Don't Turn Off The Wi-Fi, Girls

My advice to all County Supervisors, Sheriff's, and Dog Catchers is, do not ever run for president. That said, the AMR ambulance stands ready to carry your dumb ass to the local hospital if you f*** with Admiral Willie at this point, and I don't have to share a damn thing more, you nosy piece of android excrement.

Mafias, I am a very patient Royal, but this is Rock Girl Megan with LASER 103.3 in Des Moines, Iowa, and given I have already discussed the fact that the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is the first election with the NH Secretary of State, nonetheless, I think "we" need to load up the HUGHES 2012 bus soon and head for Iowa, because I'm sure Megan would like to talk to a handsome, no longer homeless trillionarie who is stupid enought to run for president, and not go to London England to [CENSORED BY BBC/MI-6 FLYING TRIANGLES]. During the Iowa caucuses, you visit the citizens in their living rooms, and in the case of Megan, we can discuss how "Eliminator" was such a surprisingly good ZZ Top release of the pisspoor 1980's, and how Van Halen may have been spied upon, but no troubles, and as for Bon Jovi, well, when those guys say "Go away," you'd better comply, if 'ya get what I mean. Then, we'll chase the reporters away and.....
Okay, I'm going to the Truman Library, Nazis.

what does he mean? what does he mean?

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