFSTREAM JET-CHASING LAWYER DISCLAIMER: "This is not an actual photo of Frisky, but rather is a cat similar in appearance, like the 1980's spittin' image of DON RUMSFELD during the era of handshakes with Saddam who came into my local Starbucks yesterday. Then, I was nearly ejected over a gift of a brand new featherbed that I ultimately tossed into the coffee cartel's dumpster to remove "psycho-manager" from my back. I won that round, as I was gifted anonymously with a Starbucks Card, which I dutifully registered today, after the savvy Barista had said, 'See 'ya tomorrow night'."

Several FUJI camera cards ago,
I took a photo of that Southern Illinois feline FRISKY, a relative's favorite cat of many. Frisky was subsequently catnapped and "disappeared" without a trace, but we are not going to discuss who was the Senator (D-IL) at the time. "They killed Frisky!" I cried, and four years later, the case remains unsolved.

Since the commission of this PETA rage-worthy crime, my camera card has been hacked, the images were stolen many times, and my computer screen was broken by a .mil spook thug, but rest assured, given who I am, every spy agency on Earth has those pictures of Frisky. And, there must be justice! I demand Frisky be returned...or else!

"Mr. Geithner, who made an unscheduled trip to Beijing this week, said he would rather press America's case at its regular 'Strategic and Economic Dialog' with China in May and at the G20 summit in Canada in June."

- The Economist, 04.10.10

And what of Mr. Hughes at that time, Timmy? No more Food Stamps, and dropping weight fast, due to an OBAMA-ARNOLD AXIS. Thanks for the ride Toni, and when do we get going on Hughes v. Human Service Agency?

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