Hughes Is Still Alive! Spying Androids To Be Reprogrammed at 11

CHUCK WAGON'S SPECIAL FORCES are not looking so good, but the Olsen Road people are not much help, either. "Kill them all, or not kill them all," that is the question. "Call the cops, call the cops?" What if the hated T.O. cops actually like Hughes? Oh, big smarty pants spies did not think about that. Yes, we've begun the "It's not Iowa, it's the Go Bell smoking wall" lecture series. My fee? Two double-burgers from the McDonald's Dollar Menu. Talking to myself? Yes, that is true, if I fail to amass big money to run for president of your rinky-dink Republic.

Hey, it's the new Tower of Lundin/WILLIAM V restraint chair. No law, eh? No rules for vile murdering spies? Feeling good, cokeheads? Potheads? Nazis? You say you're sick as a dog? Not sorry at all; be happy your sorry ass is still alive.

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