Got No Health Care, but "We" Got An X-47B

Hey Northrup Grumman, I don't like this thing. Do you really want a 24 year-old CIA girl shooting this thing at A-rabs? Call me "sexist," if you wish, but I'd rather have a guy in a real airplane up there. Must be my DNA.

Oh, how "they" hate the journal, so let's go there! Maybe I should post something before they turn the Internet off at the Goebel Senior Adult Center, because I am here. Jesus is coming back on May 21, 2011? I won't dare miss it, as I am really a Catholic. I thought someone stole my Ralph's Turkey sandwich, but I found it. Is that good for you, spies? I can't seem to see. Got any eye drops? Hey, don't fly when you can't see. I stole an atc line for my new screenplay. Here it is:
PILOT: "We're stuck."
TOWER: "Roger."
PASSING CAPTAIN: "We'll take a look as we go by."
What does it mean? What does it mean?

10:19 a.m.
Who is driving to the courthouse? THE 8TH DISTRICT COURTHOUSE. At 11:43 a.m. we still don't know, although T[ ] came in with an update, M[ ] is wondering where the pool shooters are, G[ ] is moving on the 15th, the "PUZZLE BOY" departed shaking his meth-powered legs, and "Crazy" W[ ] opened the door b/c the floor sealant stinks--a lot. So for 4 days, we'll have a choice between FREEZING OR CANCER, b/c Cali-fornia, as I've alleged, is not part of the USA, so despite the EPA in D.C., that crap, as Jim put it, "some Mexicans" are putting on the floor will probably kill us. No? Where is Koval? We have a lunch date--when?the stacks of chairs, having been removed from "The Great Hall of Bingo," recalled the "Bill, where'd the chairs go?" story from 5300 Arsenal Street. My office. H-07. Big, institutional chair-stacking dolly. Short convo in the co-worker's office, and the squeaky, noisy, chair-rattling dolly device was "gone."
I'm deaf? No. Alternate explanations to disappearing beams? I'm listening, but I'm also talking about how it's just not E.T. That's a movie, you're all nuts, and I'm not. Who am I? What am I? I think you all know, so shut the f***up, or go to jail.
(Names omitted to protect the guilty. Last eight sentences bolded for emphasis on Soldier Boy's Internet).
Repealing the Obammycare bill before he even gets to give a State of The Union Address? I may be descended from George III, and not like the guy either, but I've got one word for that: RUDE. F***ing rude.

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