Not a Movie

It seems like a century or two ago I turned the computer monitor around at a mental health agency that does not have "mental" or "behavioral" in the legal name of their incorporated in the State of Illinois Senator (D-IL) spyin' outfit and said, "See...you just sign your name." What was on the screen? A scrawled "Ronald Reagan," as with his signature on an Executive Order. I think both spygirl and her Marine boyfriend got the message, didn't they?

No "MSW," "MHP," "LCSW," and damn, in Illinois there was another one I've forgotten they made me use before firing me. Why? I would not let the crackheads run the joint, but what did I know at the time about grown men selling crack from little one-speed bicycles? The good-looking whore strutting along as I left work? That one I understood, and I felt sorry for her. Offer money to go home? No, I'm not that dumb, intel community.

Mafia? U.S. Navy? No difference, and the Army v. Navy football game was always boring, was it not? Can they even find a sponsor these days? Is it still on TV? Annapolis & West Point? Too expensive! Air Force Academy? Don't you spooks hear me hollering I will melt down their Mormon angels and give away gold nuggets from them to the poor? Think I'm joking?

Why is the policeman non-verbal in California? Seems all my life the lawman knew things about me I did not, but a swarm of black & white's the "Day After" I got the "V" down told me maybe even they did not know about that part of the saga. Can't you see the ball sailing toward the light standard as in The Natural? I can, because I've got the "Vision Thing."

I guess you spies are not ready for a very big boat with half Union Jack and half Stars & Stripes bunting as I wave and say, "Apologies to my loyal subjects. I'm off to the New World to run for president." Got trouble? Yes, you do. Canada was willing to admit the HH piece, but liars & con artists they all are, right Watergate Spooks? "Try this on for size," as we said in the old neighborhood.

"Parliament shall not meet until such time as order is restored in North America."

- William V

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